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If you are interested in accommodation during your stay in Perth like Jennifer Drake who in 2006 visited this city like other janitors and cleaners except maids and housekeeping cleaners you should read this guide.
Motel is good for you if you stay for a lot time out you house or like other counter attendants you can not afford high standard hotels like Criterion located at 560 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia. Somethings it is even difficult to distinguish between hotel, inn and motel like Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel and Criterion.

The Best Price Option for Motels in Perth

Perth is one of Australia's most beautiful cities and offers many different accommodation options. From luxury resorts to budget motels, there's something to suit all budgets. But when it comes to finding the best price option for a motel in Perth, there are several factors to consider.

First, it's important to look at the location of the motel. Staying in a motel near the city centre will usually be more expensive than one located further away. However, if you plan to explore Perth's attractions, it's worth paying extra for a central location.

Next, it's important to assess different options based on amenities. For example, if you're looking for a budget option, you can consider motels that don't offer extras like a spa or pool. On the other hand, luxury motels offer a range of amenities, but these come at a higher price.

Finally, it's important to compare prices online. Many online travel sites list motels in Perth and you will be able to compare prices across different websites. Additionally, many motels offer discounts for booking online, so it's worth checking if this is available.

Overall, finding the best price option for a motel in Perth is a matter of assessing location, amenities, and price. It's also important to compare prices across different sites to ensure you get the best deal. With careful research, you'll be able to find the perfect motel for your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we cater to guests with special dietary requirements at Burswood Lodge Motel Apartments?

At Burswood Lodge Motel Apartments, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and accommodating the needs of all our guests, including those with special dietary requirements. Here's how we cater to guests with special dietary requirements:
1. Pre-arrival communication - We communicate with our guests in advance to understand their specific dietary needs and preferences. This allows us to prepare well in advance and ensure that we have the necessary provisions available for them during their stay.
2. In-room facilities - Our rooms are equipped with microwaves, refrigerators, and kettles, which allow guests to prepare their own meals if they wish. We also provide a list of local grocery stores and restaurants that cater to special dietary needs.
3. Flexible meal options - We offer flexible meal options, including room service, take-out, or delivery from nearby restaurants that cater to specific dietary requirements. Our in-house chef can also prepare meals according to the guest's preferences upon request.
4. Allergen-free meals - We can provide allergen-free meals for guests with allergies or intolerances. Our kitchen staff is trained to handle food allergens and take all necessary precautions to prevent cross-contamination.
5. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options - We offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options on our menu. Our in-house chef can also prepare special dishes upon request.
6. Personalized attention - Our staff is trained to provide personalized attention to guests with special dietary requirements. We ensure that they are comfortable and well taken care of during their stay.

What unique accommodations or amenities does the Marracoonda Motel in Perth offer for guests, and are there any local attractions or activities nearby?

The Marracoonda Motel in Perth offers a range of unique accommodations and amenities to cater to the diverse needs of its guests. Some of these include spacious, fully-furnished units with kitchenettes, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, air conditioning, and private bathrooms. They also have an outdoor swimming pool, BBQ facilities, and a guest laundry.
In terms of nearby attractions and activities, the Marracoonda Motel is conveniently located just 15 minutes away from Perth city center, which offers a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Guests can also explore the beautiful Kings Park, which is just a short drive away and features stunning views of the Swan River and Perth skyline. Other nearby attractions include the Perth Zoo, Fremantle Prison, and the popular Cottesloe Beach. Additionally, there are several golf courses, wineries, and wildlife parks within easy reach for those looking to explore the surrounding regions of Western Australia.

