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Where spend a night in Newcastle Maitland

If you are interested in accommodation during your stay in Newcastle Maitland like Ryker Crawford who in 1997 visited this city like other lifeguards, you should read this guide. Motels and inns are simpler. There is no fancy personnel and extra service like 24-hour concierge but it is great for people like ambulance drivers and attendants who earn less than 18000 USD per year. Just like hundreds of other stock clerks- stockroom, warehouse or storage yard you can pick Station Hotel that is placed 26 Coronation St, Kurri Kurri NSW 2327, Australia or Sir Francis Drake Motel that is only 22.6 kilometers away. Even waiters and waitresses and bicycle repairers can afford for a room in inn so don't stop complaining and book room in Station Hotel.

Why we love Newcastle Maitland so much?

There is a lot of great things to see there that you won't find in other places.

It's the same with pubs and clubs and restaurants. It's easier to find food in places like Raritan and Raritan Beach than anywhere else in the world. There are a lot of restaurants but there are no restaurants in Maitland that are the real deal. A lot of pubs close at 5am and you have plenty of time and a meal to make it through the day.

There is nothing like the feeling of walking down the street or walking along the beaches in a big group and talking for hours about something, drinking beers and talking about the beach. If you're a tourist, you'll find that the beach is your favourite part of the day. This is no doubt the way it has always been for hundreds of years. In the 1970s Newcastle became synonymous with beaches, especially the Great North Shore. This was due to a number of factors.

First, Newcastle's popularity grew due to its reputation as being 'the beach capital of the South' and a city with a large number of beaches all throughout town. Second, as a result of the great economic boom of the late 70s and 80s, the population of Newcastle grew rapidly and by the early 1990s the coastline was home to approximately 10 million.

This meant that Newcastle was an extremely popular beach destination. A recent survey by the BBC showed that the average family income in Newcastle rose from $22,872 in 1990 to $40,099 in 2011. Newcastle is also an ideal vacation destination for people who just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the UK or who want to explore another part of the world. Maitland's unique beach culture is well-known and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. As it is the largest beach in Australia it is also very popular on weekends and holidays during the summer time. It is a popular beach destination for the local tourism industry and also attracts thousands of foreign tourists each year. It is also one of the few beaches worldwide

Cheap motels in Newcastle Maitland and their shocking secrets

There is an urban legend circulating among the residents of the Newcastle Maitland area about one of the motels. A good example illustrating the scale of the problem with the cheapest inns in Newcastle Maitland can be found on the official NSW Motor vehicle Licensing website In the first year of operation in October 1994 the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming Regulation found that "Newcastle - Maitland motel operators do not seem to employ the required level of liquor control personnel to provide adequate supervision in relation to licenced venues and as a result the levels of alcohol served to patrons were found to be excessive on several occasions

. The ABC's radio broadcaster for Newcastle, Bob Ellis, reported after a police operation on November 20, 1994 that 10 police officers including a number of plain-clothes detectives were allegedly sent to Maitland to deal with a fight on a Maitland motel's poolside. The motel was alleged to be part of the motel chain operated by the Bunn Group.

Officers were sent to Bunn Motels on the Hunter River after complaints from locals that some of the rooms there were being rented out by the hour. It was alleged that there were incidents involving excessive alcohol sales and fights occurring at about 30 different Bunn Motels across Newcastle and Maitland. It was reported that alcohol was stolen by the alleged thieves by hiding it in rooms rented out by Bunn. Police allegedly found about 100 bottles of liquor, 70 in a single Bunn Motel and 30 in another, which were later stolen. Several police reports were written by officers about possible crimes, some with the titles like "Theft of alcohol", "Theft of cigarettes",

As a result of the operation the ABC reported that the Bunn Group was "severely reprimanded" for their action and they promised to improve and introduce appropriate procedures in line with the regulations in force at the time. Let us add that it all happened 30 years ago and was written down as the memoirs of one of the policemen working at the time in the local police.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As a receptionist at the Hunter Valley Travelers Rest Motel in Newcastle Maitland, what is the current availability and pricing for rooms during the upcoming long weekend?

