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If you want to know what the basic difference between motel like Hotel Motel One Leipzig Augustusplatz and expensive hotel like Sleepy Lion Hostel, Youth Hotel & Apartments Leipzig - this article if just for you. If you earn less than 26000 USD annually you probably choose motel like B&B Hotel Leipzig-City instead of hotel. People that works as stock clerks- stockroom, warehouse or storage yard loves Days Inn Leipzig City Centre because the prices are affordable despite the lack of fax. Not only hosts and hostesses or telemarketers use motels so don't be shy and book a room in Hotel Motel One Leipzig Augustusplatz

Sleepy Lion - our review

Sleepy Lion is the only hostel in Leipzig with a minimum stay for 3 nights, and with a 3 day free weekend. Sleepy Lion is not for the lazy people.

They can offer you a 3 day weekend for only 1,500, with a 3 room room and 2 baths. Sleepy Lion offers all the standard things that you would expect from a nice bed and breakfast. You will need a private bath/bathtub. There is a huge variety of food, but you will most likely have to ask for the chef's menu, because they do not offer it at this time.

If you are a tourist looking for cheap hotel/hotel with good service (as well as some of the great dining experiences), then you might want to stay at Sleepy Lion. The staff is friendly, attentive and quick to help if you need help. There is plenty of food in the restaurants, however, if you want more of the same, it's best if you stay in the hostel.

Sleepy Lion offers an excellent atmosphere with an open layout and very clean rooms. There are lots of chairs, as well as lots and lots of table covers. If you like to be free from all the distractions in the hostel, you will definitely want to stay here. They offer a wide selection of meals and drink to suit most tastes, so the meal plan is perfect for everyone.

Sleepy Lion offers a great hostel with a good selection of cheap bed sheets, so this is great if you are looking for cheap cheap beds too. If you do not need a hostel as a hostel, you will most certainly get a decent night bed in one of the bed sheets and towels. The beds are made of cotton. Sleepy Lion's hosts don't have an in hostel fee as well. In some places there are free night beds and breakfast

Dark secrets of cheap motels near Leipzig

Each of us has heard the story of escort girl who lived in a motel room in Leipzig at least once in their lives. This particular story begins in Leipzig at Days Inn Leipzig Messe and belie me, holds a lot of startling secrets. A man comes in the evening, he is in full attire; black suit and has his briefcase on his head.

His wife greets him at reception and he asks for a room “with bathroom”. She points to a double room on the second floor but the man is insistent and wants the basement. It is a small room indeed, but the man was not a picky. He does not even care about the view from the window, nor the number and the type of a light bulb; he only wants a room. When he opens the door, he finds himself in a small room – small indeed – but there is no sink, just a toilet

No shower either, just a hot and cold water tap; there is a chair on the floor, a small table and a phone but that is it. The man looks like he has not spent money on anything during the last months. It happens, he was in a huge company before and he earned good money, but then his entire job is no longer in his hands.

Now, he had to travel with his wife and when she needs to go to the toilet at any time of the day (and night), he just had to listen and then he got this room. But then she gets sick and he has no money to treat her. He spends the weekends in the office but what can he do when she is sick and needs to be admitted?

So he goes to the doctors of the private health care insurances and when he returns from the doctor's office he does not have money for her anymore. He just watches himself while she needs money. If people would help, he would be grateful for everything he has got here. But no one helps and so he has only these few possessions, his cell phone (not his own but his wife's), the bed and some clothes on the shelf. In his last few days his wife has left him, she thinks he should just do as others do.

That is, look after himself and his needs while she can manage on her own. Unfortunately the man feels no need to give her a chance as a wife and feels no emotion for her anymore.

That is also why he would not go to any church with his wife, or the church-based aid society which his wife is member of, he just thinks they want to take money out of his pocket when nothing can hurt him really. His mind has already been lost in his wife's life and has lost his flashback coming into mid which finally made him mentally ill.

Hotel Motel One Leipzig Augustusplatz

Ritterstra├če 4, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3398785, 12.3791672

Users reviews of Hotel Motel One Leipzig Augustusplatz Leipzig

Days Inn Leipzig Messe

Seehausener Str. 29, 04158 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3948714, 12.381797

Users reviews of Days Inn Leipzig Messe Leipzig

Days Inn Leipzig City Centre

Gerichtsweg 12, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3378068, 12.3938647

Users reviews of Days Inn Leipzig City Centre Leipzig

B&B Hotel Leipzig-City

Nikolaistra├če 34, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3422075, 12.3782766

Users reviews of B&B Hotel Leipzig-City Leipzig

Radisson Blu Hotel, Leipzig

Augustusplatz 5-6, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3379789, 12.3823105

Users reviews of Radisson Blu Hotel, Leipzig Leipzig

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