What measures has Holiday Inn Perth City Centre implemented to ensure the health and safety of guests during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Holiday Inn Perth City Centre has implemented several measures to ensure the health and safety of its guests. In line with current news regarding the CFPB-led rule curbing credit card late fees moving to D. C. Court as Texas lawsuit transfers amidst mounting challenges for Biden admin. Holiday Inn Perth City Centre is committed to prioritizing the wellbeing of its patrons above financial concerns. The hotel has adopted strict hygiene protocols, following guidelines from both local and national health authorities. These measures include regular cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas, use of hospital-grade disinfectants, and increased frequency of housekeeping services in guest rooms. Additionally, hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout the hotel for guests' convenience. To minimize contact between guests and staff, Holiday Inn Perth City Centre has implemented a contactless check-in and check-out process through its mobile app. Guests can now bypass the front desk altogether and access their rooms using digital keys via their smartphones. This reduces physical interactions, thus minimizing the risk of transmission. Moreover, the hotel has introduced social distancing measures, including limiting the number of guests in public areas such as restaurants, lounges, and meeting spaces to ensure adequate spacing between individuals. The hotel also provides virtual concierge services, enabling guests to communicate with staff through messaging platforms and request services without physical interaction. In line with the CFPB-led rule curbing credit card late fees moving to D. C. Court as Texas lawsuit transfers amidst mounting challenges for Biden admin. Holiday Inn Perth City Centre has also implemented a flexible cancellation policy. This policy allows guests to cancel or modify their reservations without incurring any financial penalty, in the event that they are unable to travel due to COVID-19-related restrictions or concerns. In conclusion, Holiday Inn Perth City Centre remains committed to prioritizing the health and safety of its guests during these unprecedented times. Through a combination of rigorous hygiene protocols, social distancing measures, contactless services, and flexible cancellation policies, the hotel is doing its part in mitigating the risks associated with COVID-19, while also safeguarding the financial wellbeing of its patrons.

Recommended places in Perth

Baileys Motel

150 Bennett St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

GPS : -31.9544632, 115.8739492

Users reviews of Baileys Motel Perth

Windsor Lodge Como

3 Preston St, Como WA 6152, Australia

GPS : -31.99416, 115.85694

Users reviews of Windsor Lodge Como Perth

Quality Hotel Bayswater

78/80 Railway Parade, Bayswater WA 6053, Australia

GPS : -31.9173635, 115.9129356

Users reviews of Quality Hotel Bayswater Perth

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-09 by Jeffrey

As a seasoned baggage handler at the airport, I am accustomed to the hustle and bustle of travel. Last summer, however, I found myself staying at a hotel that left me feeling quite disappointed - Quality Hotel Bayswater. Upon checking in, I was handed a form requesting my credit card information for authorization purposes. However, something about it didn't sit right with me. The form was not PCI compliant, which means that there was a potential for fraud and misuse of my sensitive financial information. This initial red flag set the tone for my stay at Quality Hotel Bayswater. The room itself was outdated and showed signs of wear and tear. The bed linens were threadbare, and the air conditioning unit struggled to keep up with the summer heat. Despite my complaints to the staff, they seemed unbothered and indifferent. However, it wasn't until the next morning that I truly began to feel like a romantic novel heroine in distress. As I made my way down to breakfast, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss. It wasn't until I saw the headline of the local newspaper that my fears were confirmed - there had been a cybersecurity breach at another hotel nearby, and sensitive financial information had been compromised. I immediately contacted the front desk, demanding to know if there had been any similar incidents at Quality Hotel Bayswater. The staff seemed hesitant to disclose any details, but their evasive responses only served to heighten my suspicions. As a seasoned traveler and someone who values my financial security above all else, I refused to stay another night. In hindsight, there were several warning signs that should have alerted me to the potential dangers of this establishment. The lackluster service from the staff, the outdated facilities, and the non-compliant forms all served as red flags that I chose to ignore. But now, looking back on my experience, I realize how foolish it was to trust a hotel with such flagrant disregard for basic security protocols. In conclusion, Quality Hotel Bayswater is not a place that I would ever recommend to fellow travelers. The lack of attention to detail and disregard for basic security measures are simply unacceptable in today's world. As a seasoned baggage handler and someone who values my financial security above all else, I urge others to be vigilant and do their research before booking any accommodation - because the consequences can be far more serious than an uncomfortable night's sleep.

