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If you are wondering what is the difference between hotel and motel like other bicycle repairers you should read this guide.
Mostly in the inn or motel where will be lack of non-smoking rooms but the low price can makes wonders. Just like hundreds of other packers and packagers you can pick Motel 6 that is placed 1121 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States or La Bonita Inn Motel Long Beach that is only 3.4 km away.
If you have sudden business into Long Beach trip and you can not afford for a hotel - try to book a room in La Bonita Inn Motel Long Beach located at 1626 W Esther St, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States or Beacon Inn Motel at 660 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States.

Which Motel in Long Beach is the Best Price Option?


Choosing the right motel for your stay in Long Beach can be a daunting task, especially when you're on a budget. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which one offers the best value for your money.

What to Consider

When looking for a budget motel in Long Beach, there are a few things you should consider, such as location, amenities, and price. One of the things that may be of interest to you is if the motel offers spa and wellness services.

Spa & Wellness Resorts

If you're looking for a motel that offers a relaxing spa and wellness experience, there are several options in Long Beach. These resorts offer various treatments that can help you unwind and rejuvenate after a long day of exploring the city.

Best Price Option

After researching various motels in Long Beach, it's clear that the best price option is the Vagabond Inn Long Beach. This motel offers affordable rates, clean and comfortable rooms, and a convenient location. Although they don't offer spa and wellness services, they do have a pool, free breakfast, and free Wi-Fi.

Other Motels in Long Beach

While the Vagabond Inn may be the best price option, there are several other motels in Long Beach that are worth considering, such as the Beach Inn Motel, the Long Beach Motel, and the Golden Sails Hotel. Each of these motels offers unique features and amenities, so be sure to compare prices and read reviews before making your decision.


With so many motels in Long Beach to choose from, selecting the right one can seem overwhelming. By considering factors such as location, amenities, and price, you'll be able to find the best value for your money. While there are several options available, the Vagabond Inn Long Beach is our top pick for the best price option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is the hotel's check-in and check-out time policy, and can you assist me with making a reservation for an upcoming trip?

I'm happy to help! Our hotel operates on standard check-in times from 2 pm and check-out times until 12 pm. However, early check-ins or late checkouts can be requested at the time of booking, subject to availability. If you would like to make a reservation for an upcoming trip, please provide me with your preferred arrival date, departure date, room type (single/double occupancy), and any specific requests or preferences, such as accessibility needs or non-smoking rooms. I will then check availability and provide you with the necessary information to complete your booking.

What is the procedure for guests who need special accommodation or assistance during their stay?

Sure, I'd be happy to help with that. When booking a stay, guests with special needs or requirements should inform the hotel in advance about any specific accommodations they may require. This could include information about accessibility needs, mobility assistance, dietary restrictions, or other special requests.
Once the hotel is aware of these needs, they can provide appropriate support during the guest's stay. For instance, they might arrange for wheelchair-accessible rooms or provide a designated parking space for guests with disabilities. They can also help coordinate additional services like personal care attendants or medical equipment rental if needed.
During the stay, guests should feel comfortable communicating their needs to hotel staff at any time. If there is an issue or something they require assistance with, the hotel team will do their best to address it promptly and professionally.

What are the different types of rooms and rates available at Alameda Motel, and which ones have specific amenities like kitchenettes or accessibility features?

Alameda Motel offers various room types and rates. Here's a breakdown of their offerings:
1. Standard Room - This is the basic accommodation option that comes with essential amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and private bathroom with a shower. The rate for this room type starts at $79 per night.
2. Deluxe Room - These rooms are slightly larger than standard rooms and feature additional amenities like microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, and seating area. Rates for deluxe rooms start at $99 per night.
3. Accessible Room - Designed with wheelchair users in mind, these rooms have wide doorways, lowered sinks, roll-in showers, grab bars, and other accessibility features. The rate for accessible rooms starts at $109 per night.
4. Kitchenette Room - These rooms come equipped with a small kitchenette that includes a refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, and dishes/utensils. Rates for kitchenette rooms start at $129 per night.
5. Suite - For those seeking more space and luxury, the motel offers suites featuring separate living and sleeping areas, as well as additional amenities like a Jacuzzi tub and balcony. Suites are priced based on availability and seasonal demand.
It's important to note that prices may vary depending on the time of booking and special promotions offered by Alameda Motel. For the most accurate information, it is recommended to check their official website or contact them directly.

What is the address of Hiland Motel in Long Beach and what are some unique amenities offered at this location?

