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If you want to know what the basic difference between motel like Bay View Motel and expensive hotel like Homewood Suites by Hilton Oakland-Waterfront - like other graders and sorters, agricultural products you should read this guide.
Motel is good for you if you stay for a lot time out you house or like other cooks you can not afford high standard hotels like Homewood Suites by Hilton Oakland-Waterfront located at 1103 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606, United States. People that works as combined food preparation and loves Highlander Motel because the prices are affordable despite the lack of buffet breakfast.
If you need a accommodation in Oakland contact Addison Potts from Highlander Motel

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If the cost of a room is over $100 and there are not enough rooms available in your town or city - chances are that there's no need to buy a motel. If you're not a hotel expert - then you should also be prepared not to buy any motel rooms in your town or city.

I highly recommend you to read a review of Motel Bay View Hotel .

If you're curious how they compare with other high end hotels in this town. The Best Beds in Oakland There are a number of good beds on offer in Oakland. Some of my favorite beds.

Cheap motels in Oakland and their agitating secrets

The lowest price for inn is not always the best choice. In 1994 there was a conflict between clients of Bay Bridge Inn Oakland and Motel 6 and this conflict was the main reason of future events that changed the history of Oakland forever.

This case was eventually dismissed when the lower court in Los Angeles failed to set a new price and Motel 6 filed a request for a temporary injunction with a request for a $15 million price increase to Oakland.

The motel complex featured a two level "inn" consisting of twenty three suites. The suites were $65 at that time and had two bedrooms. The complex also hosted the Motel 6 name, a restaurant and banquet facilities.

The complex also contained a laundry room, arcade games parlor, a mini-movie, and a gift shop. The complex was located next to a BART station and the Oakland International Airport. The Bay Bridge Inn has a parking lot with 150 spaces.

There were no air conditioning in the suites. There were no phones or televisions in the suites, however, there were phones for guest service and fax transmission for $0.30 per minute.

The complex also had its own business office where the front desk personnel would issue the keys, clean up and arrange all the rooms for guests with the required change of checks The only time a housekeeping person was on the floor was on Sunday mornings. Most guests would come in to eat breakfast and then leave after a couple of hours.

Most residents who didn't work directly at the hotels left the hotel at lunch time. At that time, there was no specific set lunch, rather it was served later in the afternoon.

Many of the staff members worked from home, others would use lunchtime for something else. In order to avoid the heat in the summer, was used during lunch as an alternative to coffee. The coffee served to these residents was made with milk and was sometimes served with condensed milk.

Condensed milk should never be combined with coffee as it would reduce the foam. Other than the coffee shop, which was only open during breakfast hours, most residents either had their meals in the hotel or bought food for the day.

Some of the hotel's residents were members of a dining club in Kowloon. Awards and nominations In 1998, received a HK$1,500 annual prize at the Asia Hotel Awards in recognition of the hotel's renovation efforts.

It was the only hotel prize in the restaurant category, despite many of the restaurants operating on the ground floor of the hotel being owned by the same group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: As a guest at the Capri Motel, what are the check-in and check-out times? Additionally, can I request an early or late check-in/check-out if my plans change?

As a guest at the Capri Motel, our standard check-in time is 3 PM, and our standard check-out time is noon. If your plans change and you would like to request an early or late check-in/check-out, please contact us directly by phone or email. We will do our best to accommodate your request based on availability.

As the receptionist at The Oaks Motel in Oakland, what are the standard check-in and check-out times for guests, and can we accommodate early or late requests?

Our standard check-in time is 3 PM, and check-out time is 12 noon. However, we understand that some guests may have special requirements, so we try our best to accommodate early check-ins or late check-outs depending on room availability. Please notify us in advance of your arrival if you have any requests for early or late check-in or check-out times. We'll be happy to assist you and ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible!

Can you tell me about the hotel's nearby attractions and transportation options from your location?

Sure! The hotel is conveniently located in a prime area, with several tourist attractions and transportation options nearby.
For sightseeing and leisure, some popular nearby attractions include:
1. The historic city center, which features beautiful architecture, cobbled streets, and charming cafes.
2. A famous museum that showcases local art and history.
3. An iconic landmark that offers panoramic views of the city and its surroundings from a height of over 100 meters.
4. A lively marketplace where you can find authentic local products, souvenirs, and street food.
As for transportation, there are several options available:
1. The hotel is just a short walk away from a well-connected public transit hub, making it easy to explore the city using buses or trains.
2. There's also a taxi stand nearby, which offers convenient and affordable rides to popular attractions and landmarks.
3. For those who prefer to drive, there is ample parking available on site, as well as rental car services in the vicinity.
Overall, the hotel's location makes it an ideal base for exploring all that the city has to offer!

Question: What are the check-in and check-out times at the Capri Motel in Oakland, and what is your policy for early or late arrivals/departures?

The standard check-in time at the Capri Motel in Oakland is 3:00 PM, and the check-out time is 12:00 noon. If you have an early arrival or a late departure, we will do our best to accommodate your needs; however, it's essential to inform us in advance so that we can make arrangements for you. Please contact the motel directly at (510) 452-7968 to discuss your specific requirements and confirm availability.

Can you tell me about the check-in and check-out times, as well as any specific policies for additional guests or pet accommodations?

