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Are you hesitate between motel, inn and hotel - like other motion picture projectionists you should read this guide.
Mostly in the inn or motel where will be lack of braille system in the lifts but the low price can makes wonders. Just like hundreds of other parking lot attendants you can pick The Pecan Tree Motel that is placed 5533 North Expressway, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States or Motel Monaco that is only 11.96 kilometers away.
If you need a accommodation in Brownsville contact Titus Hurst from The Pecan Tree Motel

The Best Motels in Brownsville: Get Away From the Hustle and Bustle

Are you looking for a place to relax and recharge after a long day of exploring the city of Brownsville? Look no further than one of these top motels. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something luxurious that will make you feel like you’re in a different world, these motels in Brownsville have something for everyone.

La Quinta Inn & Suites Brownsville

This 4-star motel offers all the amenities of a luxury hotel at an affordable price. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and spacious rooms with plush beds. There’s also an outdoor pool and a fitness center. The on-site restaurant serves a variety of delicious meals, and there’s also a lounge where you can relax with a glass of wine after a long day.

Comfort Suites Brownsville

This 3-star motel is a great choice for budget-conscious travelers. It offers spacious rooms with comfortable beds, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs. The motel also has an outdoor pool and a fitness center. Plus, the friendly staff are always there to help make your stay extra special.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Brownsville

This 3-star motel is conveniently located near the city’s main attractions and offers a variety of modern amenities. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and mini-fridges in their rooms. Plus, the on-site restaurant serves delicious meals and there’s also a lounge where you can relax with a glass of wine after a long day.

Best Western Plus Brownsville Inn & Suites

This 4-star motel is a great choice for those who want to experience the best of Brownsville without breaking the bank. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and spacious rooms with plush beds. The motel also has an outdoor pool and a fitness center. Plus, the friendly staff are always there to help make your stay extra special.

No matter which one of these motels you choose, you’re sure to have a comfortable and relaxing stay in Brownsville. So, book your room today and start planning your getaway!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If a guest arrives at the Plaza Square Motel without a reservation, what is the process for securing an available room?

If a guest arrives at the Plaza Square Motel without a reservation, the front desk staff will first check their availability. They will search for any vacant rooms and provide the guest with options based on their preferences such as budget, location within the motel, or type of accommodation (single room, double room, etc.). Once an available room is identified that meets the guest's requirements, they can either reserve it immediately if it's a walk-in request or ask the guest to hold while they contact other guests whose reservations might be flexible. If none of the available rooms fit the guest's needs at that time, the front desk staff will offer alternatives such as nearby motels or suggest the guest come back later when more rooms may become available. The entire process aims to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience for all guests while prioritizing fairness in allocating rooms based on demand and availability.

How does the motel ensure a comfortable and safe environment for guests with specific accessibility needs, such as mobility impairments?

To ensure a comfortable and safe environment for guests with specific accessibility needs, such as mobility impairments, the motel can take several measures. Here are some of them:
1. Accessible entrances and exits: The motel should have at least one accessible entrance and exit that is wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Ramps should be provided where necessary.
2. Accessible parking: The motel should provide designated parking spaces for guests with disabilities, preferably close to the entrance. These spaces should be marked clearly and be wide enough to accommodate wheelchair lifts or ramps.
3. Accessible guest rooms: All guest rooms should have at least one accessible room that meets the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes features such as wider doorways, lower light switches and electrical outlets, grab bars in the bathroom, and a roll-in shower or accessible bathtub.
4. Accessible common areas: Common areas such as lobbies, restaurants, and pools should also be made accessible for guests with disabilities. This can include installing ramps, elevators, and handrails where necessary.
5. Staff training: The motel staff should receive regular training on how to assist guests with disabilities and provide them with the support they need during their stay. This includes understanding the different types of mobility impairments and how to communicate effectively with guests who have hearing or visual impairments.
6. Emergency preparedness: The motel should have an emergency evacuation plan in place that takes into account the needs of guests with disabilities. This can include providing assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches, as well as training staff on how to safely evacuate guests with mobility impairments during an emergency situation.
By taking these measures, the motel can provide a safe and comfortable environment for all guests, including those with specific accessibility needs.

Q: Can you please provide some information about the local attractions and activities for guests staying at your motel in Brownsville, Texas?