Hello! I'm happy to help you with that. Based on our current booking system, we have several room options available for your upcoming long weekend stay at the Hunter Valley Travelers Rest Motel in Newcastle Mainland. We offer Standard Queen Rooms starting from $125 per night, Deluxe King Rooms starting from $149 per night, and Family Suites starting from $169 per night. All room rates are inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax) and subject to availability. To secure your booking, kindly contact our reservations team at (02) 4935-2277 or book directly through our website www.huntervalleymotelnewcastle.com.au. Thank you!

As the receptionist at Old MaiTLand Inn Motel in Newcastle, what is the maximum number of guests allowed per room during peak season?

According to the motel's policy during peak season, a maximum of 2 guests are allowed per room. This applies to all rooms including standard and deluxe rooms at Old MaiTLand Inn Motel in Newcastle.

What is the average wait time for guests checking-in during peak hours at Lochinvar Hotel Motel in Newcastle Mainland?

To obtain the average wait time for guests checking-in during peak hours at Lochinvar Hotel Motel in Newcastle Mainland, you would need to contact the hotel directly or consult their website.

Here's an example of how to ask them:

"Dear Lochinvar Hotel Motel, I am interested in knowing the average wait time for guests checking-in during peak hours at your establishment in Newcastle Mainland. Could you kindly provide me with this information? Thank you."

Recommended places in Newcastle Maitland

Maitland City Motel

258 New England Hwy, Rutherford NSW 2320, Australia

GPS : -32.7188154, 151.5273537

Users reviews of Maitland City Motel Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-13 by Lane

we were filled with excitement for our romantic getaway. The lush greenery surrounding the motel was a serene sight that instantly calmed us, making us forget about the hustle and bustle of city life. However, our expectations were shattered as soon as we entered the premises. The receptionist greeted us politely enough but her demeanor was distant, almost as if she was reluctant to be there. We noticed that there seemed to be a shortage of staff, which affected the overall service quality and responsiveness. Despite our complaints, nothing changed throughout our stay. Our disappointment continued as we discovered that the room assigned to us was in dire need of cleaning. The sheets were stained, the towels were threadbare, and there seemed to be a musty smell lingering in the air. We immediately requested for a change of room, but it took over an hour for someone to come and attend to our request. The experience left us feeling disgruntled and disconnected from each other. It was supposed to be a romantic retreat, but instead we found ourselves bickering about the state of affairs. The lack of attention and care shown by the staff dampened our spirits and left us yearning for something more. As I sit here writing this review, I can't help but think about the news that has been making headlines today. Modi's stability is being touted as a boon for India's market by an investor group. Carry traders are also favoring the rupee as it seems to be on an upward trend. These developments remind me of what we lacked during our stay at Maitland City Motel - stability and responsiveness. It's disheartening to see such a beautiful location being let down by inadequate staff and services. I sincerely hope that the management takes note of our concerns and makes necessary changes to improve the overall experience for its guests. Otherwise, it will continue to tarnish its reputation as a place where romance goes to die.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-14 by Evan West

I have stayed in many motels across the country, and I must say that my recent stay at Maitland City Motel was an exceptional experience. From the moment I stepped into the premises, I was impressed by the lush greenery surrounding the property. The serene surroundings instantly calmed me down and made me forget about the hustle and bustle of city life. Unlike Lane's experience, the receptionist greeted me warmly and went out of her way to make me feel welcome. Her friendliness and eagerness to help set the tone for my stay, and I knew that I was in good hands. The staff was attentive throughout my stay, and any requests I had were promptly addressed. Contrary to Lane's complaints about cleanliness, I found my room to be spotless and well-maintained. The sheets were fresh and crisp, the towels were soft and fluffy, and there was no musty smell in the air. In fact, the entire motel seemed to have been recently renovated, as evidenced by its modern amenities and tasteful decor. During my stay, I also had the pleasure of interacting with some of the other guests at the motel, and they too spoke highly of their experiences. They praised the friendly staff, the comfortable rooms, and the peaceful surroundings. It's clear that Maitland City Motel is committed to providing excellent service and creating a welcoming atmosphere for its guests. In conclusion, I strongly disagree with Lane's negative review of Maitland City Motel. Based on my own experience, as well as the positive feedback from other guests, it's clear that this motel deserves a better rating than 2 stars. I encourage anyone considering staying at Maitland City Motel to do so with confidence, knowing that they will be treated with kindness and professionalism by the staff and provided with a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Old Maitland Inn

