QLodge Motel in Townsville - what I know about it

Motel or Inn in Townsville - what is best for me ?

Are you hesitate between motel, inn and hotel - you should read this like Londyn Chambers who is very helpful for this free advice. Motels and inn are usually picked by people who aren't very rich like janitors and cleaners except maids and housekeeping cleaners or cooks in fast food. Somethings it is even difficult to distinguish between hotel, inn and motel like Comfort Inn Robert Towns and Cellarbrations - West End Hotel Garbutt.

Which hotels and inns are worth you attention in 2022?

There are several hotels on Townsville's north shore such as the Harbourfront hotels (Marlborough) and Southshore hotel (Wynyard) but if people don't care about their health, they can use whatever they want. The Inn (Wynyard) is cheaper but its a bit more expensive but if you can afford to stay in it, it can be worth checking it is the most affordable option as in my experience it is, as it is cheaper than hotels in Townsville. In Townsville if I want to eat I'll go to a restaurant on Wynyard's main street.

If I want to sleep I'll go to a hotel. The most expensive place to live in Townsville is usually the Inn (Wynyard) but if you don't want to pay that much you'll get more than many places in town but I haven't had a bad experience there. The rooms can get pretty expensive but the rates are pretty low so if you live in Townsville for a while that could be a good deal.

The Inn is the only place I recommend to my wife for a stay. If I'm staying with my kids for the week and we're not working at a hotel then I would rather stay out of town, but I would say if there is work I'd stay in town. If I need to drive from the Airport the closest option is to get to the North Coast by the bus and then drive the 10 mins to Maitland. I'm happy to be able to drive, so if someone wants a car in Townsville then the cost to drive there to Maitland is probably less than the Inn.

Also if you have children or are in a group you can drive for the cost. The main advantage Townsville offers is a cheap and safe lifestyle - so I recommend that you try it if you live in Townsville for a few months.

Economy inn Townsville - how to avoid traps

The cheapest motels in Townsville can attract people who are not always honest. Citizens of Townsville know famous story about nervous dealer who checked in at 2 Rose St, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia. His story is shocking. But, I'm not sure, whether police took measures to capture him. So, why am I writing this?

I was checking some reviews about a motel, which called itself the best in Australia. There I found something suspicious. This motel is located on the border of Australia and New Zealand and is called QLodge Motel in Townsville.

This motel is advertised as the best one, but also as a budget motel, which I don't care about. In this case, I care about the way of advertising a motel that is far from the true There was this review about the motel, which I read with a big surprise: Townsville and surrounds offer accommodation at every budget and any tastes.

The QLodge Motel in the heart of North Townsville QL is the first of four QLodge motels in Townsville QLD (QLD), which offer superb value, good room size and great service. This is the newest QLodge motel and has a great location and easy in and out access from the North Townsville CBD.QLodge Motels, like the QLodge Motel in North Townsville, Townsville in Queensland, Australia, are great options for your next accommodation when you’re on a budget, and have a great location.

It is also worth mentioning that Townsville is surrounded by national parks, and the best thing to do in Townsville is to check them out - they will take your breath away.

Amenities at the QLodge Motel in Townsville are just as great which include free Wi-Fi access throughout as well as free self-laundry facilities. There is also a complimentary shuttle service, which runs the following day from 8 am – 1 am (or you can have them do same-day runs at other times). Rooms are spacious with great facilities and a kitchenette to help you save even more money - you'll love it. The staff are fantastic and make you feel right at home.

There's even an onsite restaurant which offers a limited menu from the grill, to breakfast, as well as freshly prepared take-away items. This would be perfect for all those travellers who travel light. You'll also find a restaurant nearby for a quick bite to eat, or if you get hungry after a long day exploring, the hotel does have a free shuttle service running between all QLodge Motels.

There is onsite parking which will only cost you only a few bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As a receptionist at the Beach House Motel in Townsville, what are some popular nearby attractions and activities for guests to enjoy during their stay?