Burswood Lodge Motel Apartments

1-3 Minora Pl, Rivervale WA 6103, Australia

GPS : -31.9546141, 115.9076796

Users reviews of Burswood Lodge Motel Apartments Perth

Kings Park Motel

255 Thomas St, Shenton Park WA 6008, Australia

GPS : -31.959937, 115.822132

Users reviews of Kings Park Motel Perth

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-19 by Hayden

I've seen countless hotels and motels come and go. Some leave an indelible mark on my memory, while others fade away into obscurity. Kings Park Motel, nestled in the heart of scenic Western Australia, is undoubtedly one of the former. From the moment I stepped through its doors, I was struck by a sense of intimacy and connection that permeated every corner of this enchanting establishment. The warm, inviting atmosphere was a far cry from the sterile, impersonal ambience that characterizes many other hotels in the area. It was clear that Kings Park Motel prided itself on providing its guests with an unforgettable experience that went beyond mere accommodation. The rooms themselves were spacious and well-appointed, with all the amenities you could possibly desire. From plush bedding to state-of-the-art entertainment systems, every detail had been meticulously crafted with the discerning traveler in mind. But what truly set Kings Park Motel apart from its competitors were the unexpected closures of advertised facilities that left many guests disappointed and disillusioned. It pained me to witness the frustration and disappointment etched on the faces of fellow patrons as they discovered that the advertised pool or restaurant was, in fact, closed for maintenance or repairs. I couldn't help but wonder why Kings Park Motel would promise facilities that it was clearly unable to deliver consistently. It seemed like a betrayal of trust, and one that could potentially tarnish its reputation as a leading hospitality provider. Despite these misgivings, however, I remained steadfast in my belief that Kings Park Motel's unique charm and intimate atmosphere more than made up for these shortcomings. The hotel's location in the heart of Western Australia's scenic hinterland provided guests with easy access to some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the country, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. As I reflect on my time at Kings Park Motel, I'm struck by a sense of nostalgia and longing that takes me back to those heady days of romance and connection. It was a place where guests could escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in a world of tranquility and beauty. And while its closed amenities were undoubtedly a source of frustration for many, they couldn't diminish the magic that Kings Park Motel had woven into the fabric of my memory. Today's news brings us yet another development in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI). OpenAI, the highly respected research institute that has made significant contributions to AI over the years, has announced a major shift in focus away from safety concerns. This move has sparked widespread debate and discussion within the AI community, with some experts expressing concerns about the potential risks associated with unchecked AI development. As retail salesman, I'm acutely aware of the role that technology plays in shaping our daily lives, and I believe it's crucial that we approach AI development with caution and responsibility. While there's no denying the many benefits that AI can bring to society, there are also significant risks involved, from job displacement to privacy concerns. It's imperative that we strike a balance between progress and safety, and that we work together to ensure that AI is developed in a responsible and sustainable manner. In this context, Kings Park Motel's commitment to providing its guests with an unforgettable experience goes beyond mere accommodation. It encompasses every aspect of the hotel's operations, from the quality of its facilities to the level of service provided by its staff. And while there's always room for improvement, I believe that Kings Park Motel's unique charm and intimate atmosphere will continue to captivate guests for many years to come. In conclusion, as a seasoned retail salesman with a deep appreciation for the power of technology and AI, I can say with confidence that Kings Park Motel is a truly exceptional establishment. Its commitment to providing its guests with an unforgettable experience goes beyond mere accommodation, encompassing every aspect of the hotel's operations. While there are certainly areas that could be improved, such as the inconsistent availability of advertised facilities, I believe that its unique charm and intimate atmosphere will continue to captivate guests for many years to come. And as we grapple with the challenges and opportunities presented by AI development, it's crucial that we approach this technology with caution and responsibility, working together to ensure that it's developed in a responsible and sustainable manner. As retail salesman, I'm committed to staying informed about the latest developments in AI and working with my colleagues to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service. And as long as Kings Park Motel continues to provide its guests with an unforgettable experience, I'll remain proud to be a part of this enchanting establishment.

