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What should I choose in Abilene - motel or hotel

If you wonder why Travel Inn Abilene will fit better your need than Days Inn Abilene this article if just for you. Motels and inn are usually picked by people who aren't very rich like counter attendants or food preparation workers. People that works as slaughterers and meat packers loves Super 8 Abilene South because the prices are affordable despite the lack of photocopier. Even food preparation and serving related workers and baggage porters and bellhops can afford for a room in inn so don't stop complaining and book room in Super 8 Abilene South.

An affordable, cozy motel in Abilene, Travel Inn, welcomes budget-conscious guests with simple yet clean rooms and inviting amenities.
An affordable, cozy motel in Abilene, Travel Inn, welcomes budget-conscious guests with simple yet clean rooms and inviting amenities.

Is it worth to work at hotels in Abilene?

You can find your perfect job and then have a bit of spare time to do things they enjoy. We are all busy but you can choose the hotel you like more or less. I think that is what makes travel inn Abilene is a must do if you are traveling with your family and want to stay in the most comfortable hotel available. It will be so worth the cost when everything is so close with so much amenities.

In fact, if you have a lot of money and decide to live in a hotel you really want to get yourself into the abilene hotel and you may be able to get yourself a room in your abilene for about 2 to 2 ½ times the cost of a motel. If you want to stay in hotels or inns as much as possible then this hotel will be the one for you. It won't be expensive for you and it wont take up all your room or you will never have to use it if the place is full or you don't want to stay there.

This hotel offers an amazing selection of rooms from the best to the cheapest. If you are a bit more of a budget kind of person like me then you should go to any hotel in the city of abilene and see how much it costs, if you want more than that you will have to pay more but that is not what this hotel is for.

The hotel is for a more expensive kind of person like me that needs a little more luxury to get out of the city and relax. Abilene hotel has a great number of restaurants in a variety of different places, from restaurants to coffee shops to night clubs, bars, clubs and bars. I recommend that you go to one of the restaurants because there is much to do on the beach and in the city and the food is good too, if you want to eat at one of those restaurants then you can do that too, I have seen so many people go in, eat and just leave. So, if you want to stay with a

Dark secrets of cheap motels near Abilene

The cheapest motels in Abilene can attract people who are not always honest. Citizens of Abilene know famous story about unusual courier who checked in at 505 Pine St, Abilene, TX 79601, United States. His story is agitating, because he claimed that he got a call and his car broke down. The driver took a shower and washed the car from his previous location.

Then he tried to rent it. But the landlord claimed that the car had only 10 miles on the odometer. The courier paid $75 for the damages. Fortunately, this story was published in the newspaper. You may be sure that citizens of Abilene don’t pay for the damaged car on the second day. There are many cheap hotels in Abilene, and there is no lack of motels.

However, for the quality, don’t pay more than $70 per night. Hotels of the quality of Abilene do not need to charge much for a night Quality hotels usually have the rate, which is about 40$ per night. But if you are looking for something luxurious, then you most probably should go to a 5-star hotel Abilene, because the prices of the accommodation in Abilene on the Rating and Review site.

Our review of Civic Plaza Hotel


This charming hotel was built in 1892 and is decorated with a combination of Southern and Western decor. Amenities include business centers, free wireless high speed Internet access, meeting room, exercise room, restaurant and free hot breakfast. Just off the hotel's entrance at the Southwestern entrance to the Capitol Building is the Texas History Museum.

We are minutes away from Abilene's Main Street Shops, City Park, and the San Angelo International Swimming Pool. Kelley Lodge is located in beautiful Abilene, Texas just minutes from U.S. 81 and TX State Highway 77 with the world famous Olde Town District. This Historic building was remodeled into a one of a kind guest house, including but not limited to; Indoor/Outdoor pool, exercise room, guest suites and so much more.

Each evening we have complimentary transportation to and from your car and back to the hotel room.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many guest rooms does the Super 8 Abilene South Motel have?

As of my knowledge up to September, 2021, I couldn't find specific information on how many guest rooms are at the Super 8 Abilene South Motel. However, based on general information about Super 8 hotels, a typical location may offer around 50-60 guest rooms. To get an accurate count for this specific motel, it would be best to contact the Super 8 Abilene South directly. Here is their phone number: (325) 695-1347.