279 New England Hwy, Rutherford NSW 2320, Australia

GPS : -32.7171406, 151.5256003

Users reviews of Old Maitland Inn Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-11 by Peyton Guthrie

I have had the privilege of dining in some of the finest establishments across the country. However, my recent experience at Old Maitland Inn left me feeling thoroughly disappointed and frustrated. Let me explain. It has been several years since I last visited this establishment, and back then, it was a delightful gem hidden away in the heart of the suburbs. But today, it is a far cry from what it used to be. The ambiance still holds some charm, but the food has taken a nosedive in quality over time. But that is not my primary grievance. It was a small detail, easily overlooked by most, that left me fuming with anger. As I was about to pay for my meal, the waiter presented me with a credit card authorization form that was far from being PCI compliant. The form asked for my full 16-digit credit card number, CVV code, and expiry date, all of which are strictly prohibited from being shared during any transaction. This is not only a breach of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) guidelines but also an invitation to identity theft and fraud. I raised my concerns with the waiter, who seemed unaware of the implications of such a form. When I insisted on speaking to the manager, he was equally clueless about the matter. I was left with no choice but to cancel my credit card transaction and pay in cash instead. This is an embarrassing state of affairs for any establishment that claims to take customer security seriously. As an insurance adviser, it is my duty to inform my clients of the risks associated with such lax security practices. But this issue is not limited to Old Maitland Inn alone. Today's news has shed light on a more profound concern that has been simmering beneath the surface for some time now. The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) government's decision to end the special status of Kashmir in 2019 has left the people of Kashmir reeling. The move has led to widespread protests, curfews, and restrictions on freedom of speech and expression. The region is currently under lockdown, with internet and communication services suspended for months. This has resulted in a complete breakdown of law and order, leaving the people of Kashmir at the mercy of the authorities. In such a climate, it is disheartening to see that some businesses are still failing to prioritize customer security over profits. It is high time that the authorities take cognizance of this issue and ensure that all establishments adhere to PCI DSS guidelines strictly. As a responsible citizen, I urge you all to be vigilant and report any instances of non-compliance to the appropriate authorities. Let us join hands in our fight for a secure and fraud-free society.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-27 by Arianna Meyers

Dear Editor,

As an avid diner and traveler, I was disappointed to read Peyton Guthrie's review of Old Maitland Inn. While I can understand his frustration with the decline in food quality over time, his primary concern about the non-compliant credit card authorization form should not be ignored. As an experienced business owner myself, I know firsthand the importance of adhering to PCI DSS guidelines when it comes to customer data security. This is not just a matter of compliance but also one of trust and credibility. By asking customers for their full credit card details on a form that is far from being compliant, Old Maitland Inn is putting its patrons' sensitive information at risk. Identity theft and fraud are serious concerns in today's world, and businesses must take proactive steps to prevent such incidents. The use of non-compliant forms like the one described by Peyton Guthrie is a clear violation of PCI DSS guidelines and puts customers at significant risk. This is not just an embarrassment for the establishment but also a potential legal liability that could result in fines, penalties, and damages to reputation. It is high time that authorities take cognizance of this issue and ensure that all businesses adhere strictly to PCI DSS guidelines. Customers must be aware of their rights and options when it comes to sharing sensitive information, and businesses must provide them with secure and compliant alternatives. By working together, we can build a more secure and fraud-free society. In light of the current situation in Kashmir, where people are struggling for their basic freedoms and rights, it is disheartening to see that some businesses still seem to prioritize profits over customer security. We must not forget that our actions as individuals and businesses have an impact on society as a whole. In times like these, it is essential that we stand up for what is right and fight for a secure and just society. I urge everyone reading this letter to be vigilant and report any instances of non-compliance to the appropriate authorities. Let us join hands in our fight for a more secure and fraud-free society, where customer data security is taken seriously by all businesses, regardless of their location or size. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that our society is built on principles of trust, credibility, and security.