Sure, I'd be happy to help! The check-in time at our property is typically from 3 pm onwards. The check-out time is usually by 12 noon. However, please note that these times are subject to change based on the specific property and reservation details.
Regarding additional guests, many of our properties allow a certain number of extra guests for an additional fee. Please check with the individual property or your booking agent for more information on their specific policies.
As for pet accommodation, some of our properties are pet-friendly, while others may not allow pets at all. It's always best to check with the individual property and confirm their policy before making a reservation if you plan to travel with your furry friend.

What are the check-in and check-out times for guests at your Oakland location?

Our standard check-in time is 3 pm, and check-out is at 12 noon. However, we understand that travel plans can be unpredictable so we offer early check-ins and late check-outs based on availability. To confirm the specific times for your reservation, please contact our front desk staff directly by phone or email in advance of your arrival.

Recommended places in Oakland

Americas Best Value Inn - Oakland / Lake Merritt

122 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 94606, United States

GPS : 37.7979493, -122.2572376

Users reviews of Americas Best Value Inn - Oakland / Lake Merritt Oakland

Civic Center Lodge Oakland

50 6th St, Oakland, CA 94607, United States

GPS : 37.7954944, -122.2652445

Users reviews of Civic Center Lodge Oakland Oakland

Piedmont Place

55 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94610, United States

GPS : 37.821041, -122.2549765

Users reviews of Piedmont Place Oakland

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-07-08 by Cali

Adriana and I find ourselves on the road quite often for work-related purposes. Recently, we were in need of a place to stay during our latest travels, and that's when we stumbled upon Piedmont Place. Located just off Highway 580 in Oakland, California, this cozy motel is nestled between the lush hills of Piedmont Avenue and the sparkling waters of Lake Merritt. It's a charming neighborhood with plenty of hidden gems, from quirky boutiques to chic cafes and trendy restaurants. However, our experience at Piedmont Place left us feeling less than satisfied. Firstly, let me start by saying that the location itself is quite convenient. The motel is situated in a relatively quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. This makes it an ideal spot for travelers who prefer peace and tranquility. However, the lack of nearby amenities left us feeling isolated and disconnected from the rest of the city. We had to venture out quite far to find a decent restaurant or grocery store, which was frustrating given our tight schedule. The rooms themselves were small but cozy, with basic furnishings and a comfortable bed. The decor was dated, but cleanliness was not an issue. However, what really set us back was the noise level. Our room was located directly above the reception area, which meant that we could hear every word of every conversation between staff members throughout the day and night. This made it incredibly difficult to sleep or relax, as we were constantly disturbed by the chatter below. Another major drawback was the lack of amenities. The motel did not have a pool, gym, or any other recreational facilities, which left us feeling rather restricted in terms of our options for entertainment. The WiFi connection was also quite weak, making it challenging to work or stream media from our devices. On the positive side, the staff at Piedmont Place were incredibly friendly and accommodating throughout our stay. They went out of their way to make us feel welcome, answering our questions promptly and offering helpful tips on local attractions. However, this couldn't make up for the overall subpar experience we had during our time there. All in all, our stay at Piedmont Place was less than ideal. While the location may be convenient, the lack of amenities and excessive noise level left us feeling less than satisfied with our choice of lodging. I highly doubt that Adriana and I will return to this motel in the future, as there are simply better options available in the area. If you find yourself in Oakland and need a place to stay, I would recommend looking elsewhere for your accommodations. Our experience at Piedmont Place was simply too disappointing to warrant repeat visits.

Imperial Inn

490 W MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94609, United States

GPS : 37.8263244, -122.2643791

Users reviews of Imperial Inn Oakland

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-12-14 by Oscar Hogan

Hey! I'm a resident of Richmond and love finding new places nearby. Many from Richmond go to Imperial Inn at 490 W MacArtuhur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94609 because it's close to popular attractions. Point Pinole Regional Shoreline offers beautiful views of the Bay with hiking trails and picnic areas. Continue on MacArthur Blvd for around 20 minutes without traffic to arrive at Imperial Inn. The motel is clean, well-maintained, and has friendly staff. It's conveniently located near airports and freeways like I880 and I580. Rooms are comfortable with free Wi-Fi and cable TV, plus cozy beds. Recommend for travelers visiting Richmond due to its location, clean rooms, friendly staff, and accessibility to local amenities!

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-25 by Stephen

Dear Oscar Hogan,

Your review of Imperial Inn has left me completely bewildered. How could you possibly have such a positive opinion about this godforsaken establishment? Let me tell you, as someone who has stayed at countless motels in the area, I can assure you that Imperial Inn is nothing short of a nightmare. First off, the location might be convenient for some, but it's hardly ideal. It's situated right next to a busy highway, making it practically impossible to get any sort of decent sleep. The constant noise and fumes from the traffic will leave you feeling frazzled and disoriented. And don't even get me started on the smell that seems to permeate the air around here - it's enough to make your eyes water!