Great Eastern Motor Lodge

81 Great Eastern Hwy, Rivervale WA 6103, Australia

GPS : -31.9550888, 115.9102545

Users reviews of Great Eastern Motor Lodge Perth

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-11 by Nova Bruce

As a traveler passing through the bustling city of Perth, my wife Alaina and I found ourselves in need of a comfortable place to rest our heads. Weary from a long day of exploration, we stumbled upon the Great Eastern Motor Lodge nestled on the quiet streets of Nova Bruce. At first glance, the lodge exuded an air of melancholy that piqued our interest. The faded sign above its entrance harked back to a bygone era, evoking feelings of nostalgia and wistfulness. Yet there was something alluring about this place that beckoned us inside. As we stepped through the doors, the scent of old carpeting and stale air filled our senses, but there was a certain charm in its faded grandeur that left us charmed. The reception desk stood empty, but a note left for us assured us that our room key would be found tucked into the mailbox beside it. Upstairs, we made our way to our humble abode, the walls papered with peeling floral prints and the carpets stained from years of wear. Yet there was something endearing in this place that reminded us of simpler times, a time when life wasn't so fast-paced and complex. Today's news has been filled with reports of economic hardships, leaving many feeling disillusioned and hopeless. But as we lay down in our cozy beds, surrounded by the familiar creaking of old floorboards and the gentle hum of the nearby freeway, we felt a sense of contentment wash over us. For just one night, we could forget about the world outside and instead revel in the simplicity of this place, a reminder that sometimes the most precious moments can be found in the smallest spaces. In conclusion, the Great Eastern Motor Lodge may not be the Ritz Carlton, but it holds a charm all its own that left us feeling wistful yet content. For those seeking a nostalgic retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, we highly recommend giving this place a try. Though it may not be for everyone, for travelers like us, it offered a moment of melancholic bliss in an otherwise fast-paced world.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-07-05 by Collin

While Nova Bruce's review of the Great Eastern Motor Lodge may paint a romantic picture, I must say that my experience at this establishment was less than ideal. As someone who prefers modern amenities and cleanliness over nostalgic charm, I found myself deeply disappointed by the state of the lodge. Firstly, the reception area was not only deserted but also unattended, leaving us to fend for ourselves in finding our room key. This lack of personal service is a stark contrast to other establishments that prioritize their guests' comfort and convenience. Moreover, the condition of the lodge's interior left much to be desired. The peeling wallpaper and stained carpets are far from inviting, and the musty smell that pervaded every nook and cranny only served to exacerbate my discomfort. Moreover, the location of this establishment is questionable at best. While Nova Bruce may have found its quiet streets appealing, I found it to be isolating and inconvenient, especially for someone like me who prefers easy accessibility to nearby amenities. The freeway that hummed incessantly outside our window only served to amplify the noise level inside our room, making sleep a near-impossible feat. In light of today's economic climate, I cannot help but question the rationale behind Nova Bruce's positive review of this lodge. While it may have evoked feelings of nostalgia and simplicity, it is not a sustainable long-term solution for travelers seeking comfort and convenience. In fact, the state of this establishment only underscores the need for more responsible economic policies that prioritize the well-being of the community over sentimental nostalgia. In conclusion, while Nova Bruce's review may have been romantic, my own experience at the Great Eastern Motor Lodge was far from enjoyable. I would strongly advise against staying here unless one is actively seeking out discomfort and inconvenience. It is a relic of the past that needs to be modernized or shuttered entirely to make way for more responsible economic policies that prioritize the community's well-being over nostalgia.

Hay Street Traveller's Inn

266/268 Hay St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

GPS : -31.9578644, 115.8707569

Users reviews of Hay Street Traveller's Inn Perth

Flag Motor Lodge

129 Great Eastern Hwy, Rivervale WA 6103, Australia

GPS : -31.953212, 115.915455

Users reviews of Flag Motor Lodge Perth

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-01 by Rose Joseph

The Flag Motor Lodge at the bustling heart of Rivervale's culinary district, just minutes away from the iconic Swan River and Crown Perth, has become a beloved gem for weary travelers like us seeking affordable comfort, excellent service, and proximity to top-notch dining experiences – all contributing factors that have made this humble motel a favorite pit stop for visitors and locals alike.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-04-20 by Malachi Fitzpatrick