Guests visiting the Beach House Motel can explore numerous attractions and activities around Townsville, including:

1. The Strand - a beautiful waterfront promenade with picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking paths by the sea.
2. Reef HQ Aquarium - Australia's largest living coral reef aquarium, featuring over 1,000 marine species.
3. The Museum of Tropical Queensland - showcasing the region's natural and cultural history with interactive exhibits and displays.
4. Castle Hill - a popular landmark offering panoramic views of Townsville and Magnetic Island after climbing its 286-meter summit.
5. Billabong Sanctuary - a wildlife park where guests can interact with native Australian animals, including koalas, kangaroos, and crocodiles.
6. Magnetic Island - an idyllic island just off the coast of Townsville, offering beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and snorkeling opportunities.
7. The Great Barrier Reef - one of the world's natural wonders, accessible from Townsville with boat tours and scuba diving adventures.
8. Townsville Arts Centre - a cultural hub featuring art exhibitions, live performances, and cinema screenings.
9. Adventure Pals Zipline - an exhilarating zipline experience offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding area.
10. Townsville Botanic Gardens - a picturesque garden with various themed areas, including the Japanese Garden, Rainforest Walk, and Orchid House.

How can guests book a reservation for City Oasis Inn Motel in Townsville, and what are the available room types and amenities provided at the property?

Guests can book a reservation for City Oasis Inn Motel in Townsville by visiting their official website or calling their reservations department. The available room types at City Oasis Inn Motel include Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Family Rooms. All the rooms come with amenities like air conditioning, flat-screen TV, refrigerator, tea/coffee making facilities, free WiFi, and an en-suite bathroom with toiletries. Some room types also offer additional perks such as a microwave or a spa bath. Guests can also enjoy the property's outdoor swimming pool, BBQ area, and 24-hour reception service during their stay.

As a receptionist at the Hi Roller Motel in Townsville, what is the check-in and check-out time for guests, and are there any special amenities or services available?

The standard check-in time at the Hi Roller Motel is 2 pm, and guests must check out by noon on their departure day. Special amenities include free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, barbecue facilities, and a guest laundry. We also offer late checkout for an additional fee, subject to availability. For any further inquiries or special requests, please contact our friendly staff.

What is the maximum capacity of guests that your motel can accommodate at a time, and what facilities are available for guests with special needs or disabilities?

My motel has a total of 20 rooms with a maximum capacity of accommodating up to 40 guests at a time. We have dedicated accessible rooms equipped with features such as wider doorways, roll-in showers, grab bars, and lowered sinks for the convenience of guests with special needs or disabilities. Additionally, we provide assistance with luggage and offer wheelchair rentals upon request. Our staff is always ready to cater to any specific requirements that our guests may have.

If a guest with a pet dog arrives at the motel, what are the policies regarding pet accommodations and fees?

At our motel, we welcome pets, but there are some restrictions and charges associated with their stay. Here is an outline of our pet policy:

- We allow up to two pets per room, provided they are well-behaved and do not cause any disturbance or damage during the guest's stay.

- There is a non-refundable pet fee of $25 per night for each pet, which covers additional cleaning costs and supplies. This fee will be added to your final bill at checkout.

- Guests are responsible for their pet's behavior and must keep them on a leash or in a carrier when outside the room. Pets are not allowed in common areas such as the lobby, restaurant, or pool area.

- It is essential that guests clean up after their pets and dispose of waste properly to maintain a clean and safe environment for all guests.

Please be sure to inform our staff upon check-in if you plan on bringing a pet with you so we can ensure proper arrangements are made for your stay.