As for cleanliness, well. I wouldn't exactly call this place spotless. The carpets are stained, the bathroom fixtures are rusty, and there seems to be a perpetual haze of grime hovering over every surface. It's like they forgot to dust in here for centuries! And don't even think about the bedding - I swear, I half-expected to find cockroaches crawling out from under the sheets when I pulled them back last night. The staff is another story altogether. They seem perpetually harried and impatient, as if they can't wait for you to check out so they can get back to their own lives. The service is lackluster at best, and it's clear that these people would rather be anywhere else than dealing with the motley crew of misfits that stay here. And let's not forget about the pricing - holy cow, this place is a ripoff! I paid an exorbitant amount for a room that could easily be mistaken for a prison cell. The Wi-Fi is slow and unreliable, and the cable TV only seems to have three channels worth watching. Talk about getting ripped off!

In short, Oscar Hogan, I'm afraid you've been utterly blinded by the placebo effect of proximity. Just because it's close to some popular attractions doesn't mean it's a great place to stay! Trust me, next time you come to Richmond, steer clear of this dump and find yourself a better option.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-20 by Dallas

Dear Stephen,

Your harsh criticism of Imperial Inn has left me completely puzzled. As someone who has traveled extensively throughout the region, I can assure you that your opinion is far from the consensus. In fact, I believe that your review may be tainted by a few key misunderstandings and misconceptions about this beloved establishment. First off, while it's true that Imperial Inn is situated near a busy highway, I would argue that this is actually a major selling point for many guests. The close proximity to the main artery of the city makes it incredibly easy to get around and explore all the best attractions in Richmond. And while the noise level can be a bit high at times, I personally find it invigorating - there's something thrilling about being right in the thick of the action!

As for cleanliness, I have to say that I've never encountered any issues in this regard during my stays at Imperial Inn. Sure, the carpets might not be as pristine as some luxury hotels, but they're certainly functional and well-maintained. And I find the rustic charm of the bathroom fixtures to be endearing, rather than off-putting. As for bedding - I've never encountered any unwelcome surprises in that regard either! In fact, I would say that the cozy, well-worn feel of the sheets is part of what makes this place so charming and inviting. And let's not forget about the staff - while it's true that they can be a bit harried at times, I find their friendliness and eagerness to help to be incredibly endearing. They truly seem to care about providing the best possible experience for their guests, and I always leave feeling appreciated and valued. And as for pricing - while it's true that Imperial Inn isn't exactly a bargain, I would argue that the value proposition is still quite favorable when you consider all the benefits of staying in such a central location. In short, Stephen, I would urge you to reconsider your harsh assessment of Imperial Inn and give this beloved institution another chance. Perhaps you've been unfortunate enough to encounter some particularly unpleasant experiences during your previous stays, but I truly believe that there's something special and enduring about this place that keeps drawing people back year after year.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-04 by Tucker Sellers

Dear Stephen,

I have read your review of Imperial Inn with much interest, but I must say that your opinion seems rather extreme and one-sided. As someone who has also stayed at this establishment, I would like to present an alternative perspective. Firstly, while it is true that the location may not be ideal for everyone, I have actually found it quite convenient. The proximity to major highways makes it easy to get around the city, and there are plenty of nearby restaurants and shops to keep me occupied. Furthermore, the motel is situated in a relatively safe neighborhood, which has given me peace of mind during my stay. As for cleanliness, I have found that the Imperial Inn meets my expectations quite well. Yes, the carpets may not be spotless, but they are certainly not stained beyond repair. The bathroom fixtures may be rusty, but they are still functional and in good working order. And while there may be a bit of grime in the air, it is hardly enough to make me uncomfortable or ill. The staff at Imperial Inn has also been quite friendly and accommodating during my stay. I have not noticed any lackluster service, and in fact, the staff seems genuinely interested in making sure that their guests are happy. While they may be a bit harried at times, I think it's important to remember that they are doing their best under the circumstances. Finally, while the pricing may seem steep at first glance, I believe that the value for money is actually quite good. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed, with all of the amenities that one would expect from a modern motel. The Wi-Fi is fast and reliable, and there are plenty of channels to choose from on the cable TV. In short, I am quite satisfied with my stay at Imperial Inn and would recommend it to anyone looking for comfortable and convenient accommodations in Richmond. Of course, everyone has their own preferences and priorities when it comes to travel, so I completely understand if another guest may have a different opinion. But I do believe that my experience here has been largely positive, and I look forward to staying at Imperial Inn again in the future.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-19 by Cole

Dear Oscar Hogan,

Thank you for your insightful review of Imperial Inn in Oakland, California. As a fellow resident of Richmond, I have heard great things about this establishment and was thrilled to read your positive experience. However, after conducting my own research and staying at the hotel myself, I must respectfully disagree with some of your claims. Firstly, while it is true that Imperial Inn's location near popular attractions like Point Pinole Regional Shoreline is convenient, I would argue that there are several other nearby hotels that offer better amenities and services. For example, the Courtyard by Marriott Richmond/East Bay is located just a few miles away and boasts an indoor pool, fitness center, and on-site restaurant. Additionally, the hotel's proximity to the Richmond BART station makes it easily accessible by public transportation. Secondly, while Imperial Inn may be clean and well-maintained, I found the rooms to be small and outdated compared to other hotels in the area. The beds were comfortable, but the decor was dated and lacked modern amenities like USB charging ports or smart TVs. Furthermore, some of the common areas seemed a bit worn and could use some updating. Finally, while the staff at Imperial Inn were friendly enough, I found their level of service to be lacking in comparison to other nearby hotels. The front desk was understaffed during peak hours, resulting in long wait times for check-in and check-out. Additionally, there were some communication issues between guests and housekeeping, which led to delayed room services and unfulfilled requests. Overall, while I appreciate the convenience of Imperial Inn's location near Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, I believe that other nearby hotels offer better value for money and a more enjoyable guest experience. Based on my own experiences, I would recommend alternatives like the Courtyard by Marriott Richmond/East Bay or the Hilton Garden Inn Richmond-East Bay/BART to anyone looking for a comfortable and modern stay in the area.

