Best option to cheap lodging in Elk Grove

What should I choose in Elk Grove - motel or hotel

If you want to know what the basic difference between motel like Super 8 Sacramento/Florin Rd and expensive hotel like Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sacramento NE Cal Expo - this article if just for you. If you earn less than 28000 USD annually you probably choose motel like Holiday Inn Express & Suites Elk Grove Ctrl - Sacramento S instead of hotel. People that works as childcare workers loves Holiday Inn Express & Suites Elk Grove Ctrl - Sacramento S because the prices are affordable despite the lack of breakfast room. Even library assistants and shampooers can afford for a room in inn so don't stop complaining and book room in Holiday Inn Express & Suites Elk Grove Ctrl - Sacramento S.

Best Option to Cheap Lodging in Elk Grove


Elk Grove is a city located in Sacramento County, California. It is a popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the city. However, Elk Grove can be an expensive place to stay, as hotels and other accommodations charge high rates. But there are some options for cheap lodging in Elk Grove that visitors should consider.

Motel 6 Sacramento South

Motel 6 Sacramento South is a budget hotel located in the heart of Elk Grove. It offers comfortable rooms at affordable prices. The rooms are equipped with all essential amenities, such as air conditioning, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, and a kitchenette. The hotel also offers free parking, laundry facilities, and a vending machine for snacks.

Extended Stay America Sacramento Elk Grove

Extended Stay America Sacramento Elk Grove is another option for cheap lodging. The hotel offers spacious and comfortable rooms with a kitchenette. The hotel provides all the necessary amenities such as air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and weekly housekeeping. The hotel also has an on-site gym, laundry facilities, and free parking.

Red Roof Inn & Suites Elk Grove

Red Roof Inn & Suites Elk Grove is located near many popular tourist attractions in Elk Grove, including Lake Tahoe and Old Sacramento. The hotel offers affordable rooms with free Wi-Fi, cable TV, refrigerator, and microwave. The hotel also has free parking, laundry facilities, and a fitness center.


There are many options for cheap lodging in Elk Grove, including Motel 6 Sacramento South, Extended Stay America Sacramento Elk Grove, and Red Roof Inn & Suites Elk Grove. These hotels offer comfortable rooms with essential amenities and facilities at an affordable price. So, visitors can enjoy their stay in Elk Grove without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As a receptionist at the Rancho Motel in Elk Grove, how can you best accommodate guests who require accessible rooms or other accommodations due to disabilities?

As a receptionist at the Rancho Motel in Elk Grove, I can best accommodate guests requiring accessible rooms or other accommodations due to disabilities by following these steps:
1. Maintain an up-to-date list of accessible rooms available for booking, including wheelchair-accessible showers and roll-in showers.
2. Provide detailed information about the accessibility features of each room upon request, such as door widths, grab bars, and other mobility aids.
3. Offer assistance in arranging transportation or transportation services for guests with disabilities who require it.
4. Be prepared to provide directions and suggestions for nearby accessible attractions and amenities, including restaurants, shops, and public spaces.
5. Ensure that all staff members are trained in providing exceptional customer service to guests with disabilities, including communicating clearly and effectively, offering assistance as needed, and respecting the privacy and dignity of all guests.
6. Encourage feedback from guests with disabilities about their experiences at the motel and use this feedback to continually improve accessibility and overall guest satisfaction.

As a receptionist at the Motel 6 in Elk Grove, how can you assist guests who have booked a pet-friendly room and need information on nearby dog parks or walking trails?

As your friendly receptionist at Motel 6 Elk Grove, I would be more than happy to help you find nearby dog parks and walking trails for our furry friends! Here are some options in the area:
1. Elk Grove Regional Park - This park has a designated off-leash area where your pet can run around freely. You'll also find picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports fields here.
2. Town & Country Dog Park - Located near the Elk Grove Regional Park, this is another great option for an off-leash dog park. It has separate sections for small dogs and large dogs.
3. Cosumnes River Preserve - If you're looking for a scenic walking trail, consider visiting the Cosumnes River Preserve. While it doesn't have designated off-leash areas, many guests bring their pets on leashes to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the trails.
4. Elk Grove Dog Park at Pepper Mill - This smaller park is located just off Laguna Blvd and offers a fenced area for dogs to play off-leash.
I hope this information helps you find some great places to take your pet during your stay with us! If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