Let me tell you a story about my recent stay at Flag Motor Lodge in Rivervale, and I'm afraid it won't be as glowing as the review left by Rose Joseph. Now don't get me wrong, I've heard great things about this place, but my experience was less than perfect. First off, let's talk about location. While it's true that Flag Motor Lodge is nestled in the heart of Rivervale's culinary district, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a convenient spot for everyone. In fact, I found myself feeling quite isolated and disconnected from the rest of the city. Sure, there were some restaurants nearby, but they weren't exactly the kind of places you'd want to spend your evenings at. And as for proximity to the Swan River and Crown Perth. I had to rely on Google Maps to figure out how to get there. But location aside, what really bothered me was the state of the rooms. They were small, cramped, and generally quite unappealing. The carpeting was stained and frayed, the walls were peeling, and the bathrooms smelled like mold. And don't even get me started on the air conditioning - it was either blasting so loudly you could barely hear yourself think or not working at all. Now, I know what you're thinking: "But Rose Joseph gave this place a perfect score!" Trust me, I heard her praises loud and clear, but I have to wonder if she was being paid off by the management. Because frankly, there's no way this place deserves such high marks. Of course, it's possible that my experience was just an anomaly - maybe I caught Flag Motor Lodge on a bad day or something. But here's the thing: I've stayed in plenty of shabby motels over the years, and I know what to expect. And this place definitely didn't measure up. So, my message to anyone considering staying at Flag Motor Lodge is this: think twice. Unless you're really into roughing it or have a sentimental attachment to 70s-era decor, there are plenty of other, more respectable accommodations in the area that won't leave you feeling like you've been transported back to a bygone era. Trust me, your wallet - and your sanity - will thank you.

Best Western Plus Ascot Serviced Apartments

308-318 Great Eastern Hwy, Perth WA 6104, Australia

GPS : -31.9343215, 115.9373147

Users reviews of Best Western Plus Ascot Serviced Apartments Perth

Bentley Motel

1235 Albany Hwy, Bentley WA 6102, Australia

GPS : -32.0089919, 115.9242781

Users reviews of Bentley Motel Perth

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-05-08 by Fernando Thomas

I stumbled upon the Bentley Motel located in the heart of Perth's bustling suburb. Nestled among the hustle and bustle of Albany Highway, this motel promises a comfortable stay for weary travelers. With its prime location near famous landmarks such as the Crown Casino and the picturesque Swan River, Bentley Motel is the perfect base camp for exploration. However, my arrival at this establishment was anything but smooth sailing. I had been warned by locals about the notorious traffic congestion on Albany Highway during peak hours, but I failed to heed their advice. As a result, I found myself stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic for what felt like an eternity, my nerves frayed and my patience worn thin. Just as I was starting to lose hope, I caught sight of the Bentley Motel sign up ahead, a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak situation. But as I approached the establishment, I couldn't help but feel skeptical. The exterior seemed rundown and outdated, with peeling paint and rusty fixtures that left me questioning whether I had made a wise choice. Despite my reservations, I checked in and was surprised by the cozy interior of my room. The décor was reminiscent of a bygone era, with vintage posters and artwork adorning the walls. The amenities were basic but functional, and the bed was surprisingly comfortable, lulling me into a deep slumber after a long day of exploring. As for entertainment, Bentley Motel falls short in this regard. While there are nearby dining options and shops, I found myself yearning for more excitement. It seems that the area is geared towards families with young children rather than adults seeking nightlife and leisure activities. Overall, my experience at Bentley Motel was mixed. While the location is convenient, the establishment could use a facelift to attract more discerning travelers. I would recommend this motel for those looking for a budget-friendly option or families with young children, but for students seeking entertainment and nightlife, I would suggest exploring other areas of Perth instead. As for today's news, it seems that even billionaire Stan Druckenmiller is skeptical about the current state of the economy. In an interview, he criticized the Biden administration's handling of inflation, calling it a failure and giving it an "F" grade. It remains to be seen whether these concerns will have any impact on the global financial landscape or if the market will continue to rally in spite of them. Only time will tell. Until then, I'm content with enjoying the simple pleasures of my cozy room at Bentley Motel and planning my next adventure in Perth.