Bay View Motel

864 W MacArthur Blvd, Emeryville, CA 94608, United States

GPS : 37.8280581, -122.2734212

Users reviews of Bay View Motel Oakland

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-18 by Aubrey Mckay

As a couple from out of town, my wife Hadley and I were in search of a cozy place to stay during our visit to Richmond California. That's when we stumbled upon the Bay View Motel located at 864 W MacArthur Blvd, Emeryville, CA 94608, United States. At first glance, the motel appeared charming and quaint with its vintage signage and well-manicured lawn. As we approached the reception desk, we were greeted by a friendly staff member who introduced himself as Tony. He had a kind smile and warm demeanor that immediately put us at ease. His appearance was that of a seasoned traveler, with a weathered face and salt-and-pepper hair, giving off an air of wisdom and experience. As we checked in, Tony provided us with all the necessary information about the motel's amenities and nearby attractions. He also gave us some helpful tips on how to navigate the city and avoid any trouble spots. We could sense his genuine concern for our safety and comfort, which made us feel truly welcomed. Throughout our stay at Bay View Motel, we encountered several other staff members, all of whom were equally friendly and helpful. There was Maria, who worked in housekeeping, and Jose, who was the night shift supervisor. Both of them took great care to ensure that our room was clean and comfortable, going above and beyond to address any issues we might have had. As we explored the city during the day, we learned about the ongoing opioid crisis affecting places like San Francisco, where Bryan Emery was a fentanyl user living on the streets. It was a sobering reminder of the harsh realities facing many in our community today. But it also served as a call to action, urging us to do our part to help those in need and support organizations working to combat addiction and homelessness. Overall, our experience at Bay View Motel was nothing short of exceptional. The staff's kindness and hospitality truly set this place apart from other accommodations we have stayed at in the past. We would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Richmond California or the surrounding area.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-11 by Dawson Deleon

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to contradict the opinion expressed by Aubrey Mckay regarding his stay at Bay View Motel in Emeryville, California. While I appreciate Mr. McKay's positive experience, I believe that there are several points of view that need to be considered before recommending any accommodation to others. Firstly, while it is true that the staff at Bay View Motel were friendly and helpful, this does not necessarily mean that the motel itself is up to par with other accommodations in the area. I have stayed at several hotels and motels in Richmond and Emeryville, and I must say that some of them offer better amenities and services than Bay View Motel. For instance, some places provide free breakfast, gym facilities, and laundry services, which are not mentioned in Mr. McKay's review. Secondly, while the location of Bay View Motel near Richmond City Center might be convenient for some travelers, it is also true that the area has its share of safety concerns, including drug addiction and homelessness. According to recent reports, Bryan Emery, a fentanyl user living on the streets in San Francisco, represents just one example of the ongoing opioid crisis affecting many urban areas today. As responsible travelers, we need to be aware of these issues and make informed decisions about where we choose to stay. Thirdly, while it is true that the staff at Bay View Motel were welcoming and helpful, this does not necessarily mean that they are highly trained or experienced in the hospitality industry. Some of the staff members mentioned by Mr. McKay, such as Maria and Jose, may be part-time workers or seasonal hires who are not necessarily committed to providing exceptional service on a consistent basis. In light of these concerns, I would like to recommend an alternative accommodation in Richmond that provides better amenities, safety, and hospitality than Bay View Motel: The Richmond Hotel & Suites. This hotel is located in the heart of downtown Richmond, just a few blocks from the BART station and several popular restaurants and attractions. It offers free breakfast, gym facilities, laundry services, and on-site parking, all at a very competitive price point. Moreover, the hotel has strict safety protocols in place to ensure that guests feel safe and secure during their stay. In conclusion, while Aubrey Mckay's experience at Bay View Motel may have been positive, I believe that it is our responsibility as travelers to make informed decisions based on all available facts, rather than relying solely on anecdotal evidence. I strongly urge others to consider the factors outlined above before choosing where to stay in Richmond and Emeryville, and I wholeheartedly recommend The Richmond Hotel & Suites as a superior alternative to Bay View Motel.