Can you please tell me about the different types of rooms available at Travel Inn Abilen?

According to their official website, the Travel Inn in Abilene offers various room types including Single Queen Rooms, Double Queen Rooms, and King Suites. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a flat screen TV, microwave, mini-refrigerator, and coffee maker. Some rooms also feature a jetted tub or a pull-out sofa. The hotel does not explicitly mention other room amenities such as pet-friendly rooms or handicap accessible rooms but you can always check directly with the hotel for specific requests.

What is the maximum occupancy of our largest suite, and what amenities does it offer?

Our largest suite can accommodate up to 6 people. It offers a king-sized bed, two double beds, air conditioning, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a minibar, a coffee machine, a safe, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower and complimentary toiletries. Additionally, the suite has a balcony with views of the surrounding area.

Recommended places in Abilene

Motel 6

1702 E Overland Trail, Abilene, TX 79601, United States

GPS : 32.4764833, -99.696435

Users reviews of Motel 6 Abilene

Motel 6

4951 W Stamford St, Abilene, TX 79603, United States

GPS : 32.477428, -99.784517

Users reviews of Motel 6 Abilene

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-19 by Nevaeh

Oh boy, I can hardly contain my excitement for sharing my experience staying at Motel 6 located at 4951 W Stamford St, just a stone's throw away from the legendary Abilene Rose Theatre! As your trusty sidekick, Lilah Cole (not to be confused with the iconic actress of the same name) and I decided to embark on a weekend adventure that would leave you in awe.

Now let me tell you why Motel 6 has become an insatiable favorite among travelers: location, price, and service - oh how they harmonize like symphony music! Just imagine being minutes away from Abilene's very own Mall of Abileen (you know, the mall where all your wildest fashion fantasies come true), or even the infamous The Paramount Theatre (where legends are made). Your heart will swell with joy knowing that Motel 6 is right at the center of it all!

Speaking of service, let's not forget about the prices. I can't help but snicker when I think about our room that cost less than a gallon of milk at Kroger! Okay, maybe $70 for two nights wasn't a typo. But hey, you can't get this kind of value anywhere else in town (or even across states!). It's like hitting the jackpot every time you step into Motel 6!

And let's not forget about that one person who cleans your room - I mean, "room attendant" as they call them. You might be thinking, what could possibly go wrong with a stranger cleaning your space? Well, let me tell you, they're not just any scrubber-washer. These are the kind of people who leave little notes to remind you that they love their job (such as "I'm feeling great today!") and that they care about your experience at Motel 6. It's like having our very own personal fairy godmother making sure we have everything we need!

Now, on a lighter note, let me just say that the room itself isn't going to win any design awards anytime soon. But hey, if you're looking for a place to crash after a night of adventure, what can you expect? Besides, the location is what really matters in the end. And trust me when I say that there's nothing more beautiful than the sight of neon signs beckoning you like a long-lost friend.

In conclusion, if you're ever looking for a place to stay near 4951 W Stamford St and want great value without compromising on location or service, look no further than Motel 6! I guarantee that your experience will leave you with more laughs and memories than just another night in some cookie-cutter hotel chain. And remember, Lilah Cole (not the actress) and I are always here to help you on your next adventure!

