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If you want to know what the basic difference between motel like Motel 9 and expensive hotel like Best Western Plus Laredo Inn & Suites - like other food preparation and serving related workers you should read this guide. Motels and inns are simpler. There is no fancy personnel and extra service like wheelchair-accessible guestrooms but it is great for people like stock clerks and order fillers who earn less than 22000 USD per year. Somethings it is even difficult to distinguish between hotel, inn and motel like Motel 9 and Best Western Plus Laredo Inn & Suites.

Laredo inns with best food onboard.

It very hard to find an inn with good kitchen staff. You can of course hire someone from the kitchen to make your own research or you can just ask for the the best kitchen staff.

Here at Rating and Reviews we know how to compare inns from Laredo and this with the best kitchen.

There are few things to keep in mind that you should not be a problem to the people serving you. If you know a person who can cook but can't serve properly, there is a high chance that your service will be very bad. You may have some problem with your food not being done right. If someone is not very competent or has not learned a lot of tricks to prepare the food quickly.

You may have a high chance to not be served the foods. The more complicated and detailed the meal preparation is, the better, the more it will look like a food prepared by one person. If you know a person who can cook but can't serve well the more you should think to hire someone else who has that knowledge.

This person should not have to spend days cooking everything for you. They may come by your table to check on your food, and if that person is not there you don't lose money, you can do the food. The problem is most of the food prepared by kitchen staff can cost about 5 to 10% to eat. For example, in a food cart in Laredo we have a food service manager with more than 5 years of experience, he is also a restaurant owner, he is a cook. He prepares almost every meal for me.

When we come by your door to prepare food, we can see his cooking skill. If he can help to fix our food you might pay less than 15 cents each. But the more money he gets, the more he can spend on more expensive items that he prepared for you. In the case that he can do more expensive work for you. I have had some restaurant owner who I can't remember what restaurant he worked for in, he would tell me it was a restaurant he worked for, he said it worked for him as an employee. I will ask about it and if it is not possible, if he worked partialy as kitchen help - he will definitely have some experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Evelyn Motor Inn motel ensure guest safety and privacy during their stay, especially concerning access control and CCTV?

The Evelyn Motor Inn motel prioritizes guest safety and privacy by implementing various security measures, including access control and CCTV surveillance.
Access control is ensured through the use of keycard systems for all rooms, which prevents unauthorized entry and ensures that only guests with valid reservations can access their respective rooms. The motel also has a 24/7 front desk staff to monitor guest check-ins and provide assistance when needed.
In addition to access control, the motel also uses CCTV cameras strategically placed throughout the property for continuous surveillance. These cameras are monitored by security personnel to ensure any suspicious activities or potential threats are quickly addressed. The footage from these cameras is stored securely and only accessed by authorized personnel.
Moreover, the motel provides clear signage indicating the presence of CCTV cameras and informs guests about their privacy rights upon check-in. This transparency ensures that guests feel secure during their stay while also respecting their privacy. Overall, these measures work together to create a safe and comfortable environment for guests at the Evelyn Motor Inn motel.

As a receptionist at the Motel 6 in Laredo, Texas, what are your policies and procedures for handling late check-ins, lost keys, and special requests from guests with disabilities?

As a receptionist at the Motel 6 in Laredo, Texas, I follow our established policies and procedures to ensure a smooth experience for all guests. Here's how we handle late check-ins, lost keys, and special requests from guests with disabilities:
For late check-ins, we kindly ask that guests contact the motel at least 24 hours before their arrival to inform us of their estimated time of arrival (ETA). If a guest arrives after our standard check-in time of 3 PM, they can still check in by calling or texting our 24/7 staff. We will have their room ready and provide them with a door code to access it.
In case a guest loses their key, we recommend that they immediately inform the front desk upon realizing it. Our staff can then issue a new key for a small fee. To prevent losing keys in the future, our rooms also come equipped with a keyless entry system, which guests can use by entering their room number and last name at the designated terminal.
To accommodate special requests from guests with disabilities, Motel 6 follows the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. We offer accessible rooms with roll-in showers, grab bars, and other features that make it easier for our disabled guests to move around. For any additional assistance or concerns, we encourage guests to speak directly with our staff who are trained to provide personalized support as needed.
Our goal is always to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all our guests. By following these policies and procedures, we can better serve those with unique needs while maintaining the high level of service that Motel 6 is known for.

What is the capacity of the conference room at Evelyn Motor Inn located in Laredo?

The conference room capacity of the Evelyn Motor Inn located in Laredo, Texas is not publicly available on their official website or other sources. To get an accurate answer, you would need to contact the inn directly by phone or email and ask about their conference room seating capacity.

Recommended places in Laredo

Motel 6

5310 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo, TX 78041, United States

GPS : 27.548558, -99.505184

Users reviews of Motel 6 Laredo

Loma Alta Motel

3915 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo, TX 78041, United States

GPS : 27.534861, -99.503848

Users reviews of Loma Alta Motel Laredo

Motel 6

5920 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo, TX 78041, United States

GPS : 27.560403, -99.504411

Users reviews of Motel 6 Laredo

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-01-05 by Ivy Mcbride

I remember staying at Motel 6 many years ago when I had to make a road trip across Texas. As a first-time visitor, I relied heavily on online travel agencies to provide me with essential information about the hotel and its amenities. Unfortunately, the data provided by these platforms was incorrect, leading to disappointing expectations during my stay at Motel 6. The property's interior design needed an update, and the rooms seemed outdated compared to other budget hotels I had visited before. Although the staff was friendly, there were no additional services or facilities that would make a guest feel more comfortable or appreciated during their stay. Additionally, the location of the motel was not ideal for exploring Larado, as it was quite far from popular tourist attractions and dining options. Overall, my experience at Motel 6 left me with mixed feelings, but I understand that things might have changed since then. I hope future guests can enjoy better services and facilities during their stay at this property.