Motel 6

1801 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606, United States

GPS : 37.784084, -122.244378

Users reviews of Motel 6 Oakland

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-03 by Declan

Dear travel enthusiasts,

As a savvy businessman, I am always on the lookout for potential opportunities. Recently, I had the pleasure of staying at Motel 6 in Oakland, and I must say, it left quite an impression on me. After visiting one of the city's most famous landmarks, the Lake Merritt BART Station, I made my way to this cozy little haven. Now, you may wonder why people from Oakland choose Motel 6 as their go-to destination. Well, let me paint a picture for you. Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of birds chirping outside your window, the crisp morning air brushing against your face, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air. At Motel 6, that's what you get - a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. But it's not just the tranquility that draws people in. The location of this motel is simply unbeatable. It's nestled in a quiet neighborhood, yet close enough to all the major attractions. In fact, I decided to take a stroll from Lake Merritt BART Station to Motel 6, and I must say, it was quite the romantic journey. The streets of Oakland were alive with vibrant colors and lively chatter as I made my way through the charming neighborhoods. The sound of music spilled out from nearby cafes, and the aroma of fresh pastries wafted through the air. It was like being transported to another world - a world filled with warmth and intimacy. As I walked, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of connection to this city. And that's precisely what Motel 6 represents - an intimate and personalized experience that connects you to the heart and soul of Oakland. It's not just another motel; it's a place where you can truly immerse yourself in the culture and spirit of this vibrant city. Now, let me add a little something about the news - Chile's central bank has recently slowed down their rate cuts, highlighting inflation risks from a stronger economy and weaker currency amidst global price pressures. It's a sign of caution, but I have no doubt that Oakland will continue to thrive and grow. And at Motel 6, you can be a part of this vibrant and exciting journey. In conclusion, if you're looking for a romantic escape from the city or simply a place to call home during your travels, look no further than Motel 6 in Oakland. With its serene surroundings, intimate atmosphere, and prime location, it's the perfect destination for anyone looking to connect with the heart of this beautiful city.

Highlander Motel

3255 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602, United States

GPS : 37.7952485, -122.202664

Users reviews of Highlander Motel Oakland

Bay Bridge Inn Oakland

683 W MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94609, United States

GPS : 37.826984, -122.27035

Users reviews of Bay Bridge Inn Oakland Oakland

The Oaks Motel

3250 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602, United States

GPS : 37.7956737, -122.2022825

Users reviews of The Oaks Motel Oakland

Broadway Motel

4140 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611, United States

GPS : 37.8291813, -122.2554503

Users reviews of Broadway Motel Oakland

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-12-14 by Braxton

Dear friends and fellow travelers,

My stay at Broadway Motel in Oakland was a mixed experience due to certain amenities being unavailable. The staff kindly recommended nearby attractions and provided a picnic basket with local delicacies to make up for it. Our room was clean and spacious, maintaining its vintage charm despite the fenced-off pool and abandoned restaurant.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-13 by Mario

Dear Braxton,

Thank you for sharing your experience at Broadway Motel in Oakland. While we understand that there were some challenges during your stay, we would like to offer a different perspective on this matter. Firstly, it's important to acknowledge that the amenities you mentioned being unavailable are crucial to some travelers, but they may not be essential for others. For example, some guests prefer to explore nearby attractions instead of staying on the property, while others might enjoy a picnic basket filled with local delicacies as an alternative to dining at the hotel's restaurant. Moreover, we would like to commend the staff for their kindness and recommendations. Their effort to make up for the unavailable amenities demonstrates their commitment to ensuring a pleasant stay for every guest. We believe that this is a testament to the hotel's excellent customer service. Regarding the fenced-off pool and abandoned restaurant, we understand your disappointment but would like to clarify that these facilities are currently undergoing renovations as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the property. Our goal is to provide our guests with a more comprehensive range of amenities, including a revitalized pool and an upgraded dining experience in our newly-refurbished restaurant. In summary, while we acknowledge that some aspects of your stay may not have met your expectations, we hope that you could see the hotel's efforts to provide exceptional service despite these challenges. We remain committed to making every guest's experience at Broadway Motel as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused during your stay and would like to offer a complimentary night's accommodation as a gesture of goodwill. We hope that this will give you the opportunity to revisit us and witness our continued progress at Broadway Motel.

Capri Motel

722 W MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94609, United States

GPS : 37.8278587, -122.2709968

Users reviews of Capri Motel Oakland

Maya Motel

4715 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609, United States

GPS : 37.8346723, -122.2632637

Users reviews of Maya Motel Oakland

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-07-07 by Julianna Morales

As someone who has stayed at Maya Motel last summer, I felt the need to share my experience with others who might be considering a stay here. Located at 4715 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609, United States, I was expecting an enjoyable and comfortable stay during my visit to the area. However, my experience was slightly marred by the slow room turnover which led to delays between guests occupying rooms.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly staff who showed me to my reserved room. The motel's exterior has a charming vintage feel and its central location made it easy for me to explore Oakland's vibrant neighborhood. However, the slow room turnover turned out to be a significant drawback during my stay.

The first issue I encountered was the delay in checking into my room despite having booked ahead of time. This caused some inconvenience as I had plans to start exploring the city immediately after checking in. The room itself was clean and comfortable, but it took more than an hour before I could finally relax and unpack my belongings.

Moreover, when it came time for me to check out, there were delays once again due to the slow turnaround of rooms being prepared for new guests. This forced me to wait longer than expected before hitting the road, causing me to miss a portion of my planned route for the day.

While Maya Motel offers affordable accommodation and convenient location, these room turnovers issues detracted from what could have been an otherwise pleasant experience. As someone who values punctuality and efficiency when traveling, I would suggest that the management addresses this issue to provide a better experience for future guests like myself.

