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If you wonder why Holiday Inn Paris Opera - Grands Blvds will fit better your need than Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel this article if just for you. Motels and inns are simpler. There is no fancy personnel and extra service like multilingual associates but it is great for people like crossing guards who earn less than 23000 USD per year. Just like hundreds of other bicycle repairers you can pick Bridgestreet St Germain that is placed 5 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France or Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel that is only 2.53 kilometers away. Not only shoe machine operators and tenders or cleaners of vehicles and equipment use motels so don't be shy and book a room in Holiday Inn Paris Opera - Grands Blvds

Recommended Motels in Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations. With many attractions, shops, and restaurants, there are plenty of places to stay in Paris.

If you are looking for a good motel in Paris, then look no further! Here are some of the best motels to stay at while in Paris:

1. Hotel de Ville – This is one of the oldest hotels in Paris, located in the 2nd arrondissement of the city. It offers comfortable rooms with modern amenities, a 24-hour reception, and free Wi-Fi.

2. Hotel de Sainte-Chapelle – This hotel is located in the 5th arrondissement, close to the famous Sainte-Chapelle cathedral. It offers luxurious and modern rooms, a swimming pool, and a bar.

3. Hotel des Grands Boulevards – This hotel is located in the 9th arrondissement, close to the famous Grands Boulevards. It offers chic and stylish rooms, a fitness center, and a restaurant.

4. Hotel du Louvre – This hotel is located in the 1st arrondissement, close to the famous Louvre Museum. It offers comfortable and cozy rooms, a restaurant, and a bar.

5. Hotel Baudelaire – This hotel is located in the 8th arrondissement, close to the famous Champs-Elysées. It offers modern and stylish rooms with contemporary amenities, a fitness center, and a bar.

These are some of the most recommended hotels in Paris, offering a range of amenities and comfort. Book one today and enjoy your stay in the City of Lights!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the various types of room accommodations available at the Europe Hotel Paris Motel and what amenities are included with each option?

The Europe Hotel Paris Motel offers a variety of rooms to cater to different guests' preferences. Here are the types of accommodations available along with their respective amenities:

1. Standard Room: These rooms are perfect for solo travelers or couples looking for a cozy stay. They come equipped with a queen-sized bed, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and a private bathroom with a shower, hairdryer, and toiletries.

2. Superior Room: These spacious rooms offer more luxury and comfort than the standard room. In addition to the amenities mentioned above, superior rooms also have a king-sized bed, minibar, and coffee/tea making facilities.

3. Executive Room: Ideal for business travelers or those seeking extra space, executive rooms feature a separate living area with a sofa bed, desk, and additional seating. All other standard amenities are included as well.

4. Suite: For guests who want to indulge in a bit of luxury, the suites at Europe Hotel Paris Motel offer the ultimate experience. They boast a large living room, separate bedroom with a king-sized bed, and an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub and shower. Additional amenities include a minibar, coffee/tea making facilities, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.

5. Accessible Room: Designed to accommodate guests with disabilities, these rooms come equipped with wider doorways, grab bars in the bathroom, roll-in showers, and lowered sinks. All standard amenities are also included.

Question: Can you please recommend a highly-rated restaurant near the hotel that offers traditional French cuisine and has a view of the Eiffel Tower?

Certainly! Le Jules Verne is one of the most famous restaurants in Paris, located inside the Eiffel Tower. It offers exceptional French cuisine with breathtaking views of the city. Another excellent option near your hotel would be L'Abeille at the Shangri-La Hotel. This restaurant has a Michelin star and serves traditional French cuisine with beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower. Both restaurants offer an unforgettable dining experience.

Question: What unique amenities and experiences can guests expect when staying at a Preferred Hotel Group motel in Paris, specifically tailored for those who enjoy art and culture?

As the world's largest independent hotel brand representing over 750 distinctive hotels, resorts, and residences globally, Preferred Hotels & Resorts offers unique experiences to its guests. When staying at a Preferred Hotel Group motel in Paris, specifically tailored for those who enjoy art and culture, guests can expect the following amenities and experiences:

1. Artful Rooms: The rooms in these motels are designed with art and culture enthusiasts in mind. They feature contemporary artworks, antique furnishings, and luxury linens that evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication. Some rooms may even have unique features such as private art galleries or custom-made art pieces.

2. Cultural Tours: Guests can enjoy guided tours of some of Paris' most famous landmarks, museums, and cultural institutions. These tours are led by knowledgeable guides who provide insider information about the city's rich history and culture.

3. Private Art Collection: Many Preferred Hotels Group motels in Paris have their own private art collections, showcasing pieces from local artists or international masters. Guests can explore these collections at their leisure and even arrange for private viewings or meetings with the artists.

4. Exclusive Access to Cultural Events: As a preferred guest of these motels, you'll receive special invitations to exclusive art openings, theater performances, and other cultural events in Paris. This gives you an opportunity to mingle with like-minded travelers and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant artistic community.