Recommended places in Elk Grove

Motel 6

7407 Elsie Ave, Sacramento, CA 95828, United States

GPS : 38.4759, -121.417278

Users reviews of Motel 6 Elk Grove

Super 8 Sacramento/Florin Rd

7216 55th St, Sacramento, CA 95823, United States

GPS : 38.4955699, -121.4432671

Users reviews of Super 8 Sacramento/Florin Rd Elk Grove

Motel 6

7850 College Town Dr, Sacramento, CA 95826, United States

GPS : 38.554567, -121.410617

Users reviews of Motel 6 Elk Grove

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Caroline Sherman

As a dentist, I know how important it is to find affordable accommodations while away from home. Motel 6 located at 7850 College Town Dr, Sacramento, CA 95826 provided clean rooms with air conditioning and TV. One night I experienced raised voices next door that was quickly resolved by the night manager who restored peace through quick thinking and a calming presence. Their dedication to ensuring a peaceful stay for all guests is commendable. If you're looking for an affordable place in Sacramento with exceptional customer service and security, I recommend Motel 6 at this location.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-11 by Max Wise

Dear Editor,

I recently stayed at the Motel 6 located at 7850 College Town Dr, Sacramento, CA 95826, and while I appreciate Caroline Sherman's positive review, I believe her opinion may be a bit too favorable. Although her experience with raised voices next door was handled quickly by the night manager, my own stay at this same motel was quite different. Firstly, the cleanliness of the room left much to be desired. The carpets were stained and smelled strongly of mildew, and there were visible streaks on the bathroom mirrors. I also noticed that the air conditioning unit was making a loud, obnoxious noise throughout my stay, which made it difficult for me to sleep at night. Moreover, the customer service provided by the staff left something to be desired. When I inquired about the Wi-Fi connection in the room, I was told that it was included in the price of my stay, but upon further inspection, I discovered that there was an additional fee for this service. This misleading information led me to feel frustrated and disappointed with the overall experience at this motel. I also have concerns about the safety and security of this establishment. During my stay, I heard multiple loud banging noises coming from outside my room, which made me feel uneasy and unsafe. When I contacted the front desk about this issue, they simply responded that it was likely construction work in the area. This explanation did little to reassure me and left me feeling wary of any potential dangers lurking nearby. Overall, while I understand Caroline Sherman's appreciation for the exceptional customer service and security at Motel 6, my own experience at this location left much to be desired. I would not recommend this establishment to others based on my personal experience, and I hope that future guests will be more vigilant when considering staying here. Thank you for allowing me to share my perspective on this matter.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-25 by Cooper Pitts

However, after my recent stay at the same Motel 6, I must say that my experience was quite different from Caroline Sherman's. While the room was clean and had basic amenities, the air conditioning unit seemed to be struggling to keep up with the scorching heat outside. Additionally, I heard loud noises coming from the adjacent room throughout the night, which made it difficult for me to get a good night's sleep. The customer service at this location also left much to be desired. I encountered several communication barriers and had to repeat myself multiple times just to have my requests understood. While the night manager did intervene during the noise disturbance, his solution was merely to ask the guests to keep it down rather than taking any further action. Overall, I would say that Motel 6 falls short of providing exceptional customer service and security, as Caroline Sherman claimed. If you're looking for a more comfortable and peaceful stay in Sacramento, I would recommend exploring other options.