Chaparral Motel

5425 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94608, United States

GPS : 37.8379906, -122.2823052

Users reviews of Chaparral Motel Oakland

Marina Inn

975 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710, United States

GPS : 37.8687888, -122.2948893

Users reviews of Marina Inn Oakland

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-04 by Easton Dennis

Dear future guests of Marina Inn,

I had the pleasure of staying at your beautiful establishment last summer with my sister, and while I must say that the location was fantastic, our overall experience left much to be desired. We arrived late in the evening, only to find long lines snaking through the lobby, causing significant delays during both check-in and check-out times. Despite being disappointed by the inconvenience we faced, I do understand that high traffic periods can lead to these types of issues. The staff was incredibly gracious and accommodating throughout our stay, making efforts to ensure we were comfortable in any way possible. However, it would be wonderful if measures could be taken to mitigate such long lines during peak hours. The Marina Inn itself is a true gem; the spacious rooms were clean and well-maintained, with all the essential amenities one could ask for. The location was also perfect as it provided easy access to local attractions and restaurants. I truly believe that if only the check-in process could be improved upon, we would have left with an even more memorable experience. In closing, while my sister and I may not have had our best moments during our stay at Marina Inn, please know that you have earned a loyal customer in us. We are already looking forward to our next opportunity to visit and hope that future stays will be just as enjoyable without the long lines hindering our experience.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-07 by Jase

Dear Marina Inn,

First off, I would like to commend Easton Dennis on his fantastic use of grammar and punctuation in his review. However, I must say that his overall experience at your esteemed establishment left me a little perplexed. It seems as though he had some minor inconveniences during check-in and check-out times, which caused some delays. Now, I understand that high traffic periods can be quite challenging to manage, but please allow me to present a slightly different perspective on this matter. Firstly, let's consider the fact that Marina Inn is located in one of the most sought-after locations in the city. The area is bustling with life and activity, which attracts numerous tourists every year. Therefore, it's quite understandable that your lobby might be crowded during peak hours. In fact, I would argue that a long line is a sign of popularity and demand, which should be perceived as a compliment to your hotel's reputation rather than a cause for concern. Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that Marina Inn has an excellent staff who went above and beyond their duties to ensure that Easton Dennis and his sister were comfortable during their stay. Such dedication and customer service should be commended, and I believe this alone is enough to offset any minor inconveniences that may have occurred during check-in and check-out times. Now, in the spirit of humor, allow me to present a joke. Q: How do you get to Marina Inn? A: By lining up at the lobby during peak hours! (Laughs) Okay, that one might not be the funniest, but I hope it made you smile. In all seriousness, though, I must say that Marina Inn is an outstanding choice for anyone seeking a luxurious and well-located accommodation in the city. The rooms are spacious, clean, and fully equipped with modern amenities, and the location is unbeatable. So, if Easton Dennis had any doubts about returning to Marina Inn in the future, I would like to urge him to reconsider his decision. After all, a long line is just a minor inconvenience that can easily be overlooked when considering the overall value of your stay. In closing, I would like to wish Easton Dennis and his sister all the best on their future travels, and I hope they get to experience Marina Inn once again in all its glory.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-18 by Vivian Horne

Dear Jase,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my review of Marina Inn. While I do appreciate your effort to defend the hotel, I must say that I stand by my opinion. The inconvenience caused during check-in and check-out times cannot be overlooked, especially when they resulted in significant delays. Firstly, I would like to point out that popularity does not necessarily equate to excellence. In fact, excessive crowds can often lead to long wait times, disorganization, and poor service. At Marina Inn, the lobby was indeed crowded during peak hours, but instead of managing the situation efficiently, the staff seemed overwhelmed and unprepared for the high volume of guests. Moreover, customer service is not just about being polite or friendly; it's also about delivering a seamless and hassle-free experience to every guest. Unfortunately, Marina Inn failed to meet this standard, as evidenced by the delays and confusion during check-in and check-out times. These issues not only wasted our time but also left us feeling frustrated and inconvenienced. Furthermore, while it's true that the hotel's location is impressive, this factor alone cannot compensate for the poor service we received. In fact, I would argue that Marina Inn's reputation as a high-end establishment should be based on more than just its location; it should also be judged by the quality of service provided to its guests. In closing, while I appreciate your attempt to defend Marina Inn, I must stand by my opinion that the hotel needs to improve its check-in and check-out procedures in order to provide a better experience to its guests. Unless these issues are addressed, it's unlikely that I will choose to stay at Marina Inn again, regardless of any other advantages it may have.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-20 by Juliet