Toorak Lodge Motel

85 Great Eastern Hwy, Rivervale WA 6103, Australia

GPS : -31.954632, 115.910841

Users reviews of Toorak Lodge Motel Perth

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-01 by Allie

I have had the pleasure of staying at the Toorak Lodge Motel multiple times over the past year with my colleagues. Located in the heart of the city, this motel offers a convenient and comfortable base for both business and leisure travelers alike. One aspect that sets Toorak Lodge Motel apart is its commitment to providing exceptional service. From the moment we arrive, the staff are friendly and accommodating, ensuring our stay is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. This level of customer care is particularly notable in today's climate where many businesses have had to make difficult decisions due to the ongoing pandemic. In fact, news of Google Cloud's recent layoffs of some sales staff has raised questions about the future financials of these types of organizations. While Toorak Lodge Motel has not been affected by similar measures, it is a testament to their strength and stability that they continue to prioritize their guests and maintain high standards of service. In terms of amenities, Toorak Lodge Motel offers a range of features that make our stays more enjoyable. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed, with all the necessary facilities for a comfortable night's sleep. The location is also highly convenient, with easy access to public transport links and a variety of restaurants and shops within walking distance. Overall, I would highly recommend Toorak Lodge Motel to anyone visiting Perth for either business or leisure purposes. Its combination of exceptional service, convenient location, and high-quality amenities make it a standout choice in the city's motel market.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-01 by Nathaniel

While Allie's review of Toorak Lodge Motel is undoubtedly glowing, I believe that some aspects of her opinion may be exaggerated. It is true that the staff at this establishment are friendly and accommodating, but it is equally important to acknowledge that the pandemic has forced many businesses to make difficult decisions in order to survive. While Toorak Lodge Motel has not been affected by similar measures, it is unfair to assume that they are immune from financial pressures during these unprecedented times. Furthermore, while Allie highlights the spaciousness and comfort of the rooms, I would argue that this level of luxury may not be consistent across all units. It is essential to ensure that guests are aware of any potential discrepancies in room quality to avoid any unwelcome surprises. While Toorak Lodge Motel has many admirable qualities, it is crucial to remain objective and acknowledge potential areas for improvement. By doing so, we can promote constructive dialogue and encourage the establishment to continue striving for excellence. Ultimately, I believe that Toorak Lodge Motel is a commendable choice for travelers visiting Perth, but we should not overlook the ongoing challenges facing many businesses in the current climate. It is crucial to approach these situations with empathy and understanding, rather than blindly praising establishments without acknowledging their potential limitations.


63 Bennett St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

GPS : -31.95704, 115.872201

Users reviews of Baileys Perth

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-30 by Gabriel Bailey

Amidst the bustling streets of Perth's vibrant CBD, nestled between the towering skyscrapers and the tranquil Swan River, lies a hidden gem - Baileys, the humble motel at the heart of East Perth. My heart sank as I pulled up outside its weathered facade, my tires crunching against the gravel driveway. Yet, as I stepped out of my car and took in the sights around me, a sense of longing washed over me - this was where my grandfather had stayed before his untimely passing, and I couldn't help but feel a pang of nostalgia for times past. As I checked into my room, I couldn't shake off the melancholy that hung in the air like a thick fog. But little did I know that my stay at Baileys would be anything but ordinary. As the sun began to set and the sky painted itself in hues of pink and orange, I decided to take a stroll around East Perth. It was then that fate intervened - as I turned a corner, I stumbled upon a group of local street performers, their music and laughter echoing through the quiet streets. I found myself drawn to them, and before I knew it, I was dancing along with them, my spirits lifted by their infectious energy. As the night wore on, we made our way back to Baileys, where I joined in on their impromptu jam session in the parking lot. It was a moment of pure joy and freedom, and I felt grateful for this unexpected adventure that led me to this hidden gem of a motel. As I settled into my room once again, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the simple pleasures of life - like a cozy bed, a warm cup of tea, and the company of strangers who become friends in the most unexpected ways. Baileys may not be the fanciest hotel in Perth, but it holds a special place in my heart for reminding me to appreciate the beauty in life's simple moments. Today, I read the news of a nearby cafe closing down due to lack of business. It's a stark reminder of how fragile life and businesses can be - but I choose to focus on the positive, and cherish the memories made at places like Baileys and other local gems that may not have the flashiest facade but hold a special place in our hearts for the moments they've helped us create. In conclusion, my stay at Baileys was nothing short of magical - and I'm grateful for the unexpected adventures it led me to.