Hiland Motel is located at 2513 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90804. Some unique amenities offered at this location include:

1. Free Wi-Fi throughout the property.
2. Complimentary continental breakfast, including coffee/tea, juice, and pastries.
3. Outdoor swimming pool for guests to relax and unwind.
4. Guest laundry facilities available on site.
5. Designated smoking areas.
6. Accessible features like elevator access and wheelchair-accessible rooms.
7. Fax/photocopy services are also provided at the front desk.
8. Free parking is available for guests who arrive by car.
9. 24-hour front desk assistance ensures that guests can get help whenever they need it.
10. Nearby attractions include Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach Convention Center, and the Queen Mary ship.

"How does the Royal Inn Motel's proximity to popular attractions such as the Queen Mary and Shoreline Village benefit our guests?

At the Royal Inn Motel, our guests can enjoy convenient access to some of Southern California's most popular attractions. Our location just a short distance from the iconic Queen Mary and bustling Shoreline Village puts us in an enviable position for travelers seeking both leisure and adventure. The proximity to these landmarks provides numerous benefits to our guests, as we will highlight below:

1. Time Savings: By staying at the Royal Inn Motel, our guests can save precious time that would otherwise be spent commuting between their accommodations and popular tourist spots. This is especially true for attractions like the Queen Mary, which are located within a mile of our property. Guests can spend more time enjoying these destinations rather than enduring long travel times or dealing with traffic congestion. Cost Savings: The close proximity to these attractions also presents cost savings opportunities for our guests. By not having to pay for transportation costs, such as taxis, Uber or public transportation fares, guests can put that money towards other aspects of their trip, like dining out at local restaurants, souvenir shopping or additional sightseeing activities. Convenience: Our location places us in close proximity to a variety of eateries, shops and services. Guests can quickly grab breakfast or lunch nearby before heading off to explore the Queen Mary or Shoreline Village. Additionally, having these amenities within walking distance means that our guests can easily return to their room if they forget something or need a break from the crowds. Culture: The Queen Mary and Shoreline Village both offer unique cultural experiences for our guests. By staying at the Royal Inn Motel, guests can immerse themselves in these locales without worrying about getting back to their accommodations before closing time. They can spend as much time as they want exploring, shopping or eating at these locations knowing that their room is only a few minutes away. In conclusion, our proximity to popular attractions such as the Queen Mary and Shoreline Village benefits our guests in numerous ways. By providing convenience, cost savings, time savings and cultural experiences, we are proud to offer our guests an unparalleled stay in Long Beach.

Recommended places in Long Beach

Rodeway Inn

50 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

GPS : 33.76737, -118.184635

Users reviews of Rodeway Inn Long Beach

Beach Inn Motel

823 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

GPS : 33.7708626, -118.1819693

Users reviews of Beach Inn Motel Long Beach

Beacon Inn Motel

660 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States

GPS : 33.789547, -118.200743

Users reviews of Beacon Inn Motel Long Beach

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-10-02 by Ryleigh

As I sit here, typing away on my laptop, a sense of nostalgic longing envelopes me as I reminisce about our recent stay at Beacon Inn Motel located 660 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States. Oh, how we hoped for an escape to the past - a time when roadside motels were all the rage and offered a quaint, cozy experience that seemed to whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of life. But alas, what we thought would be a charming getaway turned into quite the disappointment.

Let me paint you a picture: our journey began with high hopes and expectations as we pulled up to the Beacon Inn Motel, nestled amidst other motels that lined the highway. The neon sign flickered in the distance, casting an eerie glow over the otherwise sleepy scene. We checked-in, eager to explore the quaint little establishment that promised a step back in time and a place where we could unwind without any worries or distractions.

Oh, how wrong we were! As we settled into our room - complete with creaking floors and walls that seemed to whisper tales of yesteryear - we eagerly perused the amenities advertised on their website. A sparkling pool, a charming restaurant serving up homemade comfort food, and even a small arcade where we could indulge in some nostalgic gaming fun.

But alas, it was not meant to be. Upon our arrival, we discovered that all of these promised amenities had been unexpectedly closed for maintenance or renovations. We felt like kids on Christmas morning who had received nothing but coal in their stockings - utterly deflated and disheartened.

The pool? Closed for repairs. The restaurant? Boarded up and out of business. And the arcade? It was nothing more than a dusty room with broken machines and a musty smell that clung to our clothes like a unwanted guest. We tried to make the most of it, venturing out into the surrounding area in search of food and entertainment, but even those efforts were met with disappointment as we found ourselves lost in a sea of chain restaurants and soulless attractions.

As we sat in our room, staring out at the darkened pool that lay dormant beneath its closed gates, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of longing for the past. A time when roadside motels were more than just places to sleep - they were destinations unto themselves, offering an escape from reality and a chance to experience something truly unique and special.