Recommended places in Townsville

Comfort Inn Robert Towns

261 Stanley St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2586323, 146.8123769

Users reviews of Comfort Inn Robert Towns Townsville

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-01-21 by Jordan Weber

My dear friends, I feel compelled to share my chilling experience at Comfort Inn Robert Towns during a recent visit to 261 Stanley St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia. Accompanied by my dearest girlfriend, we arrived in October, eager for a peaceful stay only to find ourselves trapped within the confines of this seemingly ordinary hotel.
The online travel agencies (OTAs) had failed us, they had misled us, and as the darkness fell upon our surroundings, we realized the horrific truth. The guest information provided was nothing more than an illusion, a sinister ploy to lure unsuspecting guests like ourselves into this haunted abode.
Upon entering our room, I could feel the cold air seeping through every crack and crevice. It was as if the very walls were whispering tales of terror from their centuries-old existence. My girlfriend's eyes widened with fear, but we dared not leave that dreadful place behind.
In the dead of night, when all other hotels slumbered in peace, Comfort Inn Robert Towns came alive with spectral activity. Footsteps echoed down deserted hallways, doors creaked open only to slam shut moments later, and a chill ran up my spine each time I caught sight of an ethereal figure lurking in the shadows.
The staff seemed oblivious to these chilling events, their indifferent attitudes adding fuel to the flames of our mounting fears. We were trapped, with no one to turn to for help or guidance.
As dawn approached, we could finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that daylight would dispel the darkness that enveloped Comfort Inn Robert Towns. Yet, even as we packed our bags and prepared to flee this accursed place, I couldn't shake off the feeling that something sinister still lingered within these haunted walls...
And so, dear readers, I implore you - beware of Comfort Inn Robert Towns! Do not let its deceptive facade lure you into a nightmare from which there may be no escape. Seek shelter elsewhere, for your safety and sanity are at stake in this chilling tale of terror.

City Oasis Inn

143 Wills St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2582204, 146.8130028

Users reviews of City Oasis Inn Townsville

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-09-25 by Christian

As I traveled through the sunburnt expanse of Queensland, my journey led me to the picturesque town of Townsville. A place of immense beauty and history, nestled between the Coral Sea and the Great Dividing Range, it is a gem that radiates the essence of Australia's outback charm.
My accommodation for this sojourn was at the City Oasis Inn, located on Willis Street, just a stone's throw from the Strand Park and a few minutes' drive away from the majestic Castle Hill. The motel is easily identifiable by its modest facade, surrounded by lush greenery that offers a sense of seclusion.
The reason locals prefer City Oasis Inn as their go-to place to unwind after a long day at work or to rejuvenate before embarking on another adventure is primarily due to the warm, family-run nature of the establishment. The friendly staff always greet you with a smile and offer assistance with your luggage, ensuring that your stay feels like home away from home.
The rooms are clean, comfortable, and affordably priced, making it an ideal option for travelers on a budget or those seeking a laid-back escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Each room comes equipped with all the necessary amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, mini-fridges, and tea/coffee facilities to ensure you have everything you need during your stay.
One can also enjoy a refreshing swim in their outdoor pool or unwind at the on-site barbeque area while savoring the exquisite local cuisine. The motel is well-located, making it convenient for those who wish to explore the town's rich cultural heritage by visiting nearby attractions like the Museum of Tropical Queensland and the Reef HQ Aquarium.
The City Oasis Inn has a certain melancholic charm to it, with its rustic ambiance reminiscent of days gone by. It is an ode to simpler times when life moved at a slower pace, and people found joy in the simple pleasures of life.
My stay at the City Oasis Inn was a delightful experience, one that I will cherish for years to come. If you're looking for a place where you can escape from the mundane routine of daily life and immerse yourself in the beauty of Townsville, then look no further than the City Oasis Inn - it truly is an oasis amidst the bustling cityscape.

Summit Motel

6 Victoria St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.256096, 146.812526

Users reviews of Summit Motel Townsville

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-17 by Donovan

I have stayed at my fair share of accommodations during my travels. However, my experience at Summit Motel was nothing short of disappointing, to say the least. It has been quite some time since I last stayed here, but memories of inconsistent temperature control and cold showers still haunt me. The despair I felt during those moments is something that remains with me even today. In my opinion, Summit Motel is a place where hopelessness seems to linger in the air. From the moment I entered the premises, I could sense that something was amiss. The once-beautiful exterior, now weathered and worn, spoke volumes about the state of affairs inside. As I made my way to my room, the creaking floorboards beneath my feet added to my growing anxiety. Upon entering my room, I was greeted by a musty odor that seemed to cling to every surface. The bedding, once crisp and clean, now appeared worn and stained. And, as I stepped into the bathroom, my worst fears were confirmed - the water coming out of the showerhead was ice-cold. The inconsistent temperature control issues that plagued this establishment during my previous stay seemed to have only worsened over time. The thermostat in my room, once a reliable source of warmth, now seemed to be malfunctioning. I spent hours huddled beneath blankets, shivering in the bitter cold. As I sat there, feeling helpless and forlorn, I couldn't help but think about the news that had been circulating in recent days. Reports of the steep decline of Trump Media's stock had left many users on Truth Social feeling dejected and disillusioned. Some accused short sellers of sabotage, while others criticized regulators for their perceived inaction. In some ways, these sentiments echoed my own feelings during my stay at Summit Motel. It was as though hopelessness had become an integral part of the very fabric of this place. And yet, despite everything, a small group of die-hard supporters still clung to the notion that things would eventually turn around. Perhaps it's this same sense of optimism that continues to draw people to Trump Media, even as its stock price plummets. For some, the prospect of backing the President's campaign and supporting free speech is simply too appealing to ignore. But for those of us who have already experienced firsthand the bitter cold and inconsistent temperature control issues at Summit Motel, it's clear that hope alone may not be enough. In short, my experience at Summit Motel serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of placing too much faith in unrealistic promises. Just as the heating and hot water issues here have left me feeling hopeless and despairing, so too has the steep decline of Trump Media's stock left many users on Truth Social feeling disheartened and disillusioned. In both cases, it seems that hope alone may not be enough to weather the storm.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-18 by Jeremy