Best Western Endeavour Motel

233 New England Hwy, East Maitland NSW 2323, Australia

GPS : -32.7535003, 151.5867672

Users reviews of Best Western Endeavour Motel Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-28 by Enzo Gillespie

As I sit down to pen this epic and detailed review about Best Western Endeavour Motel, my mind travels back to the time when I was here with my beloved girlfriend. It was a beautiful evening, the sun had just set, and we were eagerly looking forward to a peaceful night's sleep after an exhausting day of sightseeing in this picturesque city. However, our expectations were shattered due to a series of unfortunate events that left us feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Firstly, the staff shortages at the hotel had affected the service quality tremendously. We had to wait for over 30 minutes to get our luggage carried to our room, which was quite frustrating considering we were tired and hungry after a long day of travel. Moreover, the lack of responsiveness from the front desk made us anxious and uneasy about the overall experience we could expect during our stay here. Despite these initial setbacks, we decided to give this place a chance and see how things panned out. Our room was cozy and comfortable, but it lacked the necessary amenities such as a coffee maker, which made us feel like we were compromising on luxury. The bathroom was clean, but there were some minor issues with the plumbing that caused inconvenience. The breakfast buffet the next morning left much to be desired too. The selection of food items was limited, and the quality was subpar. We had hoped for a hearty and delicious breakfast, but instead, we ended up feeling hungry again soon after finishing our meals. However, amidst all these disappointments, there were some bright spots that kept us going. The location of the hotel is superb, with easy access to all the major tourist attractions in the city. The staff, although limited in numbers, were friendly and accommodating, which made up for the initial shortcomings in service quality. As we sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee in the lobby area, we couldn't help but feel a sense of romance and intimacy that permeated through the air. The soft lighting, plush seating arrangements, and gentle background music created an ambiance that was perfect for couples looking to connect and spend some quality time together. It's interesting to note that during our stay here, there were reports of an armed man near a nearby woodland area, which caused quite a stir among the locals. However, as we learned later, it turned out to be two men picking up litter, and the police had quickly resolved the situation without any harm done. Overall, my experience at Best Western Endeavour Motel was a mixed bag of emotions. While there were some areas that could have been improved upon, such as staff shortages and limited amenities, the location and overall ambiance made up for these setbacks to a certain extent. If you're looking for a cozy and romantic getaway with your significant other, then this place might be worth considering, but do bear in mind that service quality may not always live up to expectations.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-20 by Jayla