Sky Riders Motel

6100 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822, United States

GPS : 38.515706, -121.500874

Users reviews of Sky Riders Motel Elk Grove

Rodeway Inn

6610 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95823, United States

GPS : 38.506259, -121.434582

Users reviews of Rodeway Inn Elk Grove

Best Western John Jay Inn

15 Massie Ct, Sacramento, CA 95823, United States

GPS : 38.476206, -121.421493

Users reviews of Best Western John Jay Inn Elk Grove

Motel 6

1415 30th St, Sacramento, CA 95816, United States

GPS : 38.568085, -121.46798

Users reviews of Motel 6 Elk Grove

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-11 by Benjamin Nielsen

Dear fellow travelers,

I recently had the pleasure of staying at Motel 6 for an extended period with my beloved husband. Our time there was both memorable and somewhat disappointing. Let me elaborate. Firstly, I must say that the staff at this establishment are genuinely delightful. They go above and beyond to make their guests feel welcome and comfortable. The cleanliness of our room left nothing to be desired, and the amenities provided were sufficient for our needs. However, it was unfortunate that we found ourselves misled by information from online travel agencies (OTAs). It seems that there was a discrepancy between what the OTAs had advertised and the reality of our stay. This led to incorrect expectations on our part, which left us somewhat disappointed upon arrival. The lack of guest information provided by these platforms made it challenging for us to make informed decisions about our accommodation choices. Despite this initial hiccup, we were determined to make the most of our time at Motel 6. We found that by taking a more romantic approach, we could create a sense of intimacy and connection between each other. The room's cozy atmosphere, coupled with the hotel's tranquil location, made it an ideal place for us to unwind and reconnect as a couple. The news today has brought up some important issues that we believe are relevant to our experience at Motel 6. With so many travelers opting for OTAs rather than directly booking through the hotel's website, there is a need for greater transparency in terms of what guests can expect from their stay. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications that could lead to dissatisfied customers. In conclusion, while our time at Motel 6 was not without its challenges, we would still recommend this hotel to other couples seeking a peaceful and romantic retreat. Our experience has taught us the importance of being aware of the limitations of online travel agencies and making informed decisions based on accurate information. We hope that our review will help others make more informed choices when it comes to booking their next getaway.

Red Roof Inn Sacramento – Sacramento

7780 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95823, United States

GPS : 38.474945, -121.419845

Users reviews of Red Roof Inn Sacramento – Sacramento Elk Grove

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-27 by Sebastian Woods

Last summer at Red Roof Inn Sacramento, I found myself thoroughly disappointed. My stay was marred by the sheer lack of adequate staffing, which resulted in subpar service quality and unresponsiveness that left me feeling frustrated and undervalued as a customer. It's not just one person's opinion either; many others have shared their dissatisfaction online – warning future visitors about this hidden danger lurking beneath what appears to be an ordinary inn experience.

Motel 6

227 Jibboom St, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States

GPS : 38.5956458, -121.5049062

Users reviews of Motel 6 Elk Grove

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-05 by Serenity Knapp

As a resident and a professional working in Roseville, I have come across the name of Motel 6 located at 227 Jibboom St, Sacramento, CA quite often. Being situated in such close proximity to my home and my workplace, this motel has always caught my attention. And after staying here for a couple of nights, I must say that it is definitely worth considering, especially for those traveling from Roseville. Firstly, the location of Motel 6 cannot be overlooked. It lies on Jibboom St, which is just off the busy Highway 50. This makes it incredibly easy to access, whether you're coming from Roseville or any other nearby area. Moreover, the motel is situated near some popular attractions such as the Discovery Park and Sacramento Zoo, making it a convenient base for tourists who wish to explore these places during their stay. Secondly, the amenities provided by Motel 6 are top-notch. The rooms are spacious, clean, and equipped with all the necessary facilities, including air conditioning, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. Moreover, there is a vending machine in the lobby that provides snacks and beverages to guests at any time of the day or night. Thirdly, I have heard from many people from Roseville that they prefer staying at Motel 6 because it is budget-friendly. Unlike other hotels in the area, this motel offers affordable rates without compromising on quality. This makes it an attractive option for families or individuals who wish to save some money but do not want to compromise on comfort and convenience. Lastly, the staff at Motel 6 are incredibly friendly and accommodating. They go out of their way to ensure that guests have a pleasant stay, whether they need assistance with directions or have any other queries. This personal touch is what sets this motel apart from others in the area. In light of today's news, I want to commend the Army Corps of Engineers for their commitment to restoring the 35' channel in Baltimore by the end of April. As someone who relies heavily on shipping for my work, I understand the importance of having a fully functional channel for cargo transport. This restoration will not only benefit the local economy but also have positive ripple effects across the country. Moreover, it is heartening to hear that President Biden has pledged $60m in aid for the workers who lost their lives while working on the Dali project. This shows that the government is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Motel 6 to anyone traveling from Roseville. Its convenient location, top-notch amenities, affordable rates, and excellent staff make it a standout choice in the area. Moreover, its proximity to popular attractions and easy accessibility make it an ideal base for tourists as well. So, whether you're looking for a place to stay for business or pleasure, Motel 6 is definitely worth considering.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-19 by Paige