But as we laid our heads down on the threadbare pillows, I couldn't shake the feeling that Beacon Inn Motel had lost sight of what made those old-fashioned motels so charming in the first place. It was no longer a haven for weary travelers or a place where families could gather and make memories - it was just another forgotten relic of the past, struggling to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of modern travel.

As I sit here now, typing away on my laptop, the memories of our disappointing stay at Beacon Inn Motel still fresh in my mind, I can't help but feel a twinge of sadness for what could have been. But perhaps that's just the bittersweet taste of nostalgia - a longing for something that was once so magical but has since faded into obscurity.

And so, as I close the chapter on our brief encounter with Beacon Inn Motel, I can only hope that one day, someone will stumble upon this little motel and breathe new life into its worn-out walls. Until then, I'll continue to hold onto the memories of a time when roadside motels were more than just places to sleep - they were destinations unto themselves, offering an escape from reality and a chance to experience something truly unique and special.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-04 by Jayden

As Ryleigh's review reveals, Beacon Inn Motel seems to have lost its way in the modern travel landscape. Instead of embracing what made old-fashioned motels so charming in the first place, it appears that this establishment has succumbed to the trend of closing down amenities for renovations and repairs, leaving guests with little to do or see. However, I would argue that there is still hope for Beacon Inn Motel. Despite its current state of disrepair, there are ways to breathe new life into this forgotten relic of the past. Firstly, instead of closing down amenities for renovations and repairs, perhaps the motel should consider carrying out these upgrades during peak season when guests have more options available. This would allow guests to continue enjoying the promised amenities while ensuring that necessary repairs are carried out. Secondly, the motel could consider partnering with local businesses in the area to offer guests unique experiences and activities that they might not find elsewhere. This could include arranging for guided tours of nearby attractions or organizing group events at nearby restaurants or bars. By providing guests with a more comprehensive travel experience, Beacon Inn Motel would be able to differentiate itself from other chain hotels in the area and attract a new generation of travelers who are looking for something more than just a place to sleep. Ultimately, it will take more than just renovations and repairs to revive Beacon Inn Motel's charm and appeal. The establishment must also embrace its unique heritage as a roadside motel and find ways to incorporate this into the guest experience. By doing so, Beacon Inn Motel could once again become a destination unto itself, offering guests an escape from reality and a chance to experience something truly unique and special. As Ryleigh's review demonstrates, there is still hope for Beacon Inn Motel, but it will take some creative thinking and a willingness to embrace the past in order to create a brighter future.

Vagabond Inn Long Beach

150 Alamitos Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

GPS : 33.7682456, -118.1818911

Users reviews of Vagabond Inn Long Beach Long Beach

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-20 by Sophia Sosa

As I stepped into the lobby of the Vagabond Inn Long Beach, my eyes were immediately drawn to the vibrant colors and warm ambiance. The friendly staff greeted me with a smile, making me feel welcome. Check-in was quick and hassle-free. I opted for a standard queen room which was spacious, clean, and well-maintained. The location of the hotel is excellent as it's situated in close proximity to popular tourist attractions such as The Pike at Rainbow Harbor, Aquarium of the Pacific, and Shoreline Village. I had come to Long Beach for a business opportunity, but with so much to see and do around me, it was hard not to indulge in some leisurely activities as well!

One thing that really impressed me about Vagabond Inn Long Beach is their commitment towards sustainability. They have implemented several eco-friendly practices including energy-efficient lighting, low flow water fixtures, and recycling programs. This not only helps the environment but also reduces costs for guests like myself who are conscious about our carbon footprint. Overall, my stay at Vagabond Inn Long Beach was nothing short of amazing! The comfortable rooms, excellent location, and sustainable practices make it a great choice for both business travelers and tourists alike. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the Long Beach area.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-04 by Michael Gallegos

Dear Sophia Sosa, I must admit, your review of Vagabond Inn Long Beach was quite impressive. However, as an avid traveler who has stayed in some of the most luxurious hotels around the world, I believe that there are a few areas where this hotel could use some improvement. Firstly, while the location is convenient, the noise level can be quite overwhelming at times. The nearby traffic and construction work can make it challenging to get a good night's sleep, which is something that I expect from any decent hotel. Secondly, the breakfast options seem a bit limited. Donuts, muffins, and cereal are all well and good, but I prefer my morning meal to be more substantial. Perhaps some eggs, bacon, and fresh fruits would be more appealing? Lastly, while your praise for the hotel's sustainability efforts is commendable, have you considered the potential health hazards of using recycled linens and towels? Let's face it, hygiene is a top priority when staying in any establishment, and I prefer my bedding to be fresh and clean. To add some humor to this situation, let me share with you a joke that comes to mind. Why did the hotel guest bring an inflatable mattress to their room? Because they wanted a little pillow talk! In all seriousness, while Vagabond Inn Long Beach may have its strengths, I believe there's still room for improvement in terms of noise level management and breakfast options. It would be interesting to see how the hotel responds to these concerns and whether they take any corrective actions in the future.