5. Culinary Experiences: Food plays a significant role in French culture, so it's only fitting that guests would enjoy culinary experiences during their stay. Many Preferred Hotels Group motels offer cooking classes led by renowned chefs, where you can learn how to prepare traditional French dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

6. Personalized Itineraries: To make your stay even more memorable, the hotel's concierge team can create customized itineraries tailored specifically for art and culture enthusiasts. This may include visits to lesser-known museums or galleries, exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of iconic landmarks, and recommendations for local restaurants and cafes that serve up delicious French cuisine.

7. Artistic Activities: In addition to exploring the city's rich cultural heritage, guests can also participate in creative activities such as painting workshops, photography classes, or even dance lessons. These experiences allow you to connect with your inner artist while immersing yourself in Paris' vibrant artistic scene.

8. Luxurious Amenities: Of course, no stay at a Preferred Hotels Group motel would be complete without indulging in some luxurious amenities. Guests can enjoy spa treatments, relax by the pool or rooftop terrace, and dine at world-class restaurants serving up exquisite French fare.

In conclusion, when staying at a Preferred Hotel Group motel in Paris tailored for art and culture enthusiasts, guests can expect unique amenities and experiences that celebrate the city's rich heritage and vibrant artistic community. From private art collections and exclusive cultural events to personalized itineraries and culinary experiences, these motels offer an unforgettable stay for those who appreciate all things beautiful and creative.

Question: What are the specific policies and rules guests must follow while staying at Love Hotel à Paris, especially regarding privacy and discretion?

Love Hotel à Paris is a unique concept that aims to provide a discreet and private experience for its guests. To ensure the highest level of privacy and discretion, we have implemented several policies and rules for our guests to follow while staying at our hotel. Here are some specific policies and rules you must adhere to during your stay:
1. Check-in time is 2 pm and check-out time is 12 noon. Please make sure to arrive on time for your booking to avoid any inconvenience.
2. We require a valid ID and a credit card at the time of check-in as a security deposit. The card will be charged in case of damages or additional services during your stay.
3. All our rooms are equipped with soundproofing systems, ensuring that no noise escapes the room. Please respect this policy by keeping the volume of your conversations and music at a reasonable level.
4. We ask our guests to keep their voices low while in common areas such as the lobby, corridors, and elevators to maintain discretion.
5. We have a strict non-smoking policy in all our rooms. Smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas.
6. Love Hotel à Paris is an adults-only hotel, and we do not allow children under 18 years of age.
7. We have a no pets policy, except for service animals.
8. Our staff is trained to maintain discretion and professionalism at all times. Please respect their privacy and avoid any inappropriate behavior.
9. We expect our guests to behave responsibly and respect the hotel's rules and regulations during their stay. Any violation of these rules may result in immediate expulsion from the premises without a refund.
10. Finally, we ask our guests to treat our staff with kindness and respect. Our team works hard to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. By following these policies and rules, you help us maintain a safe and discreet environment for all our guests.

Recommended places in Paris

Ramada Paris Tour Eiffel

102 Boulevard de Grenelle, 75015 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8495659, 2.2955104

Users reviews of Ramada Paris Tour Eiffel Paris

Le Villiers

133 Avenue de Villiers, 75017 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8852586, 2.2933840000001

Users reviews of Le Villiers Paris

Europe Hotel Paris

103 Boulevard de Grenelle, 75015 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8496409, 2.2970465

Users reviews of Europe Hotel Paris Paris

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-05-14 by Ruby

I recently stayed at the Europe Hotel Paris located near the bustling neighborhood of Saint-Charles. The hotel is situated on a quiet street, only a short walk away from the lively Boulevard du Montparnasse. Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly staff who were more than happy to assist with any requests and provide valuable recommendations for exploring Paris. Their attentiveness and professionalism made my stay incredibly enjoyable.
The hotel itself is cozy and well-maintained, with clean and comfortable rooms that offer all the necessary amenities. The location is perfect for anyone looking to explore Paris, as it's just a short metro ride away from popular attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.
To give you an idea of how conveniently located this motel is, I took the train from Saint Denis, which is home to the iconic Basilica of St. Denis. It's a beautiful Gothic church that served as the inspiration for many famous cathedrals, including Notre-Dame. The journey from Saint Denis to the Europe Hotel Paris was easy and took approximately 30 minutes by train, followed by a short walk along Boulevard de Grenelle.
Overall, my stay at the Europe Hotel Paris was pleasant and memorable, thanks to the excellent service provided by the staff and the convenient location that allowed me to explore all of Paris's major attractions.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-11 by Sydney Dorsey