Super 8 Laredo

2620 Santa Ursula Ave, Laredo, TX 78040, United States

GPS : 27.523115, -99.503931

Users reviews of Super 8 Laredo Laredo

Motel 6

7124 Rosson Ln, Laredo, TX 78041, United States

GPS : 27.5608055, -99.4468582

Users reviews of Motel 6 Laredo

Motel 9

2504 E Travis St, Laredo, TX 78043, United States

GPS : 27.5300377, -99.4706732

Users reviews of Motel 9 Laredo

Siesta Motel

4109 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo, TX 78041, United States

GPS : 27.536878, -99.503825

Users reviews of Siesta Motel Laredo

Relax Inn

3600 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo, TX 78041, United States

GPS : 27.5322183, -99.5046315

Users reviews of Relax Inn Laredo

New Cactus Courts Motel

4119 Santa Maria Ave, Laredo, TX 78041, United States

GPS : 27.537136, -99.509627

Users reviews of New Cactus Courts Motel Laredo

Evelyn Motor Inn

2720 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo, TX 78040, United States

GPS : 27.5240634, -99.5045595

Users reviews of Evelyn Motor Inn Laredo

Villa Real Motel

Cesar Lopez De Lara 2412, San Rafael, 88200 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 27.4776449, -99.5178674

Users reviews of Villa Real Motel Laredo

Motel Villa Del Monte

Av. Vicente Guerrero 2001, Guerrero, 88000 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 27.4816033, -99.5073243

Users reviews of Motel Villa Del Monte Laredo

El Toro Motel

Av. Vicente Guerrero 2309, Guerrero, 88240 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 27.478471, -99.5072809

Users reviews of El Toro Motel Laredo

Motel Los Alces

Prolongación Av. Monterrey 941, Col. Hidalgo, 88160 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 27.4917642, -99.5280876

Users reviews of Motel Los Alces Laredo

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-08-01 by Kyle

I remember staying at Motel Los Alces in New Laredo, Mexico a few months back, and my experience was quite underwhelming. Situated at Prolongación Av. Monteerray 941, Col. Hidalgo, 88160 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., this motel appeared to be an affordable accommodation option that promised comfort and convenience, but sadly, it failed to deliver on some critical fronts.
One of the things I had high hopes for was a seamless hotel app experience - something that many modern hotels have been investing in, offering features like mobile check-in or room service. But alas! Motel Los Alces seemed to be stuck in the past, with no signs of any digital innovation whatsoever.
As someone who values convenience and efficiency, I found this lack of technology integration quite disappointing. In today's fast-paced world, where everything is just a tap or click away, having to physically check-in at the front desk and wait in line for room service felt like taking a step backward. It was as if Motel Los Alces had willfully chosen to ignore the progress that other hotels have been making to enhance guest experiences.
Moreover, the overall ambiance of the motel left much to be desired. While it wasn't exactly dirty or unkempt, there was certainly a sense of wear and tear that made me question its maintenance standards. The rooms were small and cramped, with basic amenities that you would expect from a budget hotel. The bathrooms were clean but lacked any sort of luxury touch - no plush towels or high-end toiletries to speak of.
In conclusion, my stay at Motel Los Alces was far from satisfying. While I understand that not every hotel can afford to invest in cutting-edge technology or lavish amenities, it's disappointing when a property promises comfort and convenience but falls short on both counts. For now, I'll be looking elsewhere for my future accommodations in New Laredo.

Motel 9

9017 San Dario Ave, Laredo, TX 78045, United States

GPS : 27.5886308, -99.4958003

Users reviews of Motel 9 Laredo

Motel Grecia

Calle Canales 1708, Sector Centro, 88000 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 27.4919723, -99.498161

Users reviews of Motel Grecia Laredo

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Juliet

As I walked down Callé Canalés 1708, Sector Centro, 88000 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico, memories flooded my mind of my last stay at Motel Grecia. The anticipation was palpable as I approached the entrance – a feeling that soon turned to disappointment. My room, which was supposed to be clean and comfortable, had not been touched by housekeeping in days. Dust covered every surface, and strands of hair were scattered across the bedsheets. My experience at Motel Grecia left me feeling uneasy and frustrated with their lack of care for their guests.

Motel Lindavista

Estudiantes 140, Solidaridad, 88000 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 27.4984708, -99.5454528

Users reviews of Motel Lindavista Laredo

Motel Santa Monica

Av. Reforma 3701, Madero, 88270 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 27.464636, -99.510653

Users reviews of Motel Santa Monica Laredo

Motel Guanajuato

Calle Guanajuato 4520, Anahua, 88260 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 27.4685584, -99.5223588

Users reviews of Motel Guanajuato Laredo

Motel Logo

Sonora 110, Postal, 88240 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 27.4709099, -99.5074875

Users reviews of Motel Logo Laredo

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