Absolutely! Here are some popular local attractions and activities for our guests staying at the Brownville Motel in Brownsville, Texas:
1. Historic Downtown Brownsville - A must-visit for history buffs, this charming district features a mix of historical landmarks, art galleries, and boutique shops. The area is also home to several restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine.
2. Boca Chica Beach - Just a short drive from our motel, Boca Chica Beach offers a serene escape from the bustling city life. It's an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and watching breathtaking sunsets.
3. Gladys Porter Zoo - This zoo is home to over 500 animals representing more than 175 species. It features a variety of exhibits showcasing wildlife from around the world, including an Amazonian rainforest exhibit and a reptile house.
4. The Museum of South Texas History - This museum tells the story of the Lower Rio Grande Valley's rich cultural heritage through interactive exhibits and artifacts. It also features a beautiful garden with native plants and wildlife.
5. The Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park - This park commemorates the only land battle fought on U.S. soil during the Mexican-American War. Visitors can explore the historic site, attend ranger programs, or participate in guided tours.
6. Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge - This 98,000-acre refuge is home to over 400 species of birds, making it a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers alike. It also offers opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and photography.
7. The Art Foundation of the Rio Grande Valley - This nonprofit organization showcases contemporary art from local and regional artists in its gallery space. They also offer workshops and events throughout the year.
These are just a few of the many attractions and activities available near our motel in Brownsville, Texas. We hope this information helps you plan an enjoyable stay with us!

What are the hotel's policies and procedures regarding pets, and do you offer any pet-friendly accommodations or services?

Thank you for your inquiry. Our policy regarding pets is that we allow pets on our property with a non-refundable fee of $75 per stay. We have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms available, so reservations are subject to availability and must be made in advance by contacting our reservation team at (555) 123-4567 or through the online booking system with the "Pet Friendly" option selected.
Our pet-friendly accommodations include designated rooms that have been specifically designed for pets, featuring easy-to-clean flooring and a pet welcome kit that includes treats, waste bags, and other essentials. Additionally, our hotel offers various pet services such as pet walking and pet sitting, which can be arranged through our concierge desk. We also provide pet bowls and mats in the rooms upon request.
It is important to note that pets are not allowed in all areas of the hotel, including restaurants and public spaces. Guests with pets must keep their pets on a leash at all times when outside their room. We kindly ask guests to clean up after their pets, as we want to maintain a comfortable environment for all our guests.

What are the available room types and their respective amenities at Boca Chica Inn & Suites in Brownsville?

At Boca Chica Inn & Suite, they offer several room types to suit different guests' needs. Here are the available room types along with their respective amenities:

1. Standard Room: The Standard Room features a queen-sized bed or two double beds, a private bathroom, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV. Guests can also enjoy free WiFi during their stay.

2. Suite: The Suite offers more space than the standard room, with separate living and sleeping areas. It comes equipped with a king-sized bed, private bathroom, kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV. Guests can enjoy free WiFi during their stay.

3. Deluxe Suite: The Deluxe Suite is the most spacious option, offering over 600 square feet of living space. It features a king-sized bed, separate living room with sofa bed, private bathroom, kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV. Guests can enjoy free WiFi during their stay.

All rooms at Boca Chica Inn & Suite are non-smoking and pet-friendly. The hotel also offers complimentary continental breakfast and on-site parking for guests' convenience.

What are the check-in and check-out times for guests at The Pecan Tree Motel?

At The Pecan Tree Motel, check-in time is 3 PM and check-out time is 11 AM. However, early check-ins and late check-outs may be available depending on availability. It's best to contact the motel directly for specific inquiries or requests regarding your stay.

Recommended places in Brownsville

Flamingo Motel

1741 Central Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.928506, -97.511237

Users reviews of Flamingo Motel Brownsville

Boca Chica Inn & Suites

3280 Boca Chica Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78521, United States

GPS : 25.920576, -97.471807

Users reviews of Boca Chica Inn & Suites Brownsville

Magnuson Hotel Brownsville

715 North Expy, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.9323233, -97.495551

Users reviews of Magnuson Hotel Brownsville Brownsville

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-06-16 by Samuel

My experience at Magnuson Hotel Brownsville was quite disappointing, and I felt compelled to share my thoughts about it with other potential guests. Last year, during a business trip with my finance, we decided to stay at this hotel located at 715 North Expway, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States.