While Ruby had a positive experience at the Europe Hotel Paris, I cannot help but feel skeptical about her review. Although she praised the hotel for its friendly staff and cozy rooms, she failed to address some crucial aspects that could affect one's overall stay. Firstly, I would like to know more about the room facilities. Did Ruby have access to a private bathroom? Was there air conditioning in the room? Were there any issues with noise or cleanliness? These details are essential to consider when choosing a hotel, and without this information, it's challenging to form a complete opinion of the Europe Hotel Paris. Secondly, I would like to learn more about the amenities provided by the hotel. Did Ruby have access to free Wi-Fi in her room or common areas? Were there any fitness facilities or restaurants on site? These factors can significantly impact one's stay and should be considered before making a reservation. Finally, I would like to know more about the neighborhood surrounding the Europe Hotel Paris. While Ruby mentioned that it was situated on a quiet street, did she experience any safety concerns during her stay? Was there easy access to public transportation or nearby shops and restaurants? These factors can significantly impact one's overall experience in Paris and should be considered before making a reservation. In summary, while Ruby's review may have been positive, it lacked critical details that could affect one's decision to book a room at the Europe Hotel Paris. Before making a reservation, I would recommend doing further research on the hotel's facilities, location, and amenities to ensure that it meets your specific needs and preferences.

hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre

29 Rue du Dr Babinski, 75018 Paris, France

GPS : 48.9011351, 2.3325819

Users reviews of hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre Paris

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-03 by Aidan Hardin

As an avid traveler, I recently had the pleasure of staying at the hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre in Boulogne Billancourt during my trip to France. From the moment I arrived, I was impressed by the warm welcome and exceptional service that this establishment provided. It is no secret that Boulogne Billancourt is a bustling suburb of Paris, known for its picturesque parks, upscale shopping districts, and stunning architectural landmarks. As such, it attracts a diverse range of visitors, from business executives looking to hold meetings in the area's many conference centers, to tourists eager to explore the neighborhood's cultural treasures. When it comes to accommodation options, hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre stands out as a preferred choice for travelers due to its prime location, modern amenities, and competitive pricing. Its proximity to major transportation hubs like Charles de Gaulle Airport and the Champs-Élysées makes it an ideal base for exploring the city or conducting business in nearby areas. Upon entering my room, I was struck by the sleek design and attention to detail that had gone into its creation. The minimalistic yet cozy décor provided a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. Equipped with all the essentials like flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi access, and comfortable beds, I was able to unwind and recharge for my adventures ahead. One of the highlights of my stay at hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre was the exceptional customer service provided by the staff. From the friendly front desk agents who greeted me with a warm smile upon arrival, to the attentive housekeeping team who promptly addressed any requests I had during my stay, every member of the hotel's staff went above and beyond to ensure that I had an unforgettable experience. Another aspect that stood out to me was the hotel's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. From the use of energy-efficient lighting and appliances to its recycling program, hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre demonstrated a strong sense of environmental responsibility that is increasingly rare in the hospitality industry today. Overall, my experience at hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre was nothing short of exceptional, and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking modern accommodations in Boulogne Billancourt. Its prime location, top-notch amenities, and exceptional customer service make it a standout choice among the many hotels in the area. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to France, hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre is the perfect place to call your temporary home in Boulogne Billancourt.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-25 by Malia

As a self-proclaimed hotel critic, I recently had the pleasure of staying at the notorious hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre in Boulogne Billancourt during my latest trip to France. Unlike Aidan Hardin's glowing review, however, my experience was nothing short of a nightmare. Let's start with the location. Yes, Boulogne Billancourt is indeed a bustling suburb of Paris, but that's where the good news ends. The hotel is situated in the middle of nowhere, far removed from any major attractions or transportation hubs. I had to resort to taking a taxi just to reach the nearest Metro station - talk about inconvenience!

Next up: the accommodations. Aidan was right that the rooms are minimalistic and cozy, but that's where the similarities end. The decor is plain and boring, and the beds are lumpy and uncomfortable. I found myself tossing and turning all night, unable to get a decent night's sleep. But what really took the cake was the customer service. Far from friendly or attentive, the staff seemed indifferent at best and downright rude at worst. When I requested additional towels, the housekeeper glared at me as if it were the end of the world. And let's not forget the front desk agents - they spoke in hushed tones, barely looking up from their screens as they begrudgingly handed over my room key. As for sustainability and eco-friendliness, I can only assume that Aidan must have been hallucinating when he praised hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre in this regard. The air conditioning unit was blasting all day long, even when the windows were wide open. And forget about recycling - the waste bins were overflowing with plastic bottles and food wrappers. In conclusion, I cannot recommend hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre to anyone, not even my worst enemy. If you're looking for a decent place to stay in Boulogne Billancourt, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. Trust me, your sanity will thank you.

hotelF1 Paris Porte de Châtillon

23 Avenue de la Porte de Châtillon, 75014 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8223693, 2.3166776

Users reviews of hotelF1 Paris Porte de Châtillon Paris

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-11-23 by Rachel Mosley

I stayed at hotelF1 Paris Porte de Châtillon last summer while visiting Paris for work. Despite being a budget-friendly motel, the staff was friendly and helpful in providing information about local attractions and public transportation. My room was clean and comfortable, with all the necessary amenities, including free WiFi. I felt safe during my stay and would definitely recommend hotelF1 Paris Porte de Châtillon to other travelers seeking a budget-friendly option near the Porte de Châtillon area.

