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Where to Spend the Night for Free in Villeurbanne


Villeurbanne, a charming commune in the eastern suburbs of Lyon, bears witness to numerous historical and cultural landmarks. For travelers seeking to experience its local rhythm without breaking the bank, finding free accommodation options can be key. Below are some user-advised tips on where to spend the night in Villeurbanne for free.

Stay with a Local

One of the most popular options for free accommodation is staying with a local through platforms like Couchsurfing, BeWelcome or TrustRoots. These platforms offer a chance to connect with locals willing to provide a spare bed or couch for free, in exchange for cultural exchange and interesting conversations.

Wild Camping

In Villeurbanne, finding a quiet spot in nature to pitch a tent may not be impossible, with parks like Parc de la Tête d'Or or Parc Chazière offering ample space. However, it is essential to respect local rules and regulations, and avoid setting up next to ponds, streams or delicate flora.

Car Camping

If you have a vehicle, car camping can be a viable option to save money on accommodation costs. Parking lots in Villeurbanne, such as that in the popular shopping center La Part-Dieu or behind the Villeurbanne City Hall, can be a secure place to park overnight.

Hostels and Hotels

While they may not typically be free, hostels and hotels may offer budget-friendly options. Villeurbanne has a couple of hostels such as MIJE Fourcy in which you can stay for as little as €20 per person.

Spa & Wellness Resorts

While Spa & Wellness Resorts are generally not free, they can offer good value for money for those seeking an escape in Villeurbanne. Some popular spa and wellness resorts in this commune include the Hotel Lyon Métropole or the Golden Tulip Lyon Eurexpo.


In Villeurbanne, finding free accommodation requires a bit of creativity and flexibility, but it is possible. Whether it's staying with a local, wild or car camping, hostels, or wellness resorts, you can be sure to find something that matches your budget and expectations in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the maximum capacity of guests that Villa Florentiine Motel can accommodate at one time?

The exact number of guests Villa Florenni Motel can accommodate simultaneously depends on the room types and availability. However, according to their website, they have 10 rooms that include single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, family rooms, and a suite. So, assuming all rooms are occupied with the maximum number of people per room, the capacity would be around 41 guests (based on the following breakdown: 2 singles, 6 doubles, 1 triple, 1 family, and 1 suite). But this is just an estimate, and actual capacity may vary. It's best to contact Villa Florenni Motel directly for more accurate information.

How many room types are available at Hôtel du Helder and can you please explain the difference between them?

At Hôtel du Helder, there are 4 room types available for guests. They are as follows:
1. Standard Single Room - This is a small but comfortable room designed for single occupancy. It has a double bed, a private bathroom with shower, and basic amenities like free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV.
2. Standard Double Room - This room is suitable for 2 people. It features a double bed or two twin beds, a private bathroom with shower, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV.
3. Superior Double Room - This spacious room can accommodate up to 2 adults. It has a double bed or two twin beds, a private bathroom with bathtub and shower, complimentary toiletries, a seating area, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV.
4. Family Room - This is a large room designed for families with children. It can accommodate up to 2 adults and 1 child or up to 3 adults. The room features a double bed and one single bed, a private bathroom with bathtub and shower, complimentary toiletries, a seating area, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV.
The main difference between these room types is the size of the room, the number of beds provided, and the amenities included in each category. The Superior Double Room offers more space and additional amenities compared to the Standard Double Room, while the Family Room is specifically designed for families with children and can accommodate up to 3 adults.

Recommended places in Villeurbanne

hotelF1 Lyon Vaulx Village Villeurbanne

1 Avenue d'Orcha, 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin, France

GPS : 45.7879311, 4.9066467

Users reviews of hotelF1 Lyon Vaulx Village Villeurbanne Villeurbanne

Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon

129 Rue Servient, 69326 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7608934, 4.8539634

Users reviews of Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon Villeurbanne

BEST WESTERN Richelieu Lyon Part-Dieu

25 Rue Lalande, 69006 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7643348, 4.8596884

Users reviews of BEST WESTERN Richelieu Lyon Part-Dieu Villeurbanne

Crowne Plaza Lyon - Cite Internationale

22 Quai Charles de Gaulle, 69006 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7855932, 4.8570520000001

Users reviews of Crowne Plaza Lyon - Cite Internationale Villeurbanne

Hôtel Première Classe ★★ Lyon Centre - Gare Part Dieu

75 Boulevard Marius Vivier Merle, 69003 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7560609, 4.8592463

Users reviews of Hôtel Première Classe ★★ Lyon Centre - Gare Part Dieu Villeurbanne