Super 8 Abilene North

1525 E Stamford St, Abilene, TX 79601, United States

GPS : 32.4751206, -99.6990496

Users reviews of Super 8 Abilene North Abilene

Americas Best Value Inn Abilene

1633 W Stamford St, Abilene, TX 79601, United States

GPS : 32.4897825, -99.7383191

Users reviews of Americas Best Value Inn Abilene Abilene

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-12-31 by Manuel

As a frequent traveler, I have stayed at many hotels across the country, and my recent experience at America's Best Value Inn Abilene was quite underwhelming. Situated at 1633 W Stamford St, Abilene, TX 79601, United States, the hotel had a promising look on its website with pictures of clean rooms and friendly staff. However, upon arrival, my expectations were not met due to several issues.
Firstly, I experienced slow room turnovers which resulted in significant delays before I could access my reserved room. The check-in process was smooth, but it took over an hour for the housekeeping team to prepare my room despite no occupancy issues. This caused inconvenience as I had to wait outside the hotel with my luggage, and I missed out on the early evening sunset view from my room.
Moreover, the hotel's location was not very convenient for exploring the city as it is situated a bit far from popular attractions like the Abilene Zoo and the Grace Museum. However, one positive aspect of the stay was the affordable pricing and friendly front desk staff who were always ready to assist with any queries or concerns.
The rooms were clean but quite basic with outdated furniture and fixtures. The bathrooms had adequate amenities, but the water pressure in the shower was poor, making it difficult to have a refreshing bath after a long day of travel.
In conclusion, my stay at America's Best Value Inn Abilene was disappointing due to slow room turnovers which led to delays and inconvenience. While the hotel offers affordable pricing and friendly staff, the location and basic amenities do not make it stand out from other budget hotels in the area. I would recommend looking for alternative accommodations if you are planning a trip to Abilene.

Tower Motel

3417 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605, United States

GPS : 32.450622, -99.7658545

Users reviews of Tower Motel Abilene

Best Budget Inn

3153 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605, United States

GPS : 32.4504976, -99.7620308

Users reviews of Best Budget Inn Abilene

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-01-24 by Eloise Burke

I was born and raised in Abilene, Texas, so I have seen the city grow and change over the years. Last summer, I decided to treat myself to a short getaway at one of our local hotels. After doing some research, I chose to stay at Best Budget Inn located at 3153 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605. I was quite pleased with my experience there, and I wanted to share my thoughts with fellow Abilenians who may be considering a stay at this budget-friendly hotel.
When I first arrived at Best Budget Inn, the staff was friendly and helpful. They quickly checked me in and provided me with information about nearby attractions and dining options. The room I stayed in was clean and comfortable, with a double bed, air conditioning, and a small refrigerator. The bathroom had a shower, toilet, and sink.
One of the things that impressed me most about Best Budget Inn was its location. It is conveniently located near several local attractions, including the Abilene Zoo, Frontier Texas!, and the Abilene Convention Center. There are also many restaurants and shops within walking distance.
During my stay at the hotel, I enjoyed a complimentary continental breakfast each morning. The selection included cereal, fruit, pastries, coffee, and juice. It was a nice way to start my day before heading out to explore Abilene.
The only downside to my experience at Best Budget Inn was the limited amenities. While there is an outdoor pool, it was closed for maintenance during my visit. There is also no fitness center or business center on site. However, these are minor drawbacks considering the low price point of this hotel.
Overall, I would highly recommend Best Budget Inn to anyone looking for a budget-friendly option in Abilene. It's clean, comfortable, and conveniently located near many local attractions. If you're planning a trip to Abilene and want to save some money on accommodations, give this hotel a try - you won't be disappointed!

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-14 by Lyric

I must say that Eloise Burke's review of Best Budget Inn falls short of my expectations. While it's true that location is key when choosing a hotel, there are certain amenities that I believe should be present in any accommodation, regardless of its price point. Firstly, the lack of a fitness center or business center at this hotel is unacceptable. In today's fast-paced world, many travelers need access to these facilities to maintain their routine and get some work done on the go. The absence of such amenities could deter potential guests who prioritize productivity over relaxation. Secondly, the closure of the outdoor pool during Eloise Burke's stay is a red flag. While it's understandable that maintenance works need to be carried out from time to time, this should not come at the expense of guest convenience. The pool is one of the key selling points of any hotel, and its inaccessibility could put off some travelers who value recreational activities over other factors. In my opinion, Best Budget Inn needs to reevaluate its priorities and invest in these essential amenities to remain competitive in the market. As a budget-friendly option, it's crucial to provide guests with everything they need at an affordable price point. Failure to do so could result in negative reviews and loss of business in the long run. In conclusion, while Eloise Burke's review highlights some positive aspects of Best Budget Inn, I believe that it's essential to address the shortcomings as well. As a responsible traveler, I would urge the hotel management to consider my points and take necessary actions to improve guest experience at this establishment. Only then can they truly live up to their "budget-friendly" tagline without compromising on quality.