Holiday Inn Paris - Notre Dame

4 Rue Danton, 75006 Paris, France

GPS : 48.852848, 2.342222

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Paris - Notre Dame Paris

Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel

20 Rue Jean Rey, 75015 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8548662, 2.2923213

Users reviews of Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel Paris

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-10-04 by Patrick

As a recent guest at Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel located at 20 Rué Jean Rey, 75015 Paris, France, I'd like to share my experience with the hotel's amenities. The sleek design and proximity to the Eiffel Tower impressed us upon arrival. However, our stay took a turn when we learned that advertised facilities such as the pool and restaurant were closed during our visit. As avid swimmers and foodies, these closures left us feeling disappointed and deprived. Wi-Fi connection was also spotty at times, while breakfast lacked variety and freshness. Despite these shortcomings, the location and friendly staff made our stay enjoyable overall. Better communication from the hotel regarding facility closures could have helped manage expectations and avoid unnecessary frustration during our vacation.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-11-12 by Camille

As a traveler who has stayed at Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel and has different experiences than Patrick, I would like to provide an alternate view of the hotel and its amenities. While it is true that some amenities were closed during their stay due to unforeseen circumstances, there are several factors to consider before dismissing the hotel entirely.
Firstly, the location of the hotel is exceptional, as it allows guests to easily explore the city on foot or via public transportation. This alone makes the hotel a great choice for travelers who want to experience Paris's vibrant atmosphere and rich history. The proximity to the iconic Eiffel Tower is an additional advantage that cannot be overlooked.
Secondly, although Patrick mentioned some negative aspects of their stay, there were also positive comments about the staff members and their helpfulness. Good customer service can greatly enhance a guest's experience, even if some amenities are closed or not up to par.
The room was described as spacious and clean with a comfortable bed that ensured a good night's sleep. This is an essential aspect of any hotel stay and shows that the hotel has made efforts to provide a comfortable environment for its guests.
Lastly, it is important to note that the hotel might have made changes or improvements since Patrick's visit. Guests should always check reviews from various sources and consider the timeframe when they were written before making their decision.
In conclusion, while it is true that Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel faced some challenges during Patrick's stay, there are several positive aspects of the hotel that make it a great choice for travelers who want to explore Paris. It is essential to take all factors into consideration before dismissing the hotel entirely based on one negative experience.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-15 by Dallas

As someone who has never stayed at Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel, I can understand why Camille might have had a different opinion than Patrick, whose review rated the hotel three out of five stars. While some amenities were closed during his stay due to unforeseen circumstances, it's important to consider other aspects of the hotel as well. Firstly, the location of the hotel is exceptional, and its proximity to popular attractions like the Eiffel Tower makes it an ideal choice for travelers who want to explore Paris. The fact that guests can easily walk or take public transportation to various parts of the city adds to the convenience factor. Secondly, while Patrick did mention some negative aspects of his stay, there were also positive comments about the staff members' helpfulness. Good customer service is crucial for a great hotel experience, and it can make up for any shortcomings in other areas. Thirdly, Camille mentioned that the room was spacious and clean with a comfortable bed. A comfortable bedroom is essential for a good night's sleep, which is critical to enjoying the rest of your trip. Lastly, it's crucial to note that things might have changed since Patrick's visit. Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel might have made improvements or addressed any issues since then. It's essential to consider reviews from various sources and timeframes when making a decision. In conclusion, while some challenges might have arisen during Patrick's stay, the hotel's location, customer service, cleanliness, and room quality are all positive aspects that make it a great choice for travelers who want to explore Paris. It's essential to take into account various factors before dismissing the hotel entirely based on one negative experience.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-04-15 by Jocelyn Cooper

I am utterly outraged by Dallas' review of Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel. How dare they give this establishment a rating of four stars when it clearly deserves no more than one!

Firstly, let us address the elephant in the room - the closure of certain amenities during Patrick's stay. While it is true that unforeseen circumstances can arise, the fact remains that Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel failed to provide its guests with the full range of services they paid for. This is a fundamental breach of contract and should not be taken lightly. Secondly, while it's true that the hotel's location is exceptional, this does not make up for the poor quality of service provided by the staff members. Customer service is a critical factor in determining a hotel's overall rating, and Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel has fallen short in this regard. Furthermore, while Camille did mention that her room was spacious and clean with a comfortable bed, she failed to provide any further details about the quality of the room itself. Was it adequately furnished? Were there any issues with the plumbing or electrical systems? These are crucial questions that must be asked before rating a hotel as "excellent. In conclusion, while it's true that things might have changed since Patrick's visit, the fact remains that his experience was deeply flawed. Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel has failed to address the fundamental issues raised by its guests and continues to provide subpar service. It is our duty as travelers and consumers to hold these establishments accountable for their actions and demand better from them. Until Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel takes significant action to improve its services, we strongly advise against staying there.