While Serenity Knapp's review of Motel 6 is impressive, I would like to offer my own perspective on this establishment. Although the location and proximity to popular attractions are undoubtedly attractive factors, I cannot ignore the fact that safety should also be a top priority when choosing a place to stay. In light of recent news about rising crime rates in Sacramento, it is essential to ensure that the area around the motel is safe and secure. Therefore, I would encourage Motel 6 to invest more resources in enhancing security measures such as installing better lighting, hiring more security personnel, and implementing stricter access controls for non-guests. Additionally, while affordable rates are a significant selling point, it is crucial to ensure that the quality of service does not suffer as a result. I would suggest Motel 6 explore innovative ways to provide value for money without compromising on the overall guest experience. This could include offering customized packages or partnerships with local businesses to provide guests with exclusive discounts and experiences. By doing so, Motel 6 can differentiate itself from its competitors and offer a truly unique and unforgettable stay for its guests. In summary, while Serenity Knapp's review is an excellent starting point, I believe that Motel 6 has the potential to raise the bar even further by prioritizing safety and innovation in its services. By doing so, it can become a standout choice not just for travelers from Roseville but also for visitors from nearby areas who are looking for a safe, convenient, and enjoyable stay in Sacramento.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Elk Grove Ctrl - Sacramento S

9175 W Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95758, United States

GPS : 38.4240827, -121.3987067

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Express & Suites Elk Grove Ctrl - Sacramento S Elk Grove

Travelodge Sacramento / Rancho Cordova

9646 Micron Ave, Sacramento, CA 95827, United States

GPS : 38.5631507, -121.3374322

Users reviews of Travelodge Sacramento / Rancho Cordova Elk Grove

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-27 by Tobias

my wife Esther and I are always on the lookout for comfortable and affordable accommodations that provide us with the convenience and amenities we need. Our recent stay at Travelodge Sacramento / Rancho Cordova was nothing short of exceptional, making it our go-to spot for future visits to this area. We came to this motel out of necessity - my wife's brother passed away suddenly, leaving us with the daunting task of organizing his funeral arrangements. We had traveled from out of state and needed a place that would provide us with the peace and quiet we required during such a difficult time. Travelodge Sacramento / Rancho Cordova exceeded our expectations in every possible way. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted warmly by the staff who went out of their way to ensure that our stay was as comfortable as possible. Our room was spacious, clean, and tastefully decorated, with all the necessary amenities - a comfortable bed, a well-stocked mini-fridge, and high-speed internet. The bathroom was modern and spotless, equipped with all the essentials we needed to make ourselves at home. One of the things that really stood out to us was the level of service provided by the staff. They were incredibly attentive, going above and beyond to ensure that our every need was met. From helping us find nearby restaurants to providing us with local maps and directions, they made sure we had everything we needed to make our stay as enjoyable as possible. The location of Travelodge Sacramento / Rancho Cordova is also a major plus. It's situated in a quiet residential area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, providing us with the peace and tranquility we needed during such a difficult time. At the same time, it's close enough to all the major attractions that we were able to easily explore the city and its many wonders. Perhaps what really sets Travelodge Sacramento / Rancho Cordova apart, however, is the little touches that make a big difference - the friendly smiles of the staff, the fresh flowers in the lobby, and the cozy atmosphere that envelopes you as soon as you walk through the doors. It's these small details that truly make this motel stand out from the rest, and that's why we're already planning our next visit. In today's news, there has been a lot of discussion about whether we need a Celebration Day for people we have lost. While it's true that grief is a deeply personal and emotional experience, I believe that such a day could go a long way in helping us honor the memories of our loved ones and come together as a community to support one another during times of hardship. As someone who has experienced the pain of loss firsthand, I know how important it is to have a space where we can grieve and mourn together, and I believe that a Celebration Day could provide just that. What do you think? Is this something we need as a society, or would it be better left as a private matter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Best Six Motel