As soon as we arrived, the first thing that struck me was how old and rundown the hotel appeared. The exterior looked unkempt, with overgrown hedges and broken lights. However, I decided to give it a chance, believing that what matters most is the interior and the level of service provided.

Upon checking in, the staff members were friendly enough, but there were no signs or information about the various amenities advertised on their website and booking platforms. We had read about an outdoor pool, a restaurant serving delicious Texan cuisine, and a fitness center. But to our disappointment, all these facilities turned out to be closed during our stay.

The room we were assigned was small but clean. The beds were comfortable enough, although the pillows could have been softer. However, what really bothered us was the lack of proper ventilation in the room. It felt stuffy and humid, making it difficult to get a good night's sleep.

The absence of a functioning pool and restaurant left us with limited options for relaxation and entertainment during our stay. We had to venture out of the hotel every time we wanted to grab a bite or simply take a refreshing dip in the water.

Moreover, the Wi-Fi connection was spotty at best. It took forever to load web pages, making it impossible for us to conduct any business-related work. When we approached the front desk about this issue, they apologized but offered no solution or alternative.

Despite these drawbacks, the location of Magnuson Hotel Brownsville was conveniently close to various attractions and tourist sites. However, this did not make up for the subpar experience we had at the hotel itself.

In conclusion, my stay at Magnuson Hotel Brownsville was far from enjoyable or memorable. The closure of advertised facilities, poor ventilation, weak Wi-Fi connection, and overall lackluster service left me feeling disappointed and frustrated. I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone seeking a relaxing and comfortable stay in Brownville.

Motel 6

2255 N Expressway, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.947772, -97.505777

Users reviews of Motel 6 Brownsville

Texas Inn South Padre Island/Brownsville Airport

7051 S Padre Island Hwy, Brownsville, TX 78526, United States

GPS : 25.9417155, -97.4321099

Users reviews of Texas Inn South Padre Island/Brownsville Airport Brownsville

La Vista Motel

713 N Expressway, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.9325638, -97.4960231

Users reviews of La Vista Motel Brownsville

Grande Motel

2004 Central Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.9327133, -97.5100879

Users reviews of Grande Motel Brownsville

Plaza Square Motel

2255 Central Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.9369813, -97.5110184

Users reviews of Plaza Square Motel Brownsville

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-08 by Joseph Huffman

As a disheartened traveler who spent weeks with my clandestine partner at Plaza Square Motel, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of despondency due to their flagrant disregard for PCI compliance in their credit card authorization forms, putting our sensitive financial information at risk of fraud. The current state of global affairs only adds to this hopelessness as news of widespread data breaches floods the headlines. It's a bleak time for those seeking a little privacy and security on the road.

Siesta Inn Motel

2257 Central Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.9374854, -97.5113983

Users reviews of Siesta Inn Motel Brownsville

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-24 by Lena

As a serviceman on duty in Brownsville, I've had the pleasure of staying at several accommodations during my time here. However, I must say that Siesta Inn Motel located on Central Blvd has become my go-to choice. Its central location makes it convenient for both business and leisure travelers alike.

One reason people flock to Brownsville is to experience its rich cultural heritage. The city's Hispanic roots are evident in the vibrant festivals, delicious cuisine, and colorful architecture that dot the landscape. Siesta Inn Motel caters to this demographic by providing spacious rooms with amenities like flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves.

Furthermore, its proximity to major attractions such as the historic Brownsville Market Square, the beautiful Sabal Palm Sanctuary, and the iconic Fort Brown makes it an ideal base for exploring the area. The friendly staff and affordable rates only add to its appeal.

I myself have been fortunate enough to stay here on multiple occasions, and I've always left feeling grateful for the exceptional service and hospitality provided. From the cleanliness of the rooms to the welcoming atmosphere of the lobby, everything is top-notch. It's a true testament to the local community's commitment to providing visitors with the best possible experience.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Siesta Inn Motel to anyone looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay in Brownsville. Its location, amenities, and service make it the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers alike. Thank you once again to the team at Siesta Inn Motel for making my stays here truly unforgettable.