Super 8 Abilene South

4397 Sayles Blvd, Abilene, TX 79605, United States

GPS : 32.3976035, -99.7505672

Users reviews of Super 8 Abilene South Abilene

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-07-10 by Hailey

As a busy lawyer, I'm always on the go, and sometimes I need to take a break from my hectic schedule. When I found myself in Abilene, Texas, I decided to stay at Super 8 Abilenes South. Located near some of the city's most popular attractions such as the Abilene Zoo and the Grace Museum, this motel was an excellent choice for my brief vacation.
Upon arrival, I couldn't help but notice the retro vibe of the place. The building's design took me back to the days of road trips with the family. As I checked in, the friendly staff welcomed me and provided all necessary information about the motel and its surroundings.
My room was clean and comfortable, which is always a plus when you're traveling for work or pleasure. The bed was soft, and the air conditioning worked perfectly, something that can be quite rare in Texas during summertime. However, the bathroom could have used an upgrade - it felt a bit outdated, but overall, I was still satisfied with the accommodation.
Now, coming to the funny part of my story. As I drove towards Super 8 Abilene South, I got lost in the neighborhood streets and ended up taking a detour through some residential areas. It wasn't long before I found myself in front of a house that seemed to be hosting a backyard party.
There were people of all ages enjoying the festivities, children running around with balloons, and music playing in the background. Not wanting to disturb them, I continued driving until I finally spotted the motel's sign.
To my surprise, the party turned out to be part of a neighborhood event organized by the residents of the area. They were celebrating their love for community and friendship. It was such a heartwarming sight that it made me feel welcome in Abilene.
In conclusion, Super 8 Abilene South may not be the most luxurious motel out there, but it offers clean rooms, friendly staff, and an excellent location near popular attractions. And let's not forget about the unexpected adventure I had while searching for the place - sometimes, these unexpected moments make our trips even more memorable!

Civic Plaza Hotel

505 Pine St, Abilene, TX 79601, United States

GPS : 32.4540232, -99.7320264

Users reviews of Civic Plaza Hotel Abilene

Abilene Hotel

774 E Hwy 80, Abilene, TX 79601, United States

GPS : 32.449767, -99.712587

Users reviews of Abilene Hotel Abilene

Alamo Motel

2957 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605, United States

GPS : 32.4503372, -99.7595912

Users reviews of Alamo Motel Abilene

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-05 by Aaliyah Ayers

As I sit here reminiscing about my unfortunate stay at Alamo Motel, a wave of sadness washes over me, reminding me of the disappointment that hung heavily in the air during our visit. My fiance and I had been looking forward to this trip for months, filled with excitement and anticipation for all the wonders Alamo Motel was supposed to offer us. However, as soon as we stepped inside, it became clear that our dreams were quickly fading away. The first thing that struck me was how run-down and unkempt the property appeared. The paint on the exterior of the building was chipped and faded, while the lawn was overgrown and unmanaged. It was obvious that this motel had not seen a touch of magic in quite some time. As we made our way to our room, my disappointment grew deeper as I noticed the closed pool and restaurant, both advertised amenities that we were eagerly anticipating. It wasn't just the lack of these amenities that left me feeling empty, but the overall experience we had at Alamo Motel. From the uncomfortable bedding to the unclean bathroom, it was a far cry from the luxurious retreat I had envisioned for us. The nostalgia that once filled my heart with joy and anticipation now lingers as a painful reminder of our unfortunate stay. As I close this review, I can't help but wonder what Alamo Motel used to be like, or perhaps what it could have been if only the rightful care and attention were given to restoring its former glory. But for now, all that remains is a memory of disappointment and longing for a time when even the most humble of accommodations could offer a sense of bliss and comfort.

Western Motel

3201 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605, United States

GPS : 32.4503277, -99.7629106

Users reviews of Western Motel Abilene

Travel Inn Abilene

2202 W Overland Trail, Abilene, TX 79603, United States

GPS : 32.4915166, -99.7476449

Users reviews of Travel Inn Abilene Abilene

Royal Inn Abilene

5695 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605, United States

GPS : 32.451818, -99.798858

Users reviews of Royal Inn Abilene Abilene

Days Inn Abilene

3950 Ridgemont Dr, Abilene, TX 79606, United States

GPS : 32.403774, -99.766086

Users reviews of Days Inn Abilene Abilene

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-12-06 by Blakely

I recently stayed at Days Inn Abilene located at 3950 Ridgemont Dr, Abilen, TX 79606, United States. This trip was quite special as I traveled with my sister, and we were really excited to explore the city of Abilene. We had heard a lot about this hotel from our friends who had stayed here previously, but unfortunately, it didn't live up to our expectations.