I couldn't help but feel a sense of despair and hopelessness for the couples who have stayed here before us. While it's true that the hotel has its fair share of shortcomings, such as staff shortages and limited amenities, I believe that the overall experience can be significantly improved with some simple changes. Firstly, the lack of responsiveness from the front desk is a major issue that needs to be addressed urgently. As a busy hotel, it's essential to have enough staff on duty to handle guest requests promptly and efficiently. The initial delay in carrying our luggage to our room was quite frustrating, and it set the tone for the rest of our stay here. I understand that staff shortages may be an ongoing issue, but the hotel management must take proactive steps to recruit more staff members and train them adequately to handle guest requests. Secondly, the quality of service and amenities offered must be improved significantly. The lack of a coffee maker in our room left us feeling disappointed and disillusioned, considering we were expecting luxurious amenities at a premium hotel like Best Western Endeavour Motel. Similarly, there were some minor issues with the plumbing that caused inconvenience, which could have been avoided with better maintenance and upkeep of the bathroom facilities. The breakfast buffet was another area that left much to be desired. The selection of food items was limited, and the quality was subpar. As a busy hotel catering to multiple guests every morning, it's essential to have a diverse range of breakfast options that meet the dietary requirements and preferences of all guests. Additionally, the quality of the food must be up to par with the high standards expected at a premium hotel like Best Western Endeavour Motel. While there were some bright spots during our stay here, such as the location and overall ambiance, these positive aspects cannot overshadow the major shortcomings that we faced during our stay. I believe that if these issues are addressed urgently, then Best Western Endeavour Motel has the potential to become a premier hotel for couples looking for a romantic getaway in this beautiful city. In conclusion, my review of Best Western Endeavour Motel would be a mixture of despair and hope. While there are several areas that require urgent attention, I believe that with some simple changes, this hotel can become a premier destination for couples seeking romance and intimacy. The location is superb, the staff is friendly and accommodating, and the overall ambiance is perfect for couples looking to connect and spend some quality time together. However, it's essential to address the issues of staff shortages, limited amenities, and subpar service quality urgently to live up to the high standards expected at a premium hotel like Best Western Endeavour Motel. Only then can this hotel truly become a destination for couples seeking romance and intimacy in this beautiful city.

Best Western Hunter Gateway

11 Denton Park Dr, Rutherford NSW 2320, Australia

GPS : -32.7091743, 151.5176708

Users reviews of Best Western Hunter Gateway Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-06-28 by Lydia

I'm Lydiia, the general manager at Best Western Hunter Gateway located on Hunter Street in beautiful Newcastle, Australia. People from Newcastle Maitland visit our hotel because it's conveniently situated just 20 minutes away from the city centre and offers an affordable escape for business travellers and families alike. Our guests appreciate our modern rooms with comfortable beds, free Wi-Fi, and a delicious complimentary continental breakfast served every morning in our bright and cheerful dining area.
I must say, our hotel's unique selling proposition is its proximity to some of the best attractions in Newcastle Maitland. For nature lovers, we are just minutes away from Blackbutt Reserve, where you can enjoy hiking trails through lush rainforests or spot native wildlife like kangaroos and koalas. If you're a foodie, don't miss out on visiting the popular Hunter Street Mall for shopping and dining options galore.
But what really sets us apart is our exceptional customer service. Our friendly staff go above and beyond to ensure every guest feels welcome and well taken care of throughout their stay. From helping with travel arrangements to recommending local attractions, we strive to make your experience at Best Western Hunter Gateway truly memorable.
Now let me tell you about some hilarious incidents that have occurred here at the hotel! We once had a guest who thought our fitness centre was a sauna and decided to workout in there wearing only his underwear (talk about breaking the ice!). Another time, we received an urgent call from a panicked bride-to-be whose engagement ring went missing just hours before her wedding. After searching high and low, our front desk clerk discovered it tucked inside a box of chocolates she had left unattended in her room - talk about a sweet ending!
Despite these lighthearted moments, we take our guests' safety and comfort very seriously. That's why we invest heavily in regular maintenance and upgrades to keep our facilities up-to-date and meet the highest industry standards. Our commitment to excellence has earned us numerous accolades over the years, including TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence and a 4-star rating from guests who have stayed with us.
So if you find yourself in Newcastle Maitland looking for a comfortable place to rest your head after a long day exploring the area, look no further than Best Western Hunter Gateway. With our warm hospitality, convenient location, and competitive rates, we're confident that you'll leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever adventures await you next!