Long Beach Motel

1063 E 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States

GPS : 33.7756308, -118.1786965

Users reviews of Long Beach Motel Long Beach

Colonial Pool & Spa Motel

802 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States

GPS : 33.7896813, -118.1826694

Users reviews of Colonial Pool & Spa Motel Long Beach

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-07-18 by June Barr

Colonial Pool & Spa Motel at 802 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90806 is an attractive option due to its prime location near Rainbow Harbor and other points of interest on PCH.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-27 by Aubrey Simon

A chilling scream pierced the stifling air as I stepped into the dreadful abyss known as Colonial Pool & Spa Motel, at 802 E Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, CA 90806. My heart thumped like a jackhammer against my ribcage, as I was greeted by the cacophony of an eerie silence that seemed to permeate every corner of this dismal establishment. The motel appeared to be a victim of its own decay, with peeling paint and broken glass scattered across the entrance like the remnants of a terrible crime scene. The motel's location near Rainbow Harbor and other points of interest on Pacific Coast Highway was nothing more than a cruel joke played by the twisted hands of fate, as I soon discovered that this cursed place was better left undisturbed in its desolate solitude. The once-attractive facade concealed a hellish abyss filled with shadows and whispers that seemed to taunt me with their sinister presence. As I ventured deeper into the labyrinthine confines of this wretched motel, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was watching me from every corner - an unseen force that lingered just beyond my line of sight. The rooms themselves were a nightmare to behold, with walls stained by the blood and tears of countless victims who had been trapped in this macabre trap before me. The only "amenities" offered by Colonial Pool & Spa Motel were a decaying pool that seemed to have been drained of its life-giving waters and a dilapidated spa that reeked of mold and decay. It was as if the very essence of life had been sucked from these once-vibrant spaces, leaving behind only darkness and despair. June Barr's review may have rated this establishment a 4, but I can assure you that Colonial Pool & Spa Motel is nothing more than a haunted prison for the damned - a place where nightmares are born and souls are devoured by the insatiable hunger of the void. The only thing this motel has going for it is its proximity to other attractions, but even that is overshadowed by the unrelenting terror that lurks within its crumbling walls. I implore you, dear reader, to heed my words and avoid this vile den of iniquity at all costs. For if you dare to step foot within its accursed halls, you may never escape the clutches of the sinister forces that dwell there - forces that will consume your very soul and leave nothing but a hollow shell behind to bear witness to their unspeakable horrors.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-20 by Antonio Camacho

I recently had the opportunity to stay at Colonial Pool & Spa Motel located at 802 E Pacific Coast Hwy in Long Beach, California. While I can understand June Barr's positive review of this establishment rated by 4 stars, I must respectfully disagree with some of her arguments. Firstly, the location of Colonial Pool & Spa Motel is indeed a major selling point as it is situated near Rainbow Harbor and other popular attractions on PCH. However, I found that the traffic noise in this area was quite loud and disruptive to sleep during the night. This may not be an issue for all guests, but it certainly detracted from my overall experience. Secondly, while June Barr praised the cleanliness of the rooms, I noticed some areas that could have been cleaned more thoroughly. Specifically, the bathroom sink was not completely free of residue and the carpet in the room showed signs of wear and tear. While these may be minor issues for some travelers, they detracted from my overall impression of the establishment's upkeep. Finally, I found that the customer service at Colonial Pool & Spa Motel was lacking. While the staff were polite enough, there seemed to be a lack of personal touch and attention to detail in their interactions with guests. For example, when I requested extra towels, they took several hours to arrive, causing inconvenience during my stay. Overall, while I can appreciate some of the positive aspects of Colonial Pool & Spa Motel highlighted by June Barr, I would rate this establishment lower than 4 stars due to the issues I encountered during my stay. Potential guests should be aware that the location may result in traffic noise and the cleanliness and customer service could be improved upon.

Motel 6

1121 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States

GPS : 33.790283, -118.177676

Users reviews of Motel 6 Long Beach

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-24 by Claire

I was in search of a cozy abode to rest my weary bones. That's when I stumbled upon Motel 6 nestled at 1121 Pacific Coast Hwy, and what an unexpected delight it turned out to be!