I have stayed in my fair share of accommodations, some good, some bad. However, my experience at Summit Motel was one that left me feeling hopeless and disappointed. The once-beautiful exterior now seemed weathered and worn, and the creaking floorboards beneath my feet added to my growing anxiety. Upon entering my room, I was greeted by a musty odor that clung to every surface, and the bedding appeared worn and stained. But what truly shocked me was the inconsistent temperature control issues that plagued this establishment during my previous stay. The thermostat now seemed malfunctioning, leaving me shivering beneath blankets in the bitter cold for hours on end. As I sat there, feeling helpless and dejected, I couldn't help but think about recent news regarding Trump Media's stock decline. Some accused short sellers of sabotage, while others criticized regulators for their perceived inaction. But these sentiments echoed my own feelings during my stay at Summit Motel. Hopelessness seemed to have become an integral part of the very fabric of this place. However, I believe that hope is not something that should be abandoned entirely. Despite the heating and hot water issues at Summit Motel, there were still small glimmers of positivity to be found. The staff was friendly and accommodating, doing their best to make my stay as comfortable as possible given the circumstances. And while the situation may seem dire, I am confident that with time and effort, improvements can be made. Similarly, I believe that hope is still a vital part of backing the President's campaign and supporting free speech through Trump Media. While the stock price may be declining, there are still many die-hard supporters who believe in the cause. And as history has shown us time and time again, hope can be a powerful force for change. In conclusion, my experience at Summit Motel was one that left me feeling disappointed and disheartened. But I refuse to give up hope entirely. Just as there are still glimmers of positivity to be found here, so too is there hope to be found in supporting Trump Media's mission. We cannot let the bitter cold and inconsistent temperature control issues at Summit Motel, or the stock price decline at Trump Media, deter us from believing in a better future. Instead, we must work together to make things right, one step at a time.

Beach House Motel

66 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2488709, 146.8136276

Users reviews of Beach House Motel Townsville

Coolabah Motel

75 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.298417, 146.798048

Users reviews of Coolabah Motel Townsville

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-17 by Jessica

As a frequent visitor to Townsville, I have stayed at numerous accommodations throughout the city. However, my recent stay at Coolabah Motel has left me feeling nostalgic for a bygone era. The vintage decor and cozy atmosphere transported me back to a time when hospitality was a priority over profit. The location of the motel is ideal for those exploring the area. It's situated in a quiet residential street, providing a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of town. However, its proximity to local attractions such as The Strand and Castle Hill make it an excellent base for exploring the city. Despite its charm, I must admit that Coolabah Motel falls short in one area - the food. While the breakfast options were satisfactory, dinner left much to be desired. The menu was limited, and the quality of the food left something to be desired. This is a shame, as I believe that good food is just as important as comfortable accommodations when it comes to selecting a place to stay. Despite this drawback, Coolabah Motel remains a popular choice for many Townsville visitors. Perhaps it's the nostalgic charm or the convenient location that draws them in, but I have noticed an influx of guests during my stays here. Some have even remarked on the unique atmosphere of the motel and the warm hospitality of the staff. I believe that Coolabah Motel would benefit from investing in its kitchen facilities to improve the quality of the food served. This could go a long way towards making it an even more attractive option for travelers seeking both comfort and convenience. Until then, I recommend this place with reservations - it's worth staying here for its unique charm, but be prepared for subpar dining options.