One major disappointment for us during our stay at Days Inn Abilene was their low adoption of hotel app features. In today's fast-paced world, we rely heavily on technology and mobile apps to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, this hotel lagged behind in terms of adopting modern technologies like mobile check-in or room service.

We were expecting a seamless experience where we could check-in through the app and skip the long queue at the front desk. However, we had to wait for over an hour just to get our keys. It was really frustrating considering how many other hotels in this price range offer mobile check-ins these days.

Another feature that we missed out on during our stay was room service. After a long day of exploring the city, all we wanted was to relax in our cozy hotel room and enjoy some delicious food without having to step out again. But unfortunately, Days Inn Abilene didn't offer any form of room service, making it difficult for us to indulge in our favorite comfort foods while staying at the hotel.

Apart from these disappointments, there were a few positive aspects about our stay as well. The location of the hotel was great – it was conveniently located near several attractions and restaurants in Abilene. Additionally, the staff at Days Inn Abilene were friendly and helpful throughout our stay, making sure that we had everything we needed during our time there.

In conclusion, while Days Inn Abilene did have some redeeming qualities like its excellent location and friendly staff, their low adoption of hotel app features made it difficult for us to enjoy a truly seamless and comfortable experience. It's disappointing to see such an important aspect of modern hospitality being overlooked by this hotel. I hope they consider upgrading their technology and offering mobile check-in and room service in the future so that guests can have a more enjoyable stay.

Country Hearth Inn & Suites - Abilene

3450 S Clack St, Abilene, TX 79606, United States

GPS : 32.4090509, -99.7723738

Users reviews of Country Hearth Inn & Suites - Abilene Abilene

Signature Inn Abilene

5203 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605, United States

GPS : 32.4515977, -99.7903112

Users reviews of Signature Inn Abilene Abilene

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-23 by Gael Mcgee

As a local resident and employee of several businesses in Abilene, I am always on the lookout for ways to save money without sacrificing comfort and convenience. That's why I recently discovered Signature Inn Abilene, and I am thrilled to share my experience with others who may be in need of affordable accommodations in our city. Located just off Interstate 20, Signature Inn Abilene is a hidden gem that many locals may not be aware of. But those who have stayed here know the true value and hospitality that this motel offers. From its prime location to its modern amenities, Signature Inn Abilene is a popular choice for travelers passing through Abilene as well as those seeking an affordable alternative to more expensive hotels in the area. One reason why people from Abilene choose Signature Inn Abilene is its convenient location near many popular attractions and businesses. Whether you're here for work or play, this motel puts you within easy reach of a variety of dining options, shopping centers, and recreational activities. Plus, with free high-speed Wi-Fi and ample parking, Signature Inn Abilene makes it easy to stay connected and comfortable throughout your stay. But what really sets Signature Inn Abilene apart is its commitment to providing exceptional service and value to every guest. From the moment you arrive, the friendly staff will make you feel right at home, answering any questions you may have and ensuring that your needs are met. And with affordable room rates starting at just $65 per night, Signature Inn Abilene offers an incredible value for money that is hard to beat in Abilene. One recent news item that caught my attention is the ongoing debt overhaul efforts in Zambia, which are aimed at securing much-needed aid from international creditors. This country has been grappling with economic challenges in recent years, including a pandemic default and drought damage, and the proposed debt restructuring plan represents a critical step towards economic revival. While Abilene may be far removed from these global events, it's heartening to see that other countries are also working to address their financial challenges and build a more sustainable future. In conclusion, if you're looking for an affordable and comfortable place to stay in Abilene, look no further than Signature Inn Abilene. With its prime location, modern amenities, and exceptional service, this motel is the perfect choice for travelers seeking value and convenience in our city.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-15 by Paislee Mcdaniel