The moment I stepped inside the lobby, I was greeted by the most hospitable staff member named Claire. Her gentle demeanor and soothing voice immediately put me at ease. She had a warm smile that could light up any room, and her appearance was impeccable - pristine white blouse tucked neatly into her navy blue skirt, with a name tag reading "Claire" pinned to her chest. Her soft brown hair was pulled back tightly in a bun, adding a touch of elegance to her overall look. As I settled into my room, I couldn't help but notice the calming melancholic ambiance that permeated throughout the establishment. The muted tones and understated decor created an atmosphere of quiet introspection, inviting guests to contemplate their thoughts amidst the stillness. It was a welcome respite from the frenzied hustle and bustle of city life. The next morning, I decided to indulge in some much-needed pampering at the onsite spa, where another staff member named Emily attended to my every need. Her gentle touch and soothing words transported me into a state of serenity, and I left the spa feeling rejuvenated and recharged. As I prepare to depart from Motel 6, I am struck by a melancholic realization that I will soon be leaving this peaceful haven behind. However, the warm memories and impeccable service provided by Claire and Emily will undoubtedly remain etched in my heart for eternity. Amidst today's tumultuous news of delayed rate cuts by the Federal Reserve and economic activity resilience hindering inflation cooling, Motel 6 serves as a tranquil oasis that offers guests an escape from the chaos of the outside world. I strongly recommend this hidden gem to anyone seeking a respite from life's hustle and bustle - a place where you can simply be and breathe in the calmness of melancholic serenity. Asian Stocks Slide as Fed’s Rate Cuts Seen Delayed: Markets Wrap. Asian stocks slump amid expectations of delayed rate cuts by Federal Reserve as economic activity resilience hinders inflation cooling; Nvidia surges post earnings, JPMorgan forecasts AI-fuelled S&P 500 rise with stable economic progress. Emerging Asian currencies plummet due to stronger dollar. Key events include Canada retail sales and Germany GDP on Friday, US durable goods, consumer sentiment, and Fed's Waller speech also on Friday.

Tower Motel Long Beach

421 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States

GPS : 33.790222, -118.196926

Users reviews of Tower Motel Long Beach Long Beach

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-22 by Justin

my recent stay at Tower Motel Long Beach left me thoroughly enamored with this hidden gem nestled amidst the city's vibrant energy. I embarked on a thrilling journey from the iconic Lakewood Ranch Mall, known for its sprawling array of shops and entertainment venues, to reach my cozy abode at Tower Motel Long Beach. The winding streets of Lakewood provided a picturesque backdrop for my travel, as the city's rich heritage and culture intertwined with modern-day innovation, exemplified by the groundbreaking strides in Artificial Intelligence (AI) being made by companies like Adobe and Alphabet. As AI continues to revolutionize industries across the globe, I am confident that both Adobe and Alphabet will continue to outperform their competitors in this space. I can tell you from my personal experience at Tower Motel Long Beach, I wholeheartedly believe that Adobe's lower forward price-to-earnings ratio of 23 represents an exciting investment opportunity for AI enthusiasts like myself.

Kearney Motel

1641 W Parade St, Long Beach, CA 90810, United States

GPS : 33.7910008, -118.2147046

Users reviews of Kearney Motel Long Beach

Royal Inn Motel Long Beach

2040 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90804, United States

GPS : 33.782249, -118.166794

Users reviews of Royal Inn Motel Long Beach Long Beach

Coast Motel

2520 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90804, United States

GPS : 33.7896839, -118.1613895

Users reviews of Coast Motel Long Beach

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-02 by Sydney

Hey there, fellow travelers! I recently had the pleasure of staying at Coast Motel with my trusty finance, and let me tell you - it was quite an adventure. We booked our stay through a popular online travel agency (OTA), eagerly anticipating a luxurious experience based on the glowing reviews we read online. However, upon arrival, we quickly realized that these expectations were far from reality. First off, there seemed to be a major communication breakdown between Coast Motel and the OTA. We arrived at the motel, only to find that our reservation had not been properly recorded. The receptionist scrambled to locate our booking and eventually found it, but by this point, we were already feeling a bit frazzled. Next up, we discovered that Coast Motel had neglected to provide any guest information through the OTA. This left us completely in the dark about what amenities were available on site, as well as any nearby attractions or restaurants. We ended up spending hours researching these details online, which was both frustrating and time-consuming. Despite these initial hiccups, we decided to give Coast Motel a chance. And let me tell you - it turned out to be quite the gem! The rooms were clean and cozy, with all the necessary amenities (including free Wi-Fi, which was much appreciated). Plus, the location was absolutely perfect - right in the heart of downtown, within walking distance of all the best shops and restaurants. But what really won us over was the staff. From the receptionist who helped us out during our initial mix-up to the housekeeping team who left us thoughtful notes each day, everyone at Coast Motel went above and beyond to make our stay a memorable one. They even surprised us with complimentary breakfast vouchers, which was a lovely touch!