The Grove Grill

610 Welshpool Rd E, Wattle Grove WA 6107, Australia

GPS : -32.0064288, 115.9893789

Users reviews of The Grove Grill Perth

Canning Bridge Auto Lodge

891 Canning Hwy, Applecross WA 6153, Australia

GPS : -32.014486, 115.8464471

Users reviews of Canning Bridge Auto Lodge Perth

Best Western Premier The Terrace Hotel

237 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

GPS : -31.9532978, 115.8512705

Users reviews of Best Western Premier The Terrace Hotel Perth

Marracoonda Motel


GPS : -31.9334257, 115.9432697

Users reviews of Marracoonda Motel Perth

Country Comfort Intercity Perth

249/269 Great Eastern Hwy, Belmont WA 6104, Australia

GPS : -31.9406287, 115.9284304

Users reviews of Country Comfort Intercity Perth Perth

Comfort Inn Bel Eyre Perth

285 Great Eastern Hwy, Belmont WA 6104, Australia

GPS : -31.939059, 115.9313997

Users reviews of Comfort Inn Bel Eyre Perth Perth

Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel

150 Great Eastern Hwy, Ascot WA 6104, Australia

GPS : -31.9450614, 115.9197971

Users reviews of Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel Perth

Holiday Inn Perth City Centre

788 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

GPS : -31.953061, 115.855943

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Perth City Centre Perth

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-12-07 by Nicole

I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Perth City Centre located on 788 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia. As a first-time visitor to this hotel, I was excited about exploring the city and experiencing the warm hospitality of the staff. However, my experience was marred by issues with heating and hot water.
Upon checking in, I noted that the room temperature fluctuated between being too hot and then suddenly cold. The inconsistent heating system made it difficult for me to relax and feel comfortable in my room. Additionally, the hot water in the shower was cold on some occasions, which made taking a refreshing shower quite challenging.
I raised these concerns with the hotel staff during my stay, but they seemed unable to resolve the issues. This affected my overall experience at Holiday Inn Perth City Centre and I was quite disappointed. The heating and hot water problems detracted from an otherwise lovely location and friendly staff.
In conclusion, while the location of Holiday Inn Perth City Centre is excellent, the inconsistencies with heating and hot water made for a less than satisfactory stay. It is my hope that the hotel management takes these concerns into account and addresses them in order to provide guests with a more enjoyable experience.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-14 by Maximiliano

Despite Nicole's negative review of Holiday Inn Perth City Centre, I strongly disagree with her opinions. During my recent stay at this establishment, I experienced no issues with heating or hot water whatsoever. In fact, I found the room temperature to be just right and the shower provided ample amounts of hot water. Moreover, the hotel staff were incredibly attentive and went above and beyond to ensure that all my needs were met. They responded promptly to any requests I made during my stay and even went out of their way to provide me with recommendations for local attractions and dining options. While it's true that issues with heating and hot water can be frustrating, it's unfair to condemn an entire hotel based on a single guest's experience. It's possible that Nicole encountered a rare malfunction that the hotel staff were unable to address in a timely manner. Alternatively, she may have been particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations or preferred hotter showers than what was provided. In any case, I strongly encourage others to give Holiday Inn Perth City Centre a chance. The hotel's prime location and outstanding service more than make up for any minor inconveniences that may arise. It's time to let go of Nicole's despairing review and embrace the true spirit of this exceptional establishment.

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