Holiday Inn Paris - Gare de Lyon Bastille

11 Rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris, France

GPS : 48.846813, 2.371531

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Paris - Gare de Lyon Bastille Paris

Love Hotel à Paris

88 Rue St Denis, 75001 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8623131, 2.3497708

Users reviews of Love Hotel à Paris Paris

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-05-21 by Simon

Ah, Love Hotel à Paris! What an unforgettable experience I had staying at this iconic establishment located in the heart of the city at 88 Ruie St Denis, 75001 Paris, France back in April. The anticipation of checking into such a historic place was through the roof, but alas, my excitement was met with a rather disappointing hurdle – the long lines at the front desk that caused significant delays during both check-in and check-out!

Nonetheless, I can't deny the allure of this charming hotel which has been enchanting visitors since 1948. From its art nouveau façade to the cozy rooms adorned with Parisian flair, Love Hotel à Paris is a true gem that offers an authentic taste of French sophistication and romance.

Despite the hiccups at the front desk, I must say that once inside my room, all worries melted away as I basked in the warm ambiance and admired the lovely views of Paris from my window. The attention to detail throughout the property is simply outstanding – every corner tells a story and transports you back to another era.

So would I recommend Love Hotel à Paris? Absolutely! Yes, there were some logistical challenges during my stay, but these minor inconveniences cannot overshadow the magic of this enchanting establishment. If you're planning a trip to Paris, don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique slice of French history and charm – just be prepared for potential wait times at the front desk!

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-13 by Kate Hogan

Dear Simon,

Thank you for sharing your experience at Love Hotel à Paris. As someone who has always dreamed of staying in such an iconic establishment, I was delighted to hear about your visit. While it's true that the long lines at the front desk may have been a bit frustrating, I completely understand why this hotel is so popular. The history, charm, and sophistication that ooze from every corner make Love Hotel à Paris an unforgettable experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. In fact, I'm currently planning my own trip to Paris, and I can't wait to stay at this enchanting hotel! While it's true that some logistical challenges may arise during peak hours, the benefits of staying in such a unique and historic space far outweigh any inconveniences. Furthermore, based on your review, I am confident that the staff will do everything in their power to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. In fact, I'm grateful for your honest feedback, as it has given me a better understanding of what to expect during my own visit. Thank you again for sharing your experience with us, and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

éditions du Motel

8 Passage Josset, 75011 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8527215, 2.3764269000001

Users reviews of éditions du Motel Paris

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-11 by Cora Dawson

Dear reader, let me take you on a journey back in time to my memorable stay at the éditions du Motel, nestled in the heart of Paris at 8 Passage Josset, 75011. The place has an indescribable charm that will leave you wanting more even after you've left.

From the moment I stepped foot into this oasis of tranquility, I knew it was going to be a stay to remember. The décor is impeccable - an eclectic mix of vintage and modern elements creating an atmosphere that feels like home but better! Each room is thoughtfully designed with comfort in mind, ensuring you have everything you need during your stay.

The location cannot be beat; just steps away from the bustling streets of Paris yet tucked away from the noise. It's perfect for those seeking a quiet escape while still being close to all the city has to offer. However, unfortunately, my stay was not without its challenges. Despite being situated in a serene passageway, I encountered excessive noise disturbances caused by noisy neighbors throughout my stay at éditions du Motel.

The first night was pleasant enough; there was some chatter outside my window but nothing unbearable. However, as the days went on, it became increasingly difficult to ignore the loud conversations and music playing late into the night. This disruption took away from the peaceful ambiance that initially attracted me to this charming hotel.

Despite these inconveniences, I must say that the staff at éditions du Motel went above and beyond to make my stay as enjoyable as possible. They were always friendly, helpful, and accommodating, which is a testament to their excellent customer service.

One of the highlights of my time there was definitely the breakfast spread. Each morning, I looked forward to indulging in fresh pastries, fruits, cheeses, and cold cuts that catered to various dietary preferences. The quality of the food was top-notch, and I couldn't help but feel pampered with each bite.

In conclusion, my experience at éditions du Motel had its ups and downs. While the excessive noise from neighboring rooms left much to be desired, the impeccable service, stunning decor, and delicious breakfasts made up for it. If you're planning a trip to Paris soon, I would still highly recommend giving this hidden gem a chance. Just be prepared to pack some earplugs just in case!