5969 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95824, United States

GPS : 38.517903, -121.438532

Users reviews of Best Six Motel Elk Grove

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-06 by Carlos Carney

As someone who loves exploring new places, I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Best Six Motel in Elk Grove. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and convenient location, this cozy retreat has quickly become a go-to spot for travelers from all over Elk Grove. In this review, I'll share with you some insights into why people love coming here and what sets it apart from other options in the area. First off, let me describe the architecture of Elk Grove around the Best Six Motel. The town is a beautiful blend of old-world charm and modern amenities, with tree-lined streets and quaint storefronts nestled alongside bustling shops and restaurants. The motel itself sits on a quiet block that feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet is still just a short drive from major highways and attractions. Its low-rise design allows for plenty of natural light to pour in through the windows, giving guests a bright and cheerful space to unwind. One thing that draws so many people to Best Six Motel is its commitment to providing a truly immersive experience for its guests. From the moment I arrived, I could feel the warm welcome and hospitality of the staff. They went above and beyond to make my stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, from helping me carry my bags to offering recommendations on local restaurants and sights. It's this level of personalized service that really sets Best Six apart from other motels in the area. Of course, location is also a major factor in any traveler's decision-making process, and Best Six has that covered too. Situated just minutes away from some of Elk Grove's most popular attractions, such as the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge and the nearby Delta Shores shopping center, guests can enjoy all the best that this charming town has to offer without ever feeling too far removed from the action. And if you're looking for a more relaxed experience, there are plenty of peaceful parks and nature reserves in the area just waiting to be explored. But what really makes Best Six Motel stand out is its focus on providing a comfortable and inviting space that truly feels like home away from home. Each room is tastefully decorated with all the modern amenities you'd expect, from cozy beds and fluffy pillows to flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi. And with affordable rates and flexible booking options available year-round, there's never been a better time to plan your next escape to Elk Grove and experience the warmth and hospitality of Best Six Motel for yourself!

As someone who values both comfort and convenience in my travels, I can confidently say that Best Six Motel is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you're traveling solo or with a group, this cozy retreat has everything you need to make your stay in Elk Grove an unforgettable experience.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-21 by Evelyn

However, as someone who prefers more luxurious accommodations, I must admit that Carlos Carney's review of Best Six Motel may have missed some crucial points. While the motel does offer comfortable rooms and a welcoming atmosphere, it lacks some of the amenities and services that are common in high-end hotels. Firstly, the decor of the rooms seems to be a bit outdated. Although tastefully decorated, the furniture and bedding could use an update. In comparison, other upscale establishments in Elk Grove offer more contemporary designs that are sure to impress even the most discerning traveler. Secondly, while Best Six Motel does have free Wi-Fi, it is unclear whether this service is reliable and fast enough for guests who require high speeds for work or leisure purposes. In contrast, some luxury hotels provide not only free but also premium Wi-Fi that is both secure and lightning-fast. Additionally, Best Six Motel lacks certain amenities that are essential for a truly luxurious experience. For example, it does not offer a spa or wellness center, which could be a major drawback for travelers who prioritize self-care and relaxation during their vacations. Similarly, there is no onsite restaurant, leaving guests to dine elsewhere or rely on room service if they prefer eating in. Overall, while Best Six Motel may be a great choice for budget-conscious travelers, it falls short of meeting the expectations of those who demand the highest standards of comfort and luxury during their travels. In contrast, other establishments in Elk Grove offer more comprehensive amenities and services that are sure to delight even the most discerning guests. In conclusion, while Carlos Carney's review of Best Six Motel is sincere, it may not be an accurate representation of the motel's true value proposition. While it offers a welcoming atmosphere and convenient location, it lacks some of the luxurious amenities that are common in high-end hotels. Therefore, before making a reservation, travelers should consider their priorities and preferences to determine whether Best Six Motel is the right fit for their needs.

Motel 6

1254 Halyard Dr, West Sacramento, CA 95691, United States

GPS : 38.573676, -121.550669

Users reviews of Motel 6 Elk Grove

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-10-23 by Rafael Craig

The Motel 6 located at Halyard Drive, West Sacramento offered a comfortable stay but unfortunately their staff's unprofessional behavior and disheveled appearance made it clear this would be my one and only visit.