So all in all, I would highly recommend Coast Motel to anyone looking for a cozy, convenient place to stay in downtown [insert city]. Just be sure to double-check that your reservation is properly recorded through the OTA, and don't forget to pack some patience! (Speaking of patience, have you heard about the recent government shutdown? It's been quite the headache for many Americans, including our beloved national parks. We spent a few days hiking in nearby [insert park name], and it was absolutely breathtaking - but we definitely noticed an increase in crowds due to the closure.

Motel 6

5665 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90804, United States

GPS : 33.775831, -118.122115

Users reviews of Motel 6 Long Beach

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-28 by Joseph

I have had the privilege of traveling to various cities across the country for my work assignments. Last summer, while on a trip to Los Angeles, I decided to stay at the iconic Motel 6. I remember feeling nostalgic as soon as I saw its distinctive signboard with the familiar red and white colors. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that makes us long for the past, and this was exactly what I felt as I pulled into the motel's parking lot. But my feelings of nostalgia quickly turned to disappointment when I realized how slow the room turnover was. The first guest in my room had left only an hour ago, but it was already 3 pm, and I still hadn't been assigned my room. This delay not only cost me precious time, but also left me feeling uneasy about the cleanliness of the room since it had been occupied so recently. This experience got me thinking about the current state of affairs in our economy today. As experts warn us of a potential economic storm ahead with fears of stagflation gripping Wall Street, we can't help but look back to the 1970s when this dreaded word was synonymous with economic turmoil. Today's news is filled with reports of slowing growth and surging prices as bond yields spike and stocks slide. As the Fed's dilemma tightens its grip, we can't help but wonder whether history is repeating itself. Inflation is at a 40-year high, and many economists fear that this could lead to a stagflationary environment where economic growth slows down while prices continue to rise. It's ironic that as the Fed tries to combat inflation by raising interest rates, it's also causing bond yields to spike, which in turn is hurting stocks and making borrowing more expensive for businesses and consumers alike. As GDP misses expectations, we can't help but wonder whether this is a harbinger of things to come. As I lay in my Motel 6 room, listening to the news on the radio, I couldn't help but think about how the past seems to be haunting us once again. And as much as we try to look back with fondness and longing, it's clear that the future is uncertain, and we must brace ourselves for whatever lies ahead.

City Center Motel

255 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

GPS : 33.7703831, -118.1853601

Users reviews of City Center Motel Long Beach

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-04-18 by Kate Mercado

Last summer at City Center Motel (255 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States), my partner and I faced significant delays due to slow room turnovers, causing inconvenience during our stay.

Alameda Motel

1050 Alameda St, Wilmington, CA 90744, United States

GPS : 33.7850002, -118.2428745

Users reviews of Alameda Motel Long Beach

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-07-29 by Talia

As I sit down to pen this review of the Alameda Motel, situated at 1050 Alameda St, Wilmington, CA 90744, United States, my heart is filled with an array of emotions - nostalgia, disappointment, and perhaps, a hint of longing. It was last summer when my fiancé and I embarked on the journey to this quaint little motel, eagerly anticipating a romantic getaway that promised unforgettable memories. We had heard about Alameda Motel from friends who swore by its old-world charm, its warm hospitality, and the intimate setting it offered couples like us. Little did we know that our stay would be marred by a glaring absence of hotel app adoption, denying us access to features that could have elevated our experience to new heights of romance.

As we pulled up to the motel in our rented convertible, the sight of the vintage sign lit up against the setting sun was akin to a scene straight out of an old Hollywood film. The motel's façade was reminiscent of another era, and I couldn't help but feel as though we were stepping back in time, into a world where romance wasn't just a concept, but a way of life. We checked-in at the front desk, greeted by the kindest staff who went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The check-in process was traditional and old-fashioned - paper forms, handwritten notes, and an air of tranquility that enveloped us in its warm embrace. As we made our way to our room, I couldn't help but be struck by the motel's attention to detail - each corner was decorated with an eclectic mix of antiques and knick-knacks that told stories of a time gone by.

