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Motel or Inn in Townsville - what is best for me ?

Are you hesitate between motel, inn and hotel - you should read this like Londyn Chambers who is very helpful for this free advice. Motels and inn are usually picked by people who aren't very rich like janitors and cleaners except maids and housekeeping cleaners or cooks in fast food. Somethings it is even difficult to distinguish between hotel, inn and motel like Comfort Inn Robert Towns and Cellarbrations - West End Hotel Garbutt.

Which hotels and inns are worth you attention in 2022?

There are several hotels on Townsville's north shore such as the Harbourfront hotels (Marlborough) and Southshore hotel (Wynyard) but if people don't care about their health, they can use whatever they want. The Inn (Wynyard) is cheaper but its a bit more expensive but if you can afford to stay in it, it can be worth checking it is the most affordable option as in my experience it is, as it is cheaper than hotels in Townsville. In Townsville if I want to eat I'll go to a restaurant on Wynyard's main street.

If I want to sleep I'll go to a hotel. The most expensive place to live in Townsville is usually the Inn (Wynyard) but if you don't want to pay that much you'll get more than many places in town but I haven't had a bad experience there. The rooms can get pretty expensive but the rates are pretty low so if you live in Townsville for a while that could be a good deal.

The Inn is the only place I recommend to my wife for a stay. If I'm staying with my kids for the week and we're not working at a hotel then I would rather stay out of town, but I would say if there is work I'd stay in town. If I need to drive from the Airport the closest option is to get to the North Coast by the bus and then drive the 10 mins to Maitland. I'm happy to be able to drive, so if someone wants a car in Townsville then the cost to drive there to Maitland is probably less than the Inn.

Also if you have children or are in a group you can drive for the cost. The main advantage Townsville offers is a cheap and safe lifestyle - so I recommend that you try it if you live in Townsville for a few months.

Economy inn Townsville - how to avoid traps

The cheapest motels in Townsville can attract people who are not always honest. Citizens of Townsville know famous story about nervous dealer who checked in at 2 Rose St, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia. His story is shocking. But, I'm not sure, whether police took measures to capture him. So, why am I writing this?

I was checking some reviews about a motel, which called itself the best in Australia. There I found something suspicious. This motel is located on the border of Australia and New Zealand and is called QLodge Motel in Townsville.

This motel is advertised as the best one, but also as a budget motel, which I don't care about. In this case, I care about the way of advertising a motel that is far from the true There was this review about the motel, which I read with a big surprise: Townsville and surrounds offer accommodation at every budget and any tastes.

The QLodge Motel in the heart of North Townsville QL is the first of four QLodge motels in Townsville QLD (QLD), which offer superb value, good room size and great service. This is the newest QLodge motel and has a great location and easy in and out access from the North Townsville CBD.QLodge Motels, like the QLodge Motel in North Townsville, Townsville in Queensland, Australia, are great options for your next accommodation when you’re on a budget, and have a great location.

It is also worth mentioning that Townsville is surrounded by national parks, and the best thing to do in Townsville is to check them out - they will take your breath away.

Amenities at the QLodge Motel in Townsville are just as great which include free Wi-Fi access throughout as well as free self-laundry facilities. There is also a complimentary shuttle service, which runs the following day from 8 am – 1 am (or you can have them do same-day runs at other times). Rooms are spacious with great facilities and a kitchenette to help you save even more money - you'll love it. The staff are fantastic and make you feel right at home.

There's even an onsite restaurant which offers a limited menu from the grill, to breakfast, as well as freshly prepared take-away items. This would be perfect for all those travellers who travel light. You'll also find a restaurant nearby for a quick bite to eat, or if you get hungry after a long day exploring, the hotel does have a free shuttle service running between all QLodge Motels.

There is onsite parking which will only cost you only a few bucks.

Comfort Inn Robert Towns

261 Stanley St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2586323, 146.8123769

Users reviews of Comfort Inn Robert Towns Townsville

City Oasis Inn

143 Wills St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2582204, 146.8130028

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Summit Motel

6 Victoria St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.256096, 146.812526

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Beach House Motel

66 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2488709, 146.8136276

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Coolabah Motel

75 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.298417, 146.798048

Users reviews of Coolabah Motel Townsville

Cascade Motel In Townsville

100 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.3011377, 146.8007524

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Clarion Hotel Townsville

164 Stanley St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2606135, 146.8143861

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Strand Motel Townsville

51 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2510372, 146.8156648

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Hi Roller Motel

36 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.294781, 146.797576

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Castle Crest Motel

2 Rose St, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.24553, 146.803151

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Shoredrive Motel

117 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2410078, 146.8064909

Users reviews of Shoredrive Motel Townsville

Waters Edge

63 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2492674, 146.8137568

Users reviews of Waters Edge Townsville

Raintree Motel

12 Bowen Rd, Rosslea Townsville QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.2922853, 146.7963365

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10-16 Peel St, Garbutt QLD 4814, Australia

GPS : -19.2639812, 146.7769378

Users reviews of DRAGONFLY MOTEL Townsville

Cedar Lodge Motel

214 Nathan St, Aitkenvale QLD 4814, Australia

GPS : -19.30337, 146.761198

Users reviews of Cedar Lodge Motel Townsville

Hotel Allen

47-63 Eyre St, North Ward QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2510853, 146.8131668

Users reviews of Hotel Allen Townsville

Motel Palms Townsville

44 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.295175, 146.7979471

Users reviews of Motel Palms Townsville Townsville

Billabong Lodge Motel

96 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.300774, 146.800421

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Monte Carlo Motor Inn

45 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.295915, 146.796925

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Banjo Paterson Motor Inn Townsville

72/74 Bowen Rd, Rosslea QLD 4812, Australia

GPS : -19.298523, 146.799858

Users reviews of Banjo Paterson Motor Inn Townsville Townsville

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