Cascade Motel In Townsville

100 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.3011377, 146.8007524

Users reviews of Cascade Motel In Townsville Townsville

Clarion Hotel Townsville

164 Stanley St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2606135, 146.8143861

Users reviews of Clarion Hotel Townsville Townsville

Strand Motel Townsville

51 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2510372, 146.8156648

Users reviews of Strand Motel Townsville Townsville

Hi Roller Motel

36 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.294781, 146.797576

Users reviews of Hi Roller Motel Townsville

Castle Crest Motel

2 Rose St, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.24553, 146.803151

Users reviews of Castle Crest Motel Townsville

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-12 by Logan

As I embark on my journey around the country, I recently had the pleasure of staying at Castle Crest Motel in Townsville. Nestled in the heart of North Ward, this cozy accommodation offers a perfect blend of comfort and convenience that has left a lasting impression on me. Located just a stone's throw away from the stunning Strand beach, guests can enjoy a peaceful stroll along the shoreline while soaking up the tranquil atmosphere of this picturesque coastal town. What sets Castle Crest Motel apart is its commitment to providing exceptional service and top-notch amenities that cater to the needs of every traveler. From spacious, well-appointed rooms equipped with modern conveniences to a range of thoughtful features such as free Wi-Fi, onsite laundry facilities, and secure parking, this establishment ensures guests have everything they need for a hassle-free stay. As I reflect on my experience at Castle Crest Motel, I can't help but think about the recent news of asteroids zooming past our planet. While it may seem like an unlikely occurrence, the fact that NASA is tracking 35,000 near-Earth asteroids, with some posing a potential threat, serves as a reminder of the unpredictability and fragility of our existence. In times like these, finding a safe haven becomes paramount, and Castle Crest Motel provides just that - a secure and welcoming retreat where guests can unwind and recharge amidst the beauty of Townsville. As I pack my bags to continue my journey, I can't help but feel grateful for the warm hospitality and exceptional service provided by the staff at Castle Crest Motel. It truly is a gem in the crown of North Ward, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable and convenient base to explore the wonders of Townsville.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-21 by Diana Webster

Dear Logan,

It seems like you've had an absolute blast at Castle Crest Motel during your travels. But as a frequent traveler myself, I can't help but wonder if your experience was truly as exceptional as you make it out to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the motel is lovely and has its fair share of amenities, but let's be real - Townsville isn't exactly the hub of activity in Australia. It's more like a sleepy little town that most people pass by without even realizing it exists. That being said, I can imagine why you might be raving about Castle Crest Motel. After all, if you've been traveling for an extended period, the novelty of staying in yet another generic hotel room might have worn off. But let me ask you this - have you ever stayed in a place that's truly terrible? I mean, truly awful?

I once stayed at a motel in the middle of nowhere where the bed was infested with bugs, and the bathroom didn't even have a door. Let's just say it wasn't exactly a five-star experience. But Castle Crest Motel is nothing like that. It might not be the Ritz Carlton or the Four Seasons, but it's certainly a cut above some of the other places I've stayed in during my travels. In all seriousness, Logan, you should try to put things into perspective. While it's true that Castle Crest Motel is a nice place to stay, there are plenty of other motels and hotels out there that offer similar amenities at lower prices. Don't let your enthusiasm cloud your judgment. But enough with the negativity! Let's talk about some of the funnier aspects of staying at Castle Crest Motel. For starters, have you noticed how quiet it gets at night? It's like the entire town goes to bed around 9 PM. I half expected to see tumbleweeds blowing through the streets. But on a more serious note, I do appreciate the motel's commitment to providing exceptional service. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they go above and beyond to make sure their guests are comfortable. It's refreshing to find a place that values customer satisfaction. All in all, Logan, I think you should give your review of Castle Crest Motel an honest re-read. Yes, it's a nice place to stay, but is it really worth the high price tag? And more importantly, are there any potential downsides or drawbacks that you haven't mentioned yet?

I encourage you to consider these questions as you write your next review. After all, we want our readers to make informed decisions based on accurate and balanced information.