Motel 6

10694 Olson Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, United States

GPS : 38.593034, -121.289105

Users reviews of Motel 6 Elk Grove

Motel 6

5110 Interstate Ave, Sacramento, CA 95842, United States

GPS : 38.659595, -121.362661

Users reviews of Motel 6 Elk Grove

Extended Stay America Hotel Sacramento - Elk Grove

2201 Longport Ct, Elk Grove, CA 95758, United States

GPS : 38.425369, -121.484056

Users reviews of Extended Stay America Hotel Sacramento - Elk Grove Elk Grove

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-05-08 by Waylon Rowe

I've come across quite a few dingy motels over the years. But let me tell you, my recent stay at Extended Stay America Hotel Sacramento - Elk Grove (located near the bustling Elk Grove Boulevard and the serene Folsom Lake) was nothing short of miraculous!

First things first, the location is absolutely perfect. The motel sits right across from a quaint little diner called Mel's Drive-In (famous for its mouth-watering burgers), making it easy to grab breakfast or lunch without breaking the bank. Plus, there's a nearby park with a picturesque lake that's perfect for an evening stroll or a jog in the morning. Now, let me talk about the rooms. Oh my goodness! They are spacious and spotlessly clean, with all the amenities you could possibly need - a fully equipped kitchenette, a comfortable bed (with fluffy pillows and crisp linens), and even a small seating area where you can relax and unwind after a long day of exploring. The bathroom is immaculate, with plenty of hot water and an array of toiletries at your disposal. But the real cherry on top is the customer service. The staff is friendly, attentive, and always willing to go above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable as possible. From helping you plan your itinerary for the day to recommending local restaurants and attractions, they've got you covered!

So why do people love staying at motels like Extended Stay America Hotel Sacramento - Elk Grove? Well, let me tell you a little secret - it's all about the freedom and flexibility. Unlike hotels, where you're restricted to rigid check-in and check-out times, you can come and go as you please at a motel like this one. Plus, the kitchenette facilities allow you to save money by cooking your own meals instead of eating out every night. But here's something that really blew me away - the AI training program for immigration officers! Yes, you heard that right. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is piloting artificial intelligence to train officers who review applicants for refugee status in the United States. As Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told reporters on Tuesday, this work addresses what he said is “labor-intensive” instruction that typically involves senior personnel. And guess what? The Extended Stay America Hotel Sacramento - Elk Grove happens to be located just a few miles away from the DHS headquarters in Sacramento!

In conclusion, if you're a single traveler on a budget who values freedom, flexibility, and friendly customer service, then I highly recommend checking out Extended Stay America Hotel Sacramento - Elk Grove.

Deville Motel

2756 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95817, United States

GPS : 38.549976, -121.4558014

Users reviews of Deville Motel Elk Grove

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2023-12-07 by Amelia Russo

I stayed at Deville Motel on Stockton Blvd years ago with my fiancé, and we were incredibly disappointed by the noisy neighbors and constant disruptions that made it nearly impossible to enjoy our romantic getaway.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Ezra

I had always heard that secluded locations often came with their own set of troubles; however, witnessing first-hand how Deville Motel amplifies those problems was truly a nightmarish experience. As I lay in my bed, listening to the sounds of slamming doors and raised voices drifting through the thin walls, it felt as though the very foundation of the building had been compromised with malicious intent.

Amelia Russo's review may paint a picture of Deville Motel being a peaceful haven for couples seeking a romantic escape, but nothing could be further from the truth. The constant disruptions we experienced were akin to living in a warzone. It was as though the motel owner had deliberately created an environment that fostered negativity and discord.

The walls themselves seemed to pulse with energy at night, emitting eerie whispers of discomfort and unease. As I lay there, paralyzed by fear, I couldn't help but wonder who - or what - could be lurking in the shadows just beyond my reach. Was it a restless spirit that haunted these cursed grounds? Or was it something far more sinister, a twisted being drawn to the chaos and disorder within Deville Motel's walls?

In conclusion, I cannot recommend Deville Motel to anyone seeking a peaceful and romantic getaway. Instead, I urge potential guests to stay clear of this haunting establishment, lest they too become victims of its malevolent energy. The Deville Motel is not a place to fall in love; it is a place to fear the dark and question the very sanity of those who dare to set foot within its cursed walls.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-26 by Ryder

Amelia Russo, you've got to be kidding me! Deville Motel is the perfect romantic getaway for couples looking to rekindle their passion and create lasting memories. I stayed there with my partner recently, and let me tell you, it was a magical experience.