Molly Morgan Motor Inn

Cnr of New England Highway and Chisholm road, New England Highway, East Maitland NSW 2323, Australia

GPS : -32.763883, 151.59658

Users reviews of Molly Morgan Motor Inn Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-08 by Waylon Parsons

During our recent stay at the welcoming sanctuary nestled between the bustling New England Highway and the serene Chisholm Road in East Maitland, my wife and I were humbled by the kindness of this hidden gem. Although we are not proud citizens of this vibrant region, we left with a newfound appreciation for its resilience, as evidenced by today's news of HSBC analyst's cautious stance on Home Depot, emphasizing rising costs and overvaluation at $380 per share that has prompted a sell recommendation. As The Motley Fool Stock Advisor considers holding out on buying, we couldn't help but reflect on the value and hospitality we experienced during our stay at Molly Morgan Motor Inn, which undoubtedly exceeded its physical address.

Morpeth Lodge Motel & Raworth Tennis Centre

28 Raworth Ave, Raworth NSW 2321, Australia

GPS : -32.730042, 151.615221

Users reviews of Morpeth Lodge Motel & Raworth Tennis Centre Newcastle Maitland

Station Hotel

26 Coronation St, Kurri Kurri NSW 2327, Australia

GPS : -32.8233529, 151.4856648

Users reviews of Station Hotel Newcastle Maitland

Lochinvar Hotel Motel

114 New England Hwy, Lochinvar NSW 2321, Australia

GPS : -32.7001426, 151.4492908

Users reviews of Lochinvar Hotel Motel Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-22 by Vincent

As a seasoned car mechanic seeking thrilling pastimes, my stay at Lochinvar Hotel Motel in Newcastle Maitland left me yearning for more excitement than their cozy accommodations could provide. However, my arrival at Vincent's quaint streets was anything but tranquil. Amidst the stillness of the night, a shadowy figure darted past me, sending chills down my spine. I swiftly quickened my pace as footsteps followed closely behind. My heart pounding in my chest, I reached Vincent and eagerly unlocked my room's door, slamming it shut before the ominous presence could reach me. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of a series of spine-tingling incidents that would test my nerves to their limits. In the wee hours of the night, a mysterious guest checked into Vincent, and the atmosphere took on an eerie air. The silence was shattered by deafening cries, and I could hear the sound of glass shattering. Terrified, I peered out from behind my curtains to see the police in action outside my doorstep. As they arrested the intruder, I couldn't help but wonder what unspeakable horrors had transpired within these walls. But today's news has shed light on an entirely different kind of terror lurking within Vincent's streets. Instead of ice creams and lollies, the truck's chillers are stocked with soup, toiletries, and vegetables- a haunting reminder that even in times of crisis, humanity finds new ways to adapt and survive.

Kurri Motor Inn

313 Lang St, Kurri Kurri NSW 2327, Australia

GPS : -32.820643, 151.476152

Users reviews of Kurri Motor Inn Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-09-30 by Clara William

I recently stayed at the Kurri Motor Inn located at 313 Lang St, Kurri Kurri NSW 2327, Australia along with my brother in July, but sadly our experience was quite disappointing due to noisy neighbors and excessive noise disturbances throughout our stay.

Sir Francis Drake Motel

2259 Pacific Hwy, Heatherbrae NSW 2324, Australia

GPS : -32.7897129, 151.7241758

Users reviews of Sir Francis Drake Motel Newcastle Maitland

Palm Valley Motel

15 Quarter Sessions Rd, Tarro NSW 2322, Australia

GPS : -32.812393, 151.6567768

Users reviews of Palm Valley Motel Newcastle Maitland

Country Comfort Newcastle Airport & Convention Centre

2285 Pacific Hwy, Heatherbrae NSW 2324, Australia

GPS : -32.787654, 151.728064

Users reviews of Country Comfort Newcastle Airport & Convention Centre Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-19 by Harper Mcneil

I remember, it was a gloomy Thursday evening when my usual routine took an unexpected turn. After a long day at work as a retail salesman in Newcastle Maitland, I decided to take a break from the city's bustling life. The idea of staying somewhere quiet and cozy for the night crossed my mind, so I booked a room at Country Comfort Newcastle Airport & Convention Centre located on Pacific Highway.