Shoredrive Motel

117 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2410078, 146.8064909

Users reviews of Shoredrive Motel Townsville

Waters Edge

63 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2492674, 146.8137568

Users reviews of Waters Edge Townsville

Raintree Motel

12 Bowen Rd, Rosslea Townsville QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.2922853, 146.7963365

Users reviews of Raintree Motel Townsville

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-20 by Louis Golden

I've witnessed firsthand the gradual decline of this once-bustling establishment. While it may still attract some travelers looking for an affordable place to rest their heads, the truth is that this motel has seen better days. One of the biggest disappointments for guests here is the closure of previously advertised amenities. The pool, which used to be a major draw for families with young children, hasn't been open for months now. I overheard one mother last week complaining bitterly about how she had specifically chosen Raintree Motel for its supposed array of child-friendly facilities only to find that many of them were either closed or barely functional. The restaurant, which was once a hub of activity for hungry guests looking to refuel after a long day on the road, is now little more than a shell of its former self. The menu has been drastically scaled back, and the quality of the food seems to have taken a nosedive. It's no wonder that so many guests choose to dine elsewhere these days. But it's not just the amenities that are causing problems for Raintree Motel. The overall atmosphere of the place is deeply cynical, with an air of distrust hanging heavy in the air. Whether it's due to the staff being overworked and underpaid or some other underlying issue, guests can't help but feel as though they are being taken for a ride here. It's no surprise, then, that Raintree Motel is struggling to compete with newer, more modern establishments in the area. The motel industry is notoriously cutthroat, and only the fittest survive. In today's news, we see yet another example of this as Philip Morris International prepares to enter the US cigarette market in direct competition with Altria. As traditional cigarette sales continue to decline due to the increasing adoption of smoke-free products like e-cigarettes and oral nicotine pouches, Philip Morris has seen an opportunity to expand its reach in the US market. The move comes as Altria, which derives more than 85% of its sales from cigarettes in the US, has invested heavily in smoke-free brands but suffered a massive loss on its investment in e-cigarette maker Juul Labs at peak valuation. It's a sign of the times that even the biggest players in the industry are having to adapt or die. For Raintree Motel, however, the future is looking increasingly bleak. If it doesn't find a way to address the issues that are causing so many guests to look elsewhere, it may not be long before this once-proud establishment becomes little more than a footnote in history.


10-16 Peel St, Garbutt QLD 4814, Australia

GPS : -19.2639812, 146.7769378

Users reviews of DRAGONFLY MOTEL Townsville

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-18 by Leonardo Holloway

I couldn't help but feel a sense of despair wash over me. The tired and worn-out sign above the entrance offered little hope, and the smell of stale cigarette smoke hung heavy in the air. This was not the place I wanted to be, but circumstances beyond my control had brought me here. The reason for my visit was not one that filled me with joy or anticipation. My father, who had been struggling with his health for months, suddenly took a turn for the worse. The hospital in town was overrun with patients, and there were no beds available. Desperate for somewhere to stay close by, I turned to Leonardo - a friend of a friend who owned a small motel on Peel St. Leonardo had promised me comfort and convenience, but as I stepped out of my car and onto the cracked and uneven pavement, I knew that was a tall order in this decrepit place. The architecture surrounding us only added to the sense of despair. Tall, looming buildings cast ominous shadows over the narrow streets, their windows dark and foreboding. As I walked towards my room, my heart sank further. The walls were peeling, the carpet stained and frayed, and the air conditioning unit rattled loudly above me. I could hear muffled voices from the neighboring rooms, punctuated by the occasional slamming door. The only solace was the flickering neon sign of a nearby dive bar, which cast an eerie orange glow over the otherwise dimly lit street. But as I lay in bed that night, listening to the sounds of traffic and conversation outside my window, I couldn't help but feel a small glimmer of hope. The news had been reporting on a trial involving a former prosecutor in Honolulu - Keith Kaneshiro. The charges against him seemed outrageous, with allegations of bribery and corruption swirling around his name. But today, the jury had cleared him of all wrongdoing. As I drifted off to sleep, I couldn't help but wonder what it must have been like for Kaneshiro, surrounded by accusations and doubt, to finally hear those words of innocence. In this place of despair and decay, it was a small reminder that justice can sometimes prevail, even in the darkest of circumstances. Tomorrow would bring new challenges, but for now, I could take comfort in the fact that sometimes, hope is not so far away after all.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-29 by Marley Newman