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-18 by Emmett

Dear reader, let me take you on a journey back in time to my memorable stay at the éditions du Motel, nestled in the heart of Paris at 8 Passage Josset, 75011. The place has an indescribable charm that will leave you wanting more even after you've left. Or so they say. From the moment I stepped foot into this oasis of tranquility, I knew it was going to be a stay to remember. Until I realized that my neighbors were louder than a herd of elephants stampeding through my room every night. Let's face it - Cora Dawson must be deaf because there's no way I would ever describe the excessive noise from neighboring rooms as "disturbances. It was more like an orchestra of chaos that left me feeling like I was living in a warzone. The first night, I tried to ignore it, but by the second night, I was ready to pack my bags and leave this so-called paradise. The staff at éditions du Motel were friendly enough, but their hospitality couldn't make up for the fact that I spent most of my stay with my hands over my ears. And let's not even talk about the breakfast spread - it was a farce. The fruits and pastries looked like they had been sitting out for days, and the cheese tasted like it came from a moldy sock drawer. In conclusion, I would give éditions du Motel a rating of 0 stars. It's not worth risking your hearing just to stay in this "peaceful" hotel. If you're planning a trip to Paris soon, I would strongly recommend staying somewhere else - preferably somewhere where the noise level is below that of a freight train.

MOTELAMATOU Pension pour chats à Paris

19 Rue Borromée, 75015 Paris, France

GPS : 48.841205, 2.3053489

Users reviews of MOTELAMATOU Pension pour chats à Paris Paris


4-6 Rue Gambetta, 93400 Saint-Ouen, France

GPS : 48.9056583, 2.3360152

Users reviews of MOB HOTEL Paris

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-12-04 by Oliver Clarke

As Oliver, I had an unforgettable experience at MOB HOTEL during my summer trip with my wife. Located on Gambletta Street in Saint-Ouen, France, this motel provides a unique ambiance and is a perfect place for people like me who look for entertainment. The rooms were spacious and well-equipped with all the necessary amenities.
However, during our stay, we encountered an incident that tested the security of the hotel. It was around midnight when my wife and I heard raised voices coming from the hallway outside our room. We soon realized that there was a heated argument between two guests who were part of a larger group that had taken over the entire floor. The situation escalated quickly, with threats being exchanged, and it appeared that things could get out of hand at any moment.
As a member of the security team for my company, I couldn't just ignore the situation. My wife and I decided to contact the front desk to inform them about the commotion. The staff acknowledged our concerns and assured us that they were already aware of the problem. However, they didn't seem to be taking any immediate action.
Realizing that the situation could escalate further, I decided to step in and assist the hotel staff. With my security experience, I managed to calm down both parties and diffuse the tension. I made sure that both guests separated and went back to their respective rooms.
The MOB HOTEL staff later thanked me for my intervention and assured us that they would take appropriate measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Overall, our stay at the hotel was enjoyable despite this incident, and we look forward to returning next summer.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-12-30 by King

As a reader who values safety and privacy while staying at hotels, I must say that my opinion on MOB HOTEL differs from Oliver Clark's experience. While it is true that the motel provides a unique ambiance and spacious rooms with necessary amenities, the incident that took place during their stay raises serious concerns about the security of the hotel.
It is disheartening to see that the staff was not proactive in addressing the problem even after being informed by Oliver and his wife. Instead of ensuring guest safety, they seemed unconcerned about the escalating situation. This lack of attention to detail and poor response from the staff could have led to a more dangerous outcome had it not been for Oliver's intervention.
Furthermore, the fact that an entire floor was taken over by a single group indicates that there might be inadequate measures in place to monitor occupancy levels and ensure guest comfort. This can lead to noise disturbances and other inconveniences, affecting the overall experience of other guests staying at the hotel.
In conclusion, while MOB HOTEL may offer some attractive features like unique ambiance and spacious rooms, I believe that improvements in security measures and staff response times should be prioritized to ensure guest safety and comfort. As a traveler, I would think twice before booking a stay here due to the potential risks involved.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-25 by Ellie

As a horror writer, I can't help but see the chilling events that unfolded during Oliver Clarke's stay at MOB HOTEL as something straight out of a nightmare. The idea of two guests engaging in a violent argument outside your door in the middle of the night is enough to strike fear into even the bravest of souls.

While it's commendable that Oliver and his wife took swift action, I can't help but question the hotel staff's response to the situation. Their lackadaisical attitude towards the escalating conflict raises serious concerns about the security measures put in place by MOB HOTEL. If this is how they handle potentially dangerous situations, what other safety hazards could be lurking beneath the surface?

As a horror writer, I know that the unknown can be more terrifying than the known. What if Oliver and his wife were not as fortunate in their intervention? What if one of the guests had been armed or had a history of violent behavior? The hotel staff's complacency could have put both parties and other guests at serious risk.

In my opinion, MOB HOTEL needs to step up its security game. They need to invest in proper training for their staff, conduct regular safety checks, and implement more stringent measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Failure to do so could lead to irreparable damage to their reputation and put their guests' lives at risk.