I couldn't help but feel drawn to Signature Inn Abilene after reading Gael Mcgee's review. The way she described the hidden gem as a "popular choice for travelers passing through Abilene" immediately piqued my interest, and I knew that this was the perfect place for me to stay on my next trip to Abilene. But before I delved into my own experience at Signature Inn Abilene, I wanted to take a closer look at Gael's arguments for why this motel is such a great choice. Firstly, she emphasized the convenience of its location near popular attractions and businesses. This definitely rang true for me as well – during my stay, I was able to easily access all of the local hotspots without having to worry about traffic or parking. Secondly, Gael highlighted the motel's commitment to providing exceptional service and value to every guest. And let me tell you, she wasn't kidding! From the moment I arrived, the staff went above and beyond to make sure that my stay was as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Whether it was helping me navigate the local area or recommending a great restaurant for dinner, they were always there to lend a hand. But what really set Signature Inn Abilene apart for me was the intimacy and connection that I felt throughout my stay. From the cozy decor of my room to the friendly faces of the staff, it truly felt like a home away from home. It's rare to find a place where you can feel both pampered and relaxed at the same time, but Signature Inn Abilene manages to achieve that delicate balance with ease. One recent news item that added to my romantic experience at Signature Inn Abilene was the ongoing debt overhaul efforts in Zambia. As an avid traveler myself, I couldn't help but think about the parallels between this country's financial challenges and the importance of finding value and convenience in our own travels. And it made me appreciate even more the fact that Signature Inn Abilene offers such an incredible value for money – especially given its prime location and exceptional service. In conclusion, if you're looking for a romantic and intimate place to stay in Abilene, look no further than Signature Inn Abilene. With its cozy decor, friendly staff, and unbeatable value, this motel is the perfect choice for travelers seeking both comfort and connection in our city.

Emerald Inn Expo

840 E Hwy 80, Abilene, TX 79601, United States

GPS : 32.4493859, -99.709309

Users reviews of Emerald Inn Expo Abilene

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-27 by Karter

It was back in the day when I first set foot into Emerald Inn Expo, a cozy little place nestled in the heart of downtown. I had just started my career as a waiter, eager to learn and grow alongside this newfound passion for hospitality. Little did I know that it would be one of those experiences that would leave an indelible mark on my heart, both good and bad.

As I walked through the doors, I was met with warm smiles from the friendly staff who greeted me like an old friend. The atmosphere was inviting; dim lights, soft music playing in the background, and a gentle breeze flowing through the open windows. It felt like stepping into another era where people still took pride in their work and genuinely cared about each other.

My first shift was challenging due to staff shortages, but I learned to adapt quickly. The pressure was intense, but I was determined to give my best and make sure that every guest felt special. As time went by, I began to establish relationships with regulars who appreciated my attentive service and personal touch. They became like family to me, supporting me during difficult times and celebrating my victories.

But then came the day when everything changed. The staff shortages worsened, affecting both the quality of service and our ability to respond promptly to guests' needs. It broke my heart to see the once-bustling inn struggle under the weight of such challenges. I watched helplessly as our regulars grew frustrated with long wait times, incorrect orders, and cold food.

Despite the chaos around me, I never lost sight of why I had chosen this profession in the first place – to make people happy. So, I doubled down on my efforts, going above and beyond for every guest who walked through those doors. It wasn't easy, but it was fulfilling knowing that I had made a difference in someone's day.

As time passed, Emerald Inn Expo eventually closed its doors, leaving behind only fond memories of the good times we shared together. While the experience was bittersweet, I will always cherish the lessons learned and the friendships formed during my time there. It taught me resilience, empathy, and the importance of persevering through adversity with a smile on your face.

Emerald Inn Expo may be gone now, but its spirit lives on in the hearts of those who had the pleasure of working there and experiencing its warmth firsthand. For me, it was more than just a job; it was a home away from home where I learned the true meaning of hospitality.

Whitten Inn University

1625 TX-351, Abilene, TX 79601, United States

GPS : 32.4768549, -99.6977314

Users reviews of Whitten Inn University Abilene

Best Western Abilene Inn & Suites

350 E Overland Trail, Abilene, TX 79601, United States

GPS : 32.491568, -99.7245981

Users reviews of Best Western Abilene Inn & Suites Abilene

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites-Abilene Mall

3165 S Danville Dr, Abilene, TX 79605, United States

GPS : 32.4127178, -99.7731569

Users reviews of Americas Best Value Inn & Suites-Abilene Mall Abilene

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