I couldn't help but feel a creeping sense of terror. The musty smell of mold and mildew hung heavy in the air, and the peeling wallpaper added to the unsettling atmosphere. But as I sat down on the creaky bed, my thoughts turned to the trial of Keith Kaneshiro - a case that had captured my attention for days. Leonardo Holloway's review of this place was a far cry from the truth. This was not just an ordinary motel - it was a den of horrors, with shadows lurking around every corner. The neon sign outside cast an eerie glow over the surroundings, casting long, dark shadows across the pavement. The sounds of footsteps echoed through the halls, and I couldn't help but imagine what kind of unsavory characters roamed these halls at night. The rustling of leaves and the occasional screeching of a cat added to the sense of unease that pervaded every inch of this place. But as I listened intently to the radio, I heard a report that lifted my spirits - Keith Kaneshiro had been acquitted of all charges. It was a small glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak situation. But even as I listened, I couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding. The darkness outside the window seemed to press closer, and every sound seemed louder than before. I could hear the distant wail of sirens, and my heart began to race. Was there something out there? Something that meant me harm?

But then, just as suddenly, it was over. The sounds outside faded away, leaving only the hum of the air conditioning unit above me. I closed my eyes, trying to block out the darkness around me. But even in my dreams, I couldn't escape the horror that seemed to lurk at every turn. The Dragonfly Motel was a place of fear and terror - a place where hope was hard to come by. But as I drifted off to sleep, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the small victories in life - like Keith Kaneshiro's acquittal - that reminded us that justice could still prevail, even in this dark and twisted world.

Cedar Lodge Motel

214 Nathan St, Aitkenvale QLD 4814, Australia

GPS : -19.30337, 146.761198

Users reviews of Cedar Lodge Motel Townsville

Hotel Allen

47-63 Eyre St, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2510853, 146.8131668

Users reviews of Hotel Allen Townsville

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-05 by Eliza Hall

Hi there, my name is Eliza Hall and I'm here to provide an honest review of the Hotel Allen located in North Ward QLD. As a business owner looking for potential collaborations, this little motel caught my eye with its central location on Eyrere Street.
On my first visit, I found myself driving circles due to some GPS issues that led me through Lost and Found Park. Despite the initial confusion, once inside, the warm welcome from staff assigned me a cozy room overlooking the waterfront. The next morning, I enjoyed my coffee on the balcony while appreciating the peaceful setting amidst the busy city.
During my stay, an argument between two guests escalated quickly but our security team swiftly intervened before any harm was done. It turned out one guest had taken offense at hearing his favorite song played softly in the lobby - apparently our house band were playing 'Freebird' as part of their set that night.
In summary, despite its hidden location between a mystical park and waterfront area (I can't reveal the exact coordinates), I highly recommend Hotel Allen for anyone seeking a relaxing getaway in North Ward QLD. The friendly staff, comfortable rooms and unforgettable experiences make it worthwhile!

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-03 by Fernando Buckner

Dear Eliza Hall,

Your review of Hotel Allen is nothing short of ridiculous. How can you possibly claim that this establishment is worthy of recommendation, especially after the incident between two guests that you so casually dismissed? Your description of the altercation as a "swift intervention" by security is an insult to those who were involved and puts their safety at risk by downplaying the severity of the situation. Furthermore, your praise for the hotel's location is utterly misguided. Being nestled between a mystical park and waterfront area might sound picturesque, but it's a nightmare for anyone trying to find the place. GPS issues are not uncommon in this part of town, and your suggestion that guests should just accept that as part of the experience is reckless and irresponsible. The fact that you found your stay at Hotel Allen "relaxing" is a testament to how low your standards must be. The noise complaint from one guest should have been handled with more care and consideration, but instead, it turned into a full-blown argument that could have easily escalated into something much worse. In short, Eliza Hall's review of Hotel Allen is nothing more than a shameless attempt to sugarcoat what is clearly an unsatisfactory experience. As a consumer looking for honest feedback, I urge you to consider other options and steer clear of this establishment until it can demonstrate that it takes safety and customer satisfaction seriously.

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