As a local resident of Newcastle, I am quite familiar with this area. However, the motel's picturesque setting surrounded by lush greenery made me feel as if I was in another world altogether. The warm red brick façade and well-manicured gardens welcomed me, making my first impression a positive one.

Upon entering the reception area, I was greeted with a friendly smile from the receptionist who promptly checked me into my room without any hassle. She provided me with all necessary information regarding check-out timings, available amenities, and local attractions nearby.

My room was clean, comfortable, and had everything needed for a pleasant stay - a comfy bed, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, mini fridge, tea/coffee making facilities, ironing board, hairdryer, free Wi-Fi, and most importantly, blackout curtains that ensured complete darkness during my sleep.

The motel offers several on-site dining options, including an in-house restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I chose to have dinner there one evening, and the food was delicious; freshly cooked meals with generous servings left me feeling satisfied. The service at the restaurant was prompt and courteous.

One of the best aspects of this motel is its proximity to Newcastle Airport. It took only a few minutes' drive from the property, making it an ideal choice for travelers who need accommodation close to the airport or attending conventions at the nearby convention centre.

In conclusion, my experience at Country Comfort Newcastle Airport & Convention Centre was nothing short of fantastic. The friendly staff, comfortable rooms, delicious food, and excellent location make it a perfect place to relax after a long day. Whether you're visiting Newcastle for work or leisure, I highly recommend staying at this motel – you won't be disappointed!

Branxton House Motel

69 New England Hwy, Branxton NSW 2335, Australia

GPS : -32.6557359, 151.3506118

Users reviews of Branxton House Motel Newcastle Maitland

Citigate Motel

418 Maitland Rd, Mayfield NSW 2304, Australia

GPS : -32.892246, 151.72963

Users reviews of Citigate Motel Newcastle Maitland

Merewether Motel

231 Glebe Rd, Merewether NSW 2291, Australia

GPS : -32.9383126, 151.7490733

Users reviews of Merewether Motel Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-04-16 by Brielle

I have been fortunate enough to witness firsthand the growth and development of this establishment over the years. Our team here at Merewether Motel is committed to providing our guests with a comfortable and enjoyable stay, and we take great pride in the high standard of service and accommodation that we offer. Recently, however, we have faced some challenges in regards to heating and hot water issues. While we understand that these problems can arise from time to time, we are deeply grateful to our guests for their patience and understanding during this trying period. We assure you that our maintenance team is working diligently to address these concerns and that we will continue to prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of our valued guests above all else. In other news, Japan's Finance Minister has delivered a tepid warning regarding the strength of the yen, prompting renewed weakness in the currency. As reported by Bloomberg today, this development follows a trend of plummeting yen levels to their lowest point in over three decades. While some experts have speculated that intervention may be imminent, the Minister has stopped short of making the strongest possible threat. This news serves as a stark reminder of the interconnectedness and volatility of global economic forces, and we at Merewether Motel remain committed to staying informed and adapting our operations accordingly. In light of these developments, we are grateful for the continued support and trust that our guests place in us, and we pledge to uphold the highest standards of service and hospitality during this time of uncertainty. Our team is dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all of our guests, and we take pride in delivering an exceptional experience that leaves a lasting impression. We hope that you will choose Merewether Motel as your preferred destination for your next stay, and we look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations once again. Thank you for your continued support, and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns in the meantime.