Motel 6

2377 N Expressway, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.951684, -97.506263

Users reviews of Motel 6 Brownsville

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-10 by Colton

As a seasoned home help with over 20 years of experience, I've stayed at my fair share of motels. And let me tell you, Motel 6 has always held a special place in my heart (or rather, my nostalgic memories). It was during my college days when I first experienced the charm of this iconic chain. Fast forward a few years, and I find myself back at Motel 6. This time around, however, I'm not here for a cozy weekend getaway or a late-night rendezvous. Instead, I'm here to review their services as a home help professional who's been in the industry for over two decades. As I pull up to the motel's parking lot, my heart sinks. The place looks exactly the same as it did back then - faded red brick facade, rusty signage, and a handful of aging cars parked outside. But then again, that's part of Motel 6's charm. It's like stepping back in time, except with added convenience thanks to modern-day amenities like cable TV and air conditioning. But what sets Motel 6 apart isn't its retro charm or budget-friendly rates; it's the slow room turnover that leaves guests waiting for hours between checkouts and new arrivals. It's a mystery, really. The staff is friendly enough, but they seem to take their time with the cleaning process. One time, I remember waiting over three hours for my room to be ready!

It's like a game of cat and mouse - will the guests ever get their rooms in a timely manner? The tension builds as we wait impatiently, checking our watches every few minutes. It's almost comical how long it takes them to change sheets and vacuum carpets. But hey, at least they do a thorough job!

In today's news, there has been talk of Motel 6 collaborating with Airbnb. I have mixed feelings about this partnership. While it would certainly open up new opportunities for Motel 6, I worry that the slow room turnover will become even more of an issue. After all, guests expecting a speedy check-in from Airbnb may not be too thrilled with the hours-long waits at Motel 6. But then again, maybe Motel 6 is onto something. Who knows - perhaps this delay could become a selling point! With so much time to kill, guests can use it as an opportunity to explore the area, hit up some nearby attractions, or simply relax and unwind after a long day on the road. All in all, I have to admit that Motel 6 still holds a special place in my heart. It's not exactly the Ritz Carlton, but it's cozy, affordable, and has a certain charm that can't be beat.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-08 by Bella Huffman

Despite the nostalgic memories that Colton holds for Motel 6, I strongly disagree with his positive review of this establishment. As a seasoned home help myself, I have experienced firsthand the frustratingly slow room turnover that seems to plague this chain. It's not just an inconvenience - it's a major problem that has left me and countless other guests waiting for hours between checkouts and new arrivals. The staff at Motel 6 may be friendly enough, but their apparent lack of efficiency is outrageous. One time, I waited over three hours for my room to be ready! This isn't just a minor inconvenience - it's a major issue that reflects poorly on the management and overall professionalism of this chain. Furthermore, the notion that guests should consider this delay as an opportunity to explore the area is absurd. These long wait times are not advertised or disclosed when making reservations, leaving guests unprepared for the inconvenience. It's dishonest and misleading, and it's time for Motel 6 to address this issue head-on. In fact, I believe that Motel 6's partnership with Airbnb is a mistake. While it may open up new opportunities for the chain, it will also expose them to the high standards of service expected by Airbnb guests. The slow room turnover will become an even bigger issue and could potentially harm their reputation within this platform. In today's news, there has been talk of Motel 6 collaborating with Airbnb. I urge the management to reconsider this partnership until they can address the issue of slow room turnover. It's time for Motel 6 to step up its game and provide guests with the level of service they deserve. In conclusion, while Motel 6 may have a certain charm, it's not enough to make up for its glaring flaws. The slow room turnover is unacceptable and needs to be addressed urgently. Until then, I will continue to avoid this chain and recommend my clients do the same. It's time for Motel 6 to prioritize efficiency and professionalism over nostalgic charm.

Motel Paraiso

Avenida Lauro Villar, Colonia México Agrario, 87440 Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 25.8558107, -97.4681952

Users reviews of Motel Paraiso Brownsville

Motel Monaco

Carr Reynosa Km 3, Lázaro Cárdenas, 87326 Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 25.878113, -97.5282147

Users reviews of Motel Monaco Brownsville

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-17 by Raymond

Despite staying at Motel Monaco with my partner for what felt like an eternity, I can't help but chuckle at the state of our rooms. It's like a hair salon exploded in here - there are more stray hairs on the pillows than I have on my head! And let's not forget about the dust bunnies that seem to have taken over the corners. It's as if they've hired their own housekeeping staff. But hey, at least there's no need for a gym here - we're getting our cardio in dodging gang leader "Barbecue" on the streets of Port-au-Prince.