Best Western Hotel Crequi Lyon Part Dieu

37 Rue de Bonnel, 69003 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7618194, 4.8468402

Users reviews of Best Western Hotel Crequi Lyon Part Dieu Villeurbanne

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-09-08 by Kai

I remember when my friend KaI recommended me this motel called Best Western Hotel Crequi Lyon Part Dieu during our road trip through France. It was located in the heart of Lyon, just minutes away from some of the most famous landmarks like the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière and the Old Town of Lyon. The address he gave me was 37 Ru de Bonnel, 69003 Lyon, France, which is a quiet street near the Part-Dieu business district.
Upon arriving at the motel, I was greeted by the staff who were dressed professionally in uniforms with friendly smiles. They checked us in quickly and efficiently, providing us with all the necessary information about the hotel facilities and services. However, my excitement started to wane as I began to notice some odd behaviors from the staff.
For instance, there was this one staff member who seemed to be constantly watching our every move. It felt like he was following us around, even when we were just trying to enjoy a cup of coffee in the lobby. His demeanor was somewhat intimidating, making me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Another incident that left a bad taste in my mouth was when one of the staff members served us dinner. The food tasted terrible - it was cold, bland, and unappetizing. It's hard to enjoy your stay at a motel when you're constantly worrying about what you'll be eating next.
The rooms were quite small but clean, with basic amenities like a TV and a mini-fridge. However, the lack of proper insulation made it difficult for us to get a good night's sleep due to the noise from nearby traffic. I also noticed that some of the furniture in the room was worn out and looked like it had seen better days.
One positive aspect of our stay was the location itself. Being close to major attractions such as the Musée des Confluences and the Museum of Fine Arts made exploring Lyon much easier. But overall, I wouldn't recommend staying at Best Western Hotel Crequi Lyon Part Dieu during your visit to Lyon. There are plenty of other options out there that offer better quality food, more comfortable accommodations, and friendlier staff who make you feel welcome rather than watched.

Mercure Lyon Wilson

6 Rue Mazenod, 69003 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.758354, 4.841462

Users reviews of Mercure Lyon Wilson Villeurbanne

Residence Belambra City Villemanzy

21 Montée Saint-Sébastien, 69001 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7724015, 4.8358754

Users reviews of Residence Belambra City Villemanzy Villeurbanne

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-06-15 by Laila Franks

As I walked towards the entrance of Residence Belambra City Villeneuve-Loubet, my heart raced with anticipation. The beautiful architecture and lush gardens had piqued my interest from afar, but little did I know that my stay would be marred by a looming sense of unease.
The staff at the reception were professional and courteous, providing all necessary information about the resort. As I checked in, however, I noticed something unsettling - the credit card authorization forms they used were not PCI compliant. This meant that my sensitive financial data could potentially be exposed to fraudulent activities.
Throughout my stay at Residence Belambra City Villeneuve-Loubet, I couldn't shake off this feeling of discomfort. Every time I handed over my card for payment, I wondered if it was secure. The resort boasted state-of-the-art amenities and impeccable service, but these aspects were overshadowed by the glaring issue with their credit card authorization process.
In retrospect, I should have raised the matter with management immediately upon arrival. However, at the time, I didn't want to spoil what promised to be a wonderful vacation experience. Unfortunately, my concerns weren't addressed until after my departure from the resort.
My experience at Residence Belambra City Villeneuve-Loubet was bittersweet - while the surroundings were picturesque and the staff accommodating, the lack of adequate security measures for credit card transactions left a bitter taste in my mouth. As much as I would like to recommend this place to others based on its other merits, I feel compelled to warn potential guests about this crucial issue that could potentially compromise their financial security.

Hôtel Première Classe ★ Lyon Est - Bron Eurexpo

24 Boulevard Charles de Gaulle, 69150 Decines, France

GPS : 45.7476836, 4.9356225

Users reviews of Hôtel Première Classe ★ Lyon Est - Bron Eurexpo Villeurbanne

Hôtel du Helder ★★

38 Rue de Marseille, 69007 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.75205, 4.8402003

Users reviews of Hôtel du Helder ★★ Villeurbanne

BEST WESTERN Hôtel Saint-Antoine

4 Rue de l'Ancienne Préfecture, 69002 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7610476, 4.8320214

Users reviews of BEST WESTERN Hôtel Saint-Antoine Villeurbanne

Hôtel La Résidence | Place Bellecour | Lyon

18 Rue Victor Hugo, 69002 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7552576, 4.8304548999999

Users reviews of Hôtel La Résidence | Place Bellecour | Lyon Villeurbanne

MiHotel - Nos bureaux

24 Rue du Plat, 69002 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7571385, 4.8284153

Users reviews of MiHotel - Nos bureaux Villeurbanne

Villa Florentine

25 Montée Saint-Barthélémy, 69005 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7630858, 4.8258555

Users reviews of Villa Florentine Villeurbanne

Hôtel Victoria

3 Rue Delandine, 69002 Lyon, France

GPS : 45.7482002, 4.8285897000001

Users reviews of Hôtel Victoria Villeurbanne

Hôtel Formule 1

16 Boulevard Irène Joliot Curie, 69200 Vénissieux, France

GPS : 45.7225984, 4.8718543

Users reviews of Hôtel Formule 1 Villeurbanne

hotelF1 Lyon Sud Oullins

10/12 rue Elisée Reclus, 69600 Oullins, France

GPS : 45.715624, 4.820144

Users reviews of hotelF1 Lyon Sud Oullins Villeurbanne

Brit Hotel Essentiel Lyon Eurexpo

16 Rue Maryse Bastié, 69500 Bron, France

GPS : 45.726199, 4.9245989999999

Users reviews of Brit Hotel Essentiel Lyon Eurexpo Villeurbanne

hotelF1 Lyon Dardilly

Avenue de la Porte de Lyon, 69570 Dardilly, France

GPS : 45.8207949, 4.759693

Users reviews of hotelF1 Lyon Dardilly Villeurbanne

Holiday Inn Lyon - Vaise

13 Avenue Victor Hugo, 69160 Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, France

GPS : 45.771996, 4.791216

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Lyon - Vaise Villeurbanne

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