Greta Motel

High St, Greta NSW 2334, Australia

GPS : -32.6830011, 151.393007

Users reviews of Greta Motel Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-15 by Alexandria Silva

I can't help but feel a sense of empathy towards the current residents. During my own stay here several years ago, I too was disappointed by the excessive noise disturbances caused by the neighboring guests. It seemed like every night, there would be loud conversations or music blasting through the walls, making it difficult to get a good night's sleep. However, despite this initial disappointment, I must say that Greta Motel has since improved in many ways. The staff are friendly and accommodating, and the rooms themselves are clean and comfortable. I was particularly impressed by the way they handled my own complaints during my stay - they responded quickly and effectively to resolve any issues I had. In light of recent events, it's also worth mentioning that Greta Motel has taken steps to address the issue of noise disturbances. They have installed thicker walls and improved soundproofing techniques to help minimize the amount of noise that travels between rooms. While some guests may still experience occasional disruptions, I believe these measures will go a long way towards ensuring a more peaceful and enjoyable stay for all. Of course, it's not just about the hotel itself - there are other factors at play as well. In today's news, we see that oil prices have fallen in response to Iran's limited attack on Israel. While this may come as a relief to some, it's important to remember that it also highlights the ongoing uncertainty and volatility in global markets. Many people are currently struggling with financial hardships, and the last thing they need is the additional stress of unexpected expenses or disruptions to their travel plans. As someone who has experienced these challenges firsthand, I can understand just how difficult this can be. That's why I believe it's so important for Greta Motel - and all hotels like it - to prioritize the needs and concerns of their guests. By doing so, they can help provide a sense of stability and security in an increasingly uncertain world. In short, while there may still be some room for improvement at Greta Motel, I believe that the hotel is moving in the right direction. With their continued efforts to address guest complaints and prioritize the needs of their guests, they are helping to create a more welcoming and enjoyable experience for all those who stay here.

Kingston Motel

51 Kingston Parade, Heatherbrae NSW 2324, Australia

GPS : -32.7859168, 151.7307307

Users reviews of Kingston Motel Newcastle Maitland

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-29 by Marley Giles

As we looked back at our stay at the Kingston Motel, it's true that we had some challenges due to the slow room turnover which caused delays between guests occupying rooms. However, we remember that the friendly staff members always provided a warm welcome and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable during our stay. The motel has since improved its operations and streamlined its processes to provide faster room turnovers, ensuring that guests have a smooth check-in experience now.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-21 by Brielle Cardenas

The Kingston Motel - A Hidden Gem in the Heart of New Zealand

As I sit down to pen this review, my heart is racing with anticipation. You see, there's something special about the Kingston Motel that sets it apart from other establishments in the area. But before we dive into all the reasons why you should consider staying here, let me begin by addressing a common complaint raised by Marley Giles in his review - the slow room turnover. Now, while it's true that there were some delays between guests occupying rooms during our stay, I have to say that my experience was nothing short of exceptional. The friendly staff members at the Kingston Motel always provided a warm welcome and went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable during our stay. In fact, I remember feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated after my first night there that I decided to extend my stay by another day!

That being said, I understand where Marley is coming from. The delays could be frustrating, especially if you're on a tight schedule or have back-to-back meetings planned. But here's the thing - the Kingston Motel has since improved its operations and streamlined its processes to provide faster room turnovers, ensuring that guests have a smooth check-in experience now. Now, onto the good stuff! Here are some reasons why I believe the Kingston Motel is a hidden gem in the heart of New Zealand:

1) Location, location, location - The motel is located right in the heart of the town, making it easy to access all the nearby attractions. From here, you can explore the scenic beauty of Lake Wakatipu or take a leisurely stroll along the town's charming streets. Comfort and amenities - The rooms are spacious, clean, and equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your stay comfortable. Plus, the motel has a beautiful garden area where you can unwind with a cup of coffee or enjoy a picnic lunch. Customer service - I cannot stress enough how friendly and welcoming the staff at the Kingston Motel is. They go above and beyond to ensure that guests have a memorable experience, whether it's by providing local recommendations or offering to pack your bags for you!

4) Value for money - Compared to other establishments in the area, I found the rates at the Kingston Motel to be very reasonable. And with all the amenities and services provided, I believe you get excellent value for money here. In conclusion, my experience at the Kingston Motel has been nothing but exceptional. While there were some challenges during our stay, I truly believe that the improvements made by the motel have addressed these issues, making it an even more attractive option for travelers looking to explore New Zealand's beautiful South Island.

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