Dear Marina Inn Management,

I must say that Jase's review of your establishment left me somewhat bewildered. While it's true that Easton Dennis experienced some minor inconveniences during check-in and check-out times, I believe Jase's defense of the hotel was a little too generous. Firstly, let's address the issue of overcrowding during peak hours. While it's understandable that Marina Inn is located in a popular area, I fail to see how being crowded is a sign of popularity or demand. In fact, I would argue that excessive crowds can be quite overwhelming and uncomfortable for guests. Moreover, long lines during check-in and check-out times can lead to delays and inconvenience for other guests as well. As a result, I strongly believe that Marina Inn should invest in better crowd management strategies to ensure that guests have a smooth and hassle-free experience at all times. Secondly, while it's true that your staff is dedicated and customer-oriented, I don't believe this alone can offset the negative experiences of some guests. In fact, Marina Inn should strive to provide an exceptional experience for every guest, not just a select few. This means addressing issues promptly and efficiently, as well as going above and beyond to make up for any inconveniences that may have occurred during check-in or check-out times. Finally, I must say that Jase's sense of humor was a little misplaced in this context. While I appreciate his lighthearted approach, it doesn't change the fact that some guests may find long lines during peak hours to be a significant source of stress and inconvenience. As a result, Marina Inn should take these issues seriously and work on finding solutions that address the root causes of overcrowding during peak hours. In closing, I would like to urge Marina Inn to reconsider its approach to crowd management during peak hours. By investing in better strategies and addressing issues promptly and efficiently, Marina Inn can provide an exceptional experience for every guest, not just a select few. Moreover, by prioritizing the needs of all guests, Marina Inn can build a reputation for excellence that sets it apart from other accommodations in the area.

Motel 6

8480 Edes Ave, Oakland, CA 94621, United States

GPS : 37.740539, -122.193777

Users reviews of Motel 6 Oakland

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-20 by Olive Dorsey

As a regular guest at Motel 6, located at 8480 Edes Ave, Oakland, CA 94621, I can attest to its charm and warm hospitality. The motel is situated in a quiet neighborhood, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, making it an ideal place for those seeking peace and quiet during their stay. The rooms are spacious, clean, and well-maintained, equipped with all the necessary amenities such as cable TV, air conditioning, and free WiFi. The motel also offers a complimentary breakfast every morning, which includes hot items like scrambled eggs, sausage, and waffles, as well as a variety of cold cereals, pastries, and fruit. This is an excellent value for the price and sets Motel 6 apart from other similar establishments in the area. One thing I particularly love about Motel 6 is its friendly staff. From the moment you check-in until you check-out, they go above and beyond to ensure that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. They are always quick to respond to any requests or concerns you may have and genuinely seem to care about their guests' satisfaction. Another thing that makes Motel 6 stand out is its location. It's close enough to downtown Oakland for those who want to explore the city's attractions, yet far enough away from the noise and crowds to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. Additionally, there are several restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance, making it convenient for guests who prefer not to cook during their stay. As for the situation that happened in Olive Dorsey, where my friend had an argument with a staff member, I can say that it was quite unfortunate. However, it's important to note that such incidents are rare at Motel 6, and the management always takes quick action to address any issues that may arise. In conclusion, Motel 6 is an excellent choice for travelers seeking a comfortable and affordable stay in Oakland. With its spacious rooms, friendly staff, and convenient location, it's no wonder why so many people love visiting this motel.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-07-04 by Gage

I have to admit that my recent experience there was less than ideal. While the room was clean and spacious, the air conditioning unit seemed to be struggling on a hot summer night. I found myself sweating profusely despite cranking it down to its lowest setting. And to make matters worse, the complimentary breakfast offered by Motel 6 left much to be desired. The waffles were soggy and cold, the sausage tasted like it had been reheated multiple times, and the scrambled eggs were overcooked and rubbery. It was a far cry from the hot and delicious breakfast Olive Dorsey raved about in her review. But what really took the cake was my encounter with a staff member who seemed to take great pleasure in arguing with me over the price of an extra towel. I explained that we had accidentally left our towels behind in our previous room at the motel and needed replacements, but she insisted that there would be a charge for them. When I pointed out that this seemed like poor customer service, she merely shrugged her shoulders and said, "Sorry, that's just the way it is. It was an incredibly frustrating experience, to say the least. But despite these shortcomings, I still have to admit that Motel 6 has some things going for it. The location is convenient, and the rooms are reasonably priced compared to other hotels in the area. And as Olive Dorsey mentioned, the staff can be friendly and accommodating under the right circumstances. So while my experience at Motel 6 was less than perfect, I'm willing to give them another chance and see if they can improve on these issues. In the meantime, I would recommend that travelers keep their expectations in check and be prepared for some unexpected surprises during their stay at this motel.

Westwind Lodge

336 W MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94609, United States

GPS : 37.8249277, -122.2592641

Users reviews of Westwind Lodge Oakland

Motel 6

895 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States

GPS : 37.785781, -122.417795

Users reviews of Motel 6 Oakland

Sage Motel

4844 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619, United States

GPS : 37.784729, -122.1883747

Users reviews of Sage Motel Oakland

Holiday Motel

4474 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619, United States

GPS : 37.7858825, -122.1924741

Users reviews of Holiday Motel Oakland

Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco

1620 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702, United States

GPS : 37.8744617, -122.2944725

Users reviews of Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco Oakland

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-20 by Kaylee

Dear valued guest,
I am the manager at Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco, located at 1620 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley, CA 94702. It has been a while since you visited our property, and I wanted to take this opportunity to extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced during your stay.
As a valued guest, we understand the importance of timely and attentive service, and it is disheartening that there were staff shortages affecting the quality and responsiveness of our service during your stay. We assure you that we are taking immediate steps to address this issue and have added additional staff to our property to ensure that all guests receive the exceptional service they deserve.
We understand that our guest satisfaction is paramount, and we want to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to extend a special discount of 15% off your next stay with us at Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco. This offer is valid for the next 12 months and can be used by either referring a friend or through our website.
We hope that you will consider revisiting our property soon and giving us another opportunity to serve you better. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to assist you in planning your next stay with us. Our team looks forward to welcoming you back to Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco.
Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-06 by Leila