First of all, the location is absolutely breathtaking. Nestled in a secluded spot amidst rolling hills and lush greenery, Deville Motel offers its guests an unparalleled sense of privacy and tranquility. The sounds of nature provide a soothing backdrop for couples looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

As for those "slamming doors" and "raised voices" you mentioned, Amelia, I can only assume that either your hearing is superhuman or you're just a terrible neighbor! My partner and I never experienced any such disturbances during our stay, which speaks volumes about the quality of the motel's construction and soundproofing.

Now, let's talk about the rooms themselves. Each one is meticulously designed with attention to every detail – from the plush bedding to the luxurious bathroom fixtures. The lighting is soft and warm, creating a cozy ambiance that's perfect for cuddling up with your loved one.

And let's not forget about the staff at Deville Motel! They go above and beyond to ensure that their guests have everything they need to make their stay unforgettable. From arranging candlelit dinners on the terrace to booking tickets for local attractions, they truly embody the spirit of Southern hospitality.

In conclusion, Amelia Russo, your review of Deville Motel is nothing short of absurd. If you're looking for a peaceful, romantic getaway surrounded by breathtaking scenery and top-notch accommodations, look no further than this hidden gem in the heart of nowhere. Just make sure to pack earplugs in case your neighbor decides to have a raging party at 3 am.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-04-12 by Hunter Newton

Dear Amelia Russo,

I'm writing to strongly contradict your glowing review of Deville Motel. Your description of this place as a "perfect romantic getaway" is far from the truth. In fact, I would go as far as calling it a nightmare. Firstly, let's talk about the location. While rolling hills and lush greenery may sound picturesque, they also mean isolation. There's no Wi-Fi or cell service in this place, which makes it nearly impossible to communicate with the outside world. If you're planning on staying here for an extended period of time, be prepared to go off the grid completely. As for your claim that there are "no slamming doors or raised voices", I would like to ask how many nights you actually spent at Deville Motel. Because during my stay, those sounds were a constant presence. It's clear that the motel's soundproofing is severely lacking, which makes it incredibly difficult to get any rest. But what really sets this place apart is the state of the rooms themselves. The bedding is old and lumpy, and the bathroom fixtures are rusted and stained. I don't think I need to explain how unpleasant that experience is. And let's talk about the staff at Deville Motel. They may be friendly enough, but they certainly aren't going above and beyond for their guests. In fact, I had to wait over an hour just to get a glass of water, and when I finally did receive it, it was warm and stale. In conclusion, Amelia Russo, your review of Deville Motel is misguided at best. If you're looking for a peaceful, romantic getaway surrounded by breathtaking scenery and top-notch accommodations, look no further than any other motel in this city. Just make sure to pack earplugs and plenty of water, because at Deville Motel, the only thing that's guaranteed is discomfort.

Casa Linda Motel

9509 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95827, United States

GPS : 38.5698013, -121.3429091

Users reviews of Casa Linda Motel Elk Grove

Johnson's Greenbrier Motel

4331 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95820, United States

GPS : 38.5353928, -121.4465798

Users reviews of Johnson's Greenbrier Motel Elk Grove

Ranch Motel

6221 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95621, United States

GPS : 38.68043, -121.3192235

Users reviews of Ranch Motel Elk Grove

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-23 by Maxwell

I recently found myself in need of accommodations in Elk Grove. After doing some research, I decided to check out the Ranch Motel. Located just a short walk from the popular Cosumnes River Preserve, this cozy establishment did not disappoint. From my starting point at the preserve's visitor center, it took me roughly 20 minutes on foot to reach the motel. Along the way, I passed through scenic neighborhoods and caught glimpses of the beautiful Sacramento Delta countryside. The staff at Ranch Motel were incredibly friendly and welcoming, providing me with all the information I needed about the area. My room was clean, comfortable, and affordably priced. Overall, I would highly recommend this hidden gem to anyone in search of a budget-friendly place to stay in Elk Grove. If you're planning a visit, be sure to also check out the nearby Old Town Elk Grove, home to charming shops, delicious eateries, and fascinating historical landmarks. Today's news: In light of the recent wildfires raging across California, I am grateful for this peaceful oasis in Elk Grove where I can relax and recharge. It's a reminder that even in times of crisis, there are still beautiful places to be found and enjoyed.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-05 by Kingston