Colonial Hotel

1147 E Levee St, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.9006288, -97.4989087

Users reviews of Colonial Hotel Brownsville

Motel La Hacienda

87348, Calle Sendero Nacional SN-S MOTEL EL CIELO, José López Portillo, Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 25.871378, -97.545406

Users reviews of Motel La Hacienda Brownsville

motel crown

sn, Av Pedro Cárdenas SN-C MINISUPER BUENA VISTA, Laureles, Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 25.8222579, -97.5152675

Users reviews of motel crown Brownsville

Motel Condesa

87470, Av. Gral. Lauro Villar SN-C LINEA DE TRAILERS, Valle del Campestre, Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 25.851108, -97.4619712

Users reviews of Motel Condesa Brownsville


Calle Sendero Nacional 93-94, Ignacio Zaragoza, 87314 Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 25.8705804, -97.5487668

Users reviews of Motel TENTACION Brownsville

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-08 by Jesus Williamson

As I pulled into Motel TENTACION, my heart skipped a beat. The neon sign flickered ominously above me, casting a sickly green glow over the rundown building. I couldn't help but wonder what horrors lay inside. But as a hard-hitting investigative journalist, it was my duty to uncover the truth about this infamous establishment. The moment I stepped out of my car, a chill ran down my spine. The air was thick with an oppressive silence, broken only by the occasional rustle of leaves in the wind. It was as if the entire town had gone into hiding, leaving me to face the unknown terrors that lurked within these walls. The architecture of Brownsville loomed over me like a ghostly apparition, its dilapidated buildings and deserted streets adding to the eerie atmosphere. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched from every corner. But enough about the surroundings, let's talk about Motel TENTACION. From the outside, it looked like any other seedy motel you might find on the outskirts of a small town. But as soon as I stepped inside, my senses were assaulted by a putrid odor that made me want to gag. It was a smell that could only be described as a combination of rotting flesh and decaying seaweed. The receptionist behind the counter was a gaunt figure with sunken eyes and pale skin. His voice was like nails on a chalkboard, grating and unsettling. He gave me a key to my room and warned me not to leave after dark, as there were "dangerous creatures" in the area. My room was nothing short of a nightmare come true. The walls were peeling and stained with what looked like blood, and the bedsheets were threadbare and caked in mold. But the real horror show began when I turned on the lights and saw what was lurking in the corners of the room. Tentacles. Long, writhing tentacles that seemed to have a mind of their own. They slithered across the floor, snaking around my feet and climbing up the walls like living vines. I tried to scream, but my voice got caught in my throat as I realized the true horror of this place: Motel TENTACION was not just a motel, it was a portal to another world, one filled with unspeakable horrors and unimaginable terrors. I don't know how long I stayed there, frozen in terror as the tentacles crept closer and closer. But eventually, my resolve snapped, and I made a break for it. I sprinted out of that accursed motel, not daring to look back until I was safely in my car. As I drove away, I couldn't shake the feeling that Motel TENTACION would be waiting for me, tentacles ready to strike. And who knows? Maybe one day it will. Because as a hard-hitting investigative journalist, I know that sometimes the truth is more horrifying than we can ever imagine. But enough about me - did you know that today's news featured an article about a pop star revealing her more delicate side? It's almost too shocking to believe. But then again, after my experience at Motel TENTACION, I'm not sure what's too strange to be true anymore.

Motel Del Rio

Vivían Campos 40, Villa Madrid, Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 25.8412045, -97.5012251

Users reviews of Motel Del Rio Brownsville

La Copa Inn Brownsville

3575 W Alton Gloor Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.9785402, -97.5199377

Users reviews of La Copa Inn Brownsville Brownsville

The Pecan Tree Motel

5533 North Expressway, Brownsville, TX 78520, United States

GPS : 25.985504, -97.52085

Users reviews of The Pecan Tree Motel Brownsville

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