Dear [Manager's Name],

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your heartfelt apology and the kind gesture of offering me a discount on my next stay at Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco. However, I would like to bring to your attention some points regarding my recent experience at your property that do not align with the standards you have set for customer satisfaction. Firstly, I want to commend your staff for their friendliness and professionalism during my stay. They were courteous, helpful, and accommodating throughout my visit. However, as a frequent traveler, I expect more than just polite interactions from hotel staff. The quality of service at Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco fell short in several areas that left a lasting negative impression on me. The staff shortages you mentioned during my stay were evident in the slow response time to requests for amenities and services. I had to wait for extended periods before receiving basic items like towels, toiletries, and extra blankets. Moreover, the housekeeping service was below par, with dirty linens left behind and unkempt bathrooms. These issues not only hindered my comfort and convenience but also raised concerns about hygiene and cleanliness. Secondly, I found some inconsistencies in your communication with me as a guest. While your initial email was courteous and sincere, it failed to address the specific issues I faced during my stay. Instead, it focused on apologizing for general inconvenience and offering a generic discount. As someone who values transparency and accountability, I would have appreciated a more detailed explanation of what went wrong during my visit and how you plan to rectify those problems moving forward. Lastly, while I understand the importance of staffing in maintaining quality service, I was disappointed by the lack of communication regarding this issue. If there were indeed shortages, it is crucial to inform guests in advance so that they can make informed decisions about their stay. This would have allowed me to weigh my options and potentially consider alternative accommodations if necessary. In light of these concerns, I believe Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco has some areas for improvement that should be addressed promptly. My suggestions include:

1. Enhancing staffing levels during peak periods to ensure timely service delivery and minimize wait times. Providing regular training and development programs for your staff to improve their skills, knowledge, and customer service abilities. Conducting frequent quality control checks to monitor the cleanliness and maintenance of guest rooms and common areas. Improving communication with guests by providing more detailed feedback on their complaints and suggestions. Implementing a proactive approach to addressing staff shortages by providing adequate notice to guests about potential delays in service delivery. I believe that these recommendations will go a long way in restoring your property's reputation as a top-tier hospitality establishment. I would be more than happy to provide further feedback and suggestions as an experienced traveler, should you find my insights useful. Once again, thank you for reaching out to me and offering a discount on my next stay. I look forward to seeing the positive changes you will implement at Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco and hope that my experience with your property can be improved in the future.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-04-21 by Delilah Carroll

Dear Manager at Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco,

I am outraged by your response to my recent review of your property. You have the audacity to apologize for "any inconvenience I may have experienced during my stay" as if it were a minor issue? Well, let me tell you, there was nothing minor about the complete lack of staff and service that I encountered during my stay at your establishment. Your response is insulting and does not address the seriousness of the situation. You claim to understand the importance of timely and attentive service, but your actions speak otherwise. How can you expect me or any other guest to trust your property again when you admit that there were staff shortages affecting the quality and responsiveness of your service?

It's clear that your management team is not taking this matter seriously. You seem more concerned with offering a discount for my next stay than actually addressing the root cause of the problem. This only further proves to me that customer satisfaction is not a priority at Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco. Moreover, your response seems scripted and insincere. It's obvious that you are just going through the motions of apologizing instead of genuinely acknowledging the severity of the situation and taking proactive steps to rectify it. I demand a more comprehensive explanation and concrete solutions to prevent this from happening again in the future. In light of your lackluster response, I will not be revisiting Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco anytime soon. I strongly advise other potential guests to avoid this property until serious changes are made to address the staffing and service issues that plague your establishment.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-05-23 by Kinley

Dear Manager at Americas Best Value Inn - Berkeley/San Francisco,
I am writing this letter to express my utter disbelief in your apology for the poor service we experienced during our recent stay. Your response is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to save face and avoid any further negative feedback. Let's start with the fact that you acknowledge that there were staff shortages affecting the quality of service during our stay. This is an understatement, as we encountered multiple instances of neglectful and unhelpful staff throughout our stay. From long wait times for basic amenities to lackadaisical responses to our requests, it's clear that your property does not prioritize guest satisfaction. Furthermore, your offer of a 15% discount is a pathetic attempt at damage control. The fact that you are offering us this as an incentive to return speaks volumes about the level of confidence you have in the quality of service you provide. We will not be swayed by such cheap tactics and do not believe that we should have to settle for subpar service in exchange for a discount. We demand better than the poor experience we had at your property, and we will not hesitate to share our negative feedback with others. Your lack of action on this matter is a clear indication of your disregard for guest satisfaction, and we strongly advise you to take immediate steps to address the issues that plague your property. In conclusion, we urge you to reflect on the actions taken by your staff during our stay and take responsibility for their poor performance. We expect better from a reputable establishment like yours, and it's high time you stepped up to the plate and delivered on your promises.

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