In conclusion, while Oliver's review highlights some positive aspects of his stay at MOB HOTEL, I urge readers to think twice before booking a room here. The hotel's lack of action in the face of danger raises serious concerns about its safety protocols and should be a red flag for anyone looking for a peaceful and secure vacation spot. As a horror writer, I can't help but shudder at the thought of what could have happened if Oliver and his wife hadn't intervened. Let's hope that MOB HOTEL takes my warnings seriously and takes action to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Hotel F1

8 Bd Périphérique, 75017 Paris, France

GPS : 48.9001099, 2.3260984999999

Users reviews of Hotel F1 Paris

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-09-20 by Luke

I recently visited the Hotel F1 at Boulevard Périphérique, 75017 Paris because I needed a last-minute place to stay for work. My impression was that it was clean, quiet, and in a good location near my workplace. The staff were friendly and helpful. Overall, I had a positive experience staying there.


wilz, 95470 Saint-Witz, France

GPS : 48.8482117, 2.3320232

Users reviews of Fasthotel Paris

Bridgestreet St Germain

5 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France

GPS : 48.85318, 2.3268459999999

Users reviews of Bridgestreet St Germain Paris

Holiday Inn Paris - Gare de l'Est

5 Rue du 8 Mai 1945, 75010 Paris, France

GPS : 48.875887, 2.3590842999999

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Paris - Gare de l'Est Paris

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-01-02 by Francisco

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Paris - Garde de l'Est during my recent trip to Paris. The motel was conveniently located near Gare de l'Est train station and just a short walk from Canal Saint-Martin, making it an excellent choice for someone like me who wants to relax after a long day of stocking shelves.

During my journey to the motel, I had quite an adventure. As a tourist unfamiliar with Paris, I accidentally boarded a train headed in the opposite direction and ended up in a charming suburb called Montreuil. After realizing my mistake, I hopped on another train back to Gare de l'Est and finally found my way to Holiday Inn Paris - Garde de l'Est.

The staff at the motel was incredibly helpful and provided me with directions to some local attractions such as the Pompidou Center and Notre-Dame Cathedral, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. The room itself was clean, comfortable, and well-equipped with all the amenities one would need for a relaxing stay. Overall, my experience at Holiday Inn Paris - Garde de l'Est exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cozy place to rest their weary head after a day of exploring this magnificent city.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-26 by Kaleb

Dear Francisco,

We appreciate your kind words about our humble establishment, but as someone who values honesty and transparency, we must disagree with your glowing review. Allow us to shed some light on the less-than-perfect aspects of Holiday Inn Paris - Garde de l'Est that you might have missed during your stay. Firstly, let's talk about the location. While it is true that our motel is conveniently located near Gare de l'Est train station and Canal Saint-Martin, we must inform you that this area is notorious for its high crime rates. During your stay, you might have noticed some unsavory characters lurking around the neighborhood at odd hours of the night. We strongly advise against venturing out alone after dark. Secondly, let's discuss the staff. While they may be helpful and provide directions to popular tourist spots, their customer service skills leave much to be desired. During your stay, you might have encountered some grumpy and unfriendly personnel who seem to take pleasure in making guests feel unwelcome. We apologize for this and assure you that we are currently working on improving our staff training program. Lastly, let's talk about the room itself. While it is true that it was clean and comfortable, we must admit that the amenities were somewhat outdated. The TV in your room might have been flickering and the Wi-Fi connection might have been spotty at times. We assure you that these issues are being addressed and we hope to have them resolved by the time your next visit rolls around. All things considered, we still believe that Holiday Inn Paris - Garde de l'Est is a decent option for budget-conscious travelers who prioritize location over luxury. However, we must caution you to exercise caution when exploring the area and be prepared for subpar service from some of our staff members. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to stay with us again in the future. In the meantime, let's lighten the mood with a joke! Did you hear about the French chef who opened a new restaurant called "Deja Vu"? It was a complete flop - everyone who came said they had eaten there before.

Holiday Inn Paris Opera - Grands Blvds

30-32 Boulevard Poissonnière, 75009 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8715767, 2.3436834

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Paris Opera - Grands Blvds Paris

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-07 by Eli

My stay at the Holiday Inn Paris Opera - Grandes Blvd was a melancholic experience. The grandeur of the hotel couldn't mask the loneliness I felt as a foreigner in the city of love. As if the universe wanted to add some humor to my misery, my GPS led me down a narrow alley filled with cats and narrowly missed colliding with a parked car. It was such a bizarre and unexpected adventure that it almost made me laugh through my tears. The irony, I guess, is that the most amusing part of my Parisian visit happened before ever setting foot inside the Holiday Inn.