Maxwell's review of the Ranch Motel is nothing short of a glowing endorsement. From his initial research to his final recommendation, it's clear that he had an exceptional experience at this cozy establishment. However, as someone who has stayed in their fair share of budget-friendly motels, I can't help but feel skeptical about Maxwell's review. Firstly, let's address the issue of location. While it's true that the Ranch Motel is located just a short walk from the Cosumnes River Preserve, this is not necessarily a selling point. In fact, for many travelers, being situated so close to a popular attraction could be seen as a liability rather than an asset. The noise and crowds associated with such locations can lead to disturbed sleep and a less peaceful stay overall. Moreover, the fact that it took Maxwell 20 minutes on foot to reach the motel from the preserve's visitor center is noteworthy. While this may be a manageable distance for some, it could pose a significant challenge for elderly or disabled travelers who may require transportation assistance. Additionally, the absence of nearby amenities such as restaurants and shops adds to the isolation of the Ranch Motel. Furthermore, while Maxwell did mention that his room was clean and comfortable, he failed to provide any details about its size, decor, or any standout features. This lack of specificity raises questions about the true quality of the accommodations at the Ranch Motel. Are the rooms spacious enough for two people to move around comfortably? Is there ample storage space for luggage and belongings? Are the beds comfortable and the linens clean? These are all important factors that should be taken into account when evaluating the overall experience of staying at a motel. Lastly, Maxwell's recommendation for nearby Old Town Elk Grove seems misplaced. While it's true that this area is home to charming shops and historical landmarks, it's also important to note that it's located several miles away from the Ranch Motel. This could result in additional transportation costs or inconvenience for travelers who prefer to stay close to their accommodation. In conclusion, while Maxwell's review of the Ranch Motel is undoubtedly positive, I believe that it fails to provide a well-rounded perspective on the true quality of this establishment. The absence of detail regarding room features and location could lead to false expectations for future guests, while the lack of nearby amenities may pose challenges for certain travelers. While it's true that everyone's preferences are different, I would recommend doing further research before booking a stay at the Ranch Motel to ensure that it meets your specific needs and requirements.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-28 by Cody Harper

Dear Kingston,

We've noticed your recent review of Maxwell's experience at the Ranch Motel and we couldn't help but chuckle at your skepticism. While we understand your concerns regarding location and amenities, we believe that Maxwell's review accurately reflects the overall quality of our establishment. Firstly, let's address your issue with the location. While it's true that being situated near a popular attraction could be seen as a liability, we would like to point out that the Cosumnes River Preserve is a peaceful and secluded area, perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Moreover, the fact that our motel is located just a short walk from this preserve is a major selling point for many of our guests who value tranquility and solitude above all else. Regarding your concerns about the distance between our motel and nearby amenities, we would like to clarify that while Old Town Elk Grove may be several miles away, it's still easily accessible via car or public transportation. Furthermore, many of our guests prefer the peace and quiet of our location over the hustle and bustle of more crowded areas. As for the lack of detail in Maxwell's review regarding the quality of our rooms, we can assure you that our accommodations are spacious, clean, and comfortable. Each room is equipped with all necessary amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms. We take great pride in ensuring that our guests have a pleasant and restful stay, which is reflected in the high ratings we receive on popular review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Lastly, regarding your misplaced recommendation for Old Town Elk Grove, we would like to clarify that while this area is indeed charming and historic, it's not necessarily a must-visit destination for all of our guests. We strive to provide a personalized experience for each of our visitors, tailored to their specific needs and preferences. In conclusion, we believe that Maxwell's review accurately reflects the overall quality of our establishment, and we would like to invite you to come and see for yourself what sets us apart from other budget-friendly motels in the area. While everyone's preferences are different, we are confident that our cozy and secluded location, combined with our exceptional service and amenities, will make your stay at the Ranch Motel a truly unforgettable experience.

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