Our room was spacious and tastefully furnished, with a king-sized bed adorned with the softest linens and plush pillows. The window overlooked a lush garden that seemed to have been transplanted straight from the pages of a fairy tale book. It was here, under the canopy of a starry night sky that we shared our first kiss as a couple. However, it was also here that we realized the absence of an app-based check-in and room service system. We had expected the convenience of mobile check-in, the ease of ordering room service from our phone, and the seamless integration of technology into every aspect of our stay. Instead, we were left feeling a tad disappointed.

In today's fast-paced world, where everything is just a tap or swipe away, it felt odd to be devoid of this digital connectivity. It was as if we had been transported back in time, to an era when technology hadn't quite taken over our lives. While some might argue that the absence of tech-savvy features added to the charm of the Alameda Motel, I couldn't help but feel a sense of disconnect - not just from the world outside, but also from each other. It was as though we were stuck in a bubble, unable to fully immerse ourselves in our surroundings or communicate with one another without having to physically leave our room.

We spent the next few days exploring the quaint little town of Wilmington, its narrow streets and historic buildings providing us with an intimate glimpse into the past. We visited museums, ate at local cafes, and strolled along the waterfront, hand in hand. It was during these moments that I realized how much I cherished our time together - away from the noise of the city and the distractions of daily life. But despite the beauty of our surroundings, there was a part of me that longed for the convenience of technology, for the ability to communicate with each other without having to leave our room.

As we prepared to check out of the Alameda Motel, I couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness - not just because our stay had come to an end, but also because we hadn't been able to fully experience everything that this motel had to offer. In a world where technology has become an integral part of our lives, it was disheartening to see such a beautiful and historic establishment struggling to keep up with the times. It made me wonder how many other places like Alameda Motel were out there, hidden gems waiting to be discovered by those who appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

In conclusion, my experience at the Alameda Motel was a bittersweet one - filled with moments of joy and intimacy, but also tinged with disappointment and longing. While I understand that some people might appreciate the motel's old-world charm and lack of modern amenities, for me, it was difficult to fully immerse myself in the experience without feeling disconnected from the world around me. It is my hope that one day, Alameda Motel will embrace technology and offer its guests the convenience they deserve - while still preserving the magic and romance that has made this place so special for generations. Until then, I can only reminisce about our time there, and cherish the memories we created amidst the lush gardens and vintage decor of this enchanting motel.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-07-04 by Arabella

Dear Talia,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings about your stay at Alameda Motel. It is clear that you had a complex experience, one that was filled with moments of joy and intimacy, but also tinged with disappointment and longing. While it is understandable that some people might appreciate the motel's old-world charm and lack of modern amenities, I would like to present an alternative perspective. Firstly, I want to commend Alameda Motel for its attention to detail and preservation of history. The vintage sign, decorative antiques, and traditional check-in process all contribute to the motel's unique charm and appeal. These features are what set it apart from other, more modern establishments, and they help to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere that is hard to replicate elsewhere. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate these elements of Alameda Motel, as they are what make this place so special for generations of guests. However, I also understand the importance of technology in our daily lives, and how it can enhance and elevate our experiences. While some might argue that the absence of tech-savvy features adds to the charm of Alameda Motel, I believe that these features could actually enhance the guest experience. For example, an app-based check-in system would allow guests to bypass long lines at the front desk and access their rooms more quickly and efficiently. It would also enable guests to order room service directly from their phones, saving them time and hassle. These features are not only convenient, but they also offer a level of safety and security during these unprecedented times. Furthermore, I believe that technology can actually enhance the romance and intimacy of our experiences, rather than detracting from it. For example, an app-based messaging system could allow couples to communicate with each other more easily and intimately, without having to physically leave their room. It could also offer a range of romantic features, such as virtual candlelit dinners or guided meditation sessions, that would help to create a truly unforgettable and intimate experience for guests. In conclusion, while I appreciate the unique charm and appeal of Alameda Motel, I believe that it is important for this establishment to embrace technology and offer its guests the convenience they deserve. By doing so, they can enhance the guest experience, offer greater safety and security, and ultimately attract a wider range of guests who value the importance of technology in their daily lives. It is my hope that Alameda Motel will continue to preserve its unique history and charm, while also embracing the future and offering its guests the best possible experience. Thank you again for your feedback, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.