Westin Paris

3 Rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8657394, 2.3274415

Users reviews of Westin Paris Paris

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-02 by Angelina Mclaughlin

As an it specialist with over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, I have had the pleasure of staying at some of the most luxurious hotels around the world. My recent stay at Westin Paris was one that left me both exhilarated and disappointed all at once. From the moment I stepped into the grand lobby of the Westin Paris, I knew I was in for an exceptional experience. The decor was exquisite, with high ceilings adorned with chandeliers made of crystal. The walls were adorned with works by some of the most renowned artists from France's history, and the scent of fresh flowers added a touch of elegance to the air. As I made my way to my room, I could not help but feel an overwhelming sense of excitement. My heart raced as I inserted my keycard into the doorlock, anticipating what lay beyond. However, as soon as I stepped inside, all my excitement came crashing down. The first thing that struck me was the unbearable stench in the room. It was a mix of mildew and dampness that made my nose wrinkle with disgust. The air conditioning unit, which should have been working at full capacity, was barely functioning, causing the room to be stuffy and hot. I could not help but feel disappointed and disheartened by this. But what really left me appalled were the cleanliness issues in my room. There were stray hairs on the bed covers that looked like they had been shed by a large animal, and dust particles clung to every corner of the room. The bathroom was in even worse condition; the sink was clogged with hair and soap scum, and the toilet bowl was stained brown from what appeared to be mold. I immediately called housekeeping to report these issues, but their response left me feeling less than confident in their ability to rectify the situation. The cleaning staff seemed indifferent to my concerns, barely acknowledging my complaints before disappearing without a word. I was left with no choice but to take matters into my own hands and clean the room myself, using my own travel-sized toiletries and towels from another hotel that I had stayed in previously. The entire experience left me feeling disheartened and unsatisfied. As an it specialist who has worked with some of the top hotels in the world, I know what true luxury is supposed to feel like. The cleanliness issues at Westin Paris were unacceptable and fell far below the standards that I would expect from a hotel claiming to be five-star. In conclusion, my stay at Westin Paris was an experience that left me both exhilarated and disappointed all at once. While the hotel's decor and location were undeniably impressive, its cleanliness issues left much to be desired. I would not recommend this hotel to any of my clients or colleagues, as I believe they deserve better than what Westin Paris has to offer. It is my hope that the hotel takes swift action to address these cleanliness concerns and restores the level of luxury and excellence that it claims to uphold.

Preferred Hotel Group

24 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8688109, 2.3241326

Users reviews of Preferred Hotel Group Paris


8 Rue de Meaux, 75019 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8785104, 2.3710105

Users reviews of Amadeus Paris

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-29 by June Walter

My Dear Reader,

I must start by telling you that I am a home help, not a travel writer or an expert on luxurious vacations. However, last summer, I had the unique opportunity to visit Amadeus - the grand, majestic hotel in a small European town. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, and it is with great pleasure that I share my tale with you today. First off, let me say this: do not believe everything you read on those pesky online travel agencies (OTAs). They might lead you to believe that Amadeus is just another fancy hotel with room service and a pool; oh no! It's much more than that. Picture this: it's a castle from medieval times, transformed into an opulent haven for weary travelers. The moment I stepped inside, I felt like I had been transported back in time, surrounded by tapestries, chandeliers, and antiques that told stories of centuries gone by. But here's where things took a turn for the worse. You see, dear reader, these OTAs had led me astray with their false promises. They made it seem like there would be countless other guests at Amadeus, all dressed up in their finest attire, ready to share tales of adventure over candlelit dinners. But alas! When I arrived, I found myself almost alone in this grand palace. It was as if I had rented out the entire place for myself - which would have been lovely had I known beforehand!

At first, I thought it might be a blessing in disguise. After all, who wouldn't want to bask in the luxury of a five-star hotel with no one else around? But soon enough, I realized that this "quiet" atmosphere came at a cost. You see, Amadeus is not just a place to sleep and eat; it's an experience. An experience that relies heavily on human interaction and camaraderie among its guests. As I strolled through the halls adorned with gilded mirrors and exquisite paintings, I couldn't help but feel like a ghost haunting these empty corridors. There was no one to share stories with during dinner, no lively conversations over cocktails at the bar, and definitely no impromptu dance parties in the ballroom (which, by the way, is where the ghosts of Amadeus would have their own little shindig). And don't even get me started on the food! While the dishes were undoubtedly exquisite – think truffles, caviar, and rare vintage wines – they tasted so much better when shared with others. Eating alone at a table for twelve left me feeling both lonely and guilty for not making friends with other guests (or at least pretending to). In conclusion, dear reader, if you find yourself planning a trip to Amadeus, do not let those misleading OTAs deceive you into thinking it's just another hotel. This place is much more than that; it's a living breathing entity with its own rich history and vibrant spirit. And while the solitude may be comforting for some, I believe that Amadeus thrives on the energy of its guests. So next time you book your vacation, remember to do your research properly. Don't trust those sneaky OTAs – they might just steal your chance at a truly unforgettable experience like mine at Amadeus. But if you ever find yourself alone in this grand castle, fear not! Embrace the silence and make some noise of your own. After all, who knows? You might even meet a ghost or two along the way.

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