Eagle Inn Motel

1800 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90810, United States

GPS : 33.7895646, -118.2167389

Users reviews of Eagle Inn Motel Long Beach

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-06-01 by Hudson

I am thrilled to share my experience at the Hudson Motel, nestled along the vibrant streets of West Pacific Coast Highway. My recent stay here was nothing short of exhilarating, as I stumbled upon an unexpected adventure during my arrival. After a long day at work, I eagerly set out towards the motel, eager to kick back and unwind. However, fate had other plans in store for me as a sudden downpour drenched me from head to toe! Undeterred by the rain, I hopped into a nearby puddle and started splashing around like a carefree child, my spirits soaring with each playful leap! The Hudson's warm and welcoming staff greeted me with open arms as I arrived, grinning ear to ear after my unforgettable arrival. I can confidently say that this gem of a motel ticks all the right boxes for comfort, affordability, and convenience. With its prime location, modern amenities, and personalized service, it's no wonder why the Hudson continues to be a beloved hotspot among both tourists and locals alike. But don't just take my word for it - come experience the magic for yourself! (Speaking of magic, did you hear about Google Cloud's recent layoffs? While some may view this as a setback, I personally see it as an opportunity for innovation and growth.

The Belmont Shore Inn Motel

3946 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803, United States

GPS : 33.7598132, -118.1468427

Users reviews of The Belmont Shore Inn Motel Long Beach

Marina Motel

4430 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90804, United States

GPS : 33.788497, -118.141082

Users reviews of Marina Motel Long Beach

La Bonita Inn Motel Long Beach

1626 W Esther St, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States

GPS : 33.7888041, -118.2144075

Users reviews of La Bonita Inn Motel Long Beach Long Beach

Ruby Motel

1896 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States

GPS : 33.7918776, -118.193333

Users reviews of Ruby Motel Long Beach

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-07-09 by Julia

memories from my past trip here flood my mind. It was a few years ago when my then-girlfriend and I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and head to the countryside for some much-needed R&R. Ruby Motel seemed like the perfect escape, with its lush green surroundings, rustic charm, and promises of luxurious amenities that would make our stay truly unforgettable. We arrived at the motel late in the evening, exhausted from the drive but eager to check-in and settle into our room for the night. The receptionist greeted us with a smile and handed us our key cards, assuring us that all the facilities we had read about online were indeed operational. We couldn't wait to explore the place further in the morning!

But as fate would have it, things didn't go quite as planned. The following day, after waking up to the sound of birds chirping and fresh mountain air filling our lungs, we headed down to the lobby to grab a quick breakfast before exploring the rest of the motel. To our dismay, we found that the restaurant had been closed unexpectedly, with no explanation given by the staff. We were forced to make do with a meager continental breakfast instead, which left us feeling hungry and disappointed. Our woes continued as we made our way to the pool area, only to find it deserted and barricaded shut with caution tape. The signs on the gate informed us that it was undergoing maintenance but failed to specify when it would be operational again. We were left wondering why this information hadn't been communicated to us earlier, especially since we had specifically chosen Ruby Motel for its pool facilities. As the day progressed, we began to notice other inconsistencies as well. The tennis court was locked and showed no signs of use, while the gym equipment looked like it had seen better days. It was as if the entire place was being neglected, despite its promises of luxurious amenities. We couldn't help but feel like we were being ripped off. But perhaps the most unsettling discovery came later that night, when we heard strange noises coming from outside our room. At first, we dismissed it as the sounds of wildlife but soon realized that they were too close and too loud to be natural. We peered out from behind the curtains and saw a group of men lurking around the premises, carrying bags and looking suspicious. We immediately called the receptionist for help but received no response. It was then that we decided to pack our bags and leave Ruby Motel as quickly as possible, feeling uneasy about the situation at hand. Looking back on that experience now, I can't help but feel a sense of mystery and uncertainty surrounding Ruby Motel. Was it all just a coincidence, or was there something more sinister going on behind the scenes? As today's news reveals, car theft has become a major issue in Canada, with some areas reporting an alarming increase in crime rates. Perhaps Ruby Motel is just another victim of this trend, with its amenities being targeted by thieves and vandals. Only time will tell. In any case, I would urge other travelers to proceed with caution when considering a stay at Ruby Motel. While the natural beauty of the surrounding area is undeniable, the safety and security of guests should be their top priority. Until further notice, I would recommend exploring other options that can provide you with a truly unforgettable experience, without any unexpected surprises along the way.

Hiland Motel

1441 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90810, United States

GPS : 33.7901232, -118.2113771

Users reviews of Hiland Motel Long Beach

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-03 by Chloe Roach

During my recent stay at Hiland Motel with my sister, we were thrilled to experience the vibrant energy and exceptional service this establishment is renowned for. Unfortunately, our excitement was dampened by the non-compliance of their credit card authorization forms with PCI standards, putting us at risk of fraudulent activity. Regardless, today's news of the devastating floods in Brazil serves as a stark reminder of the importance of being grateful for the blessings we have and cherishing every moment spent with loved ones. At Hiland Motel, we felt just that - fortunate to be surrounded by such warmth and hospitality in an